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  1. I hope he's a better estate agent than he is a penalty-taker as that seems to be his next 'adventure'.
  2. If I was a player, just the thought of facing the current Man Citeh team would muddy my waters.
  3. When viewing Til's 'special' hard drive, that's not the only thing!
  4. It must be like being threatened by Monty Python's Hell's Grannies.
  5. Makes me laugh when Lakey gets bites from his posts. We surely all know now he's the most uber-positive supporter we have - if a tad ludicrous at times.
  6. Exactly - it's a marathon, not a sprint. Wolves were beaten by Everton today who lost to West Ham last week so the mid table bunch will just go round and round having a hopeful punt at 7th. We have enough going forward to nick the odd point off them and beat some of our peers nearer the bottom. Forget the elite, they play like they are from another world and only LDC thinks we have any chance there. Farke and co can get us to 17th, I am sure of it.
  7. The question comes up a fair bit given our 'unusual' colours and I'm sure the answer is usually marketing purposes. If not, the goalie thing would seem logical.
  8. There's another one of those about 40 miles South of here. Apart from the 'good' bit!
  9. Ditto - attended Super Saturday when the three Golds were presented - amazing.
  10. The modern-day. ahem, Drazen Muzinic maybe?!
  11. Don't feed it. He tugging himself into a frenzy at the thought of getting reactions from other posters.
  12. Who have comfortably finished between 7th and 13th since they got back into the Prem. A good marker and we know we need to do better.
  13. Blunts have equalised at The Bridge - cue the 'I wish we were Sheff U' comments.
  14. Agree with TMDB & NN all day long. It's marathon not a sprint, we were gash last year up to the Binner match and then stepped up and grew together as a team. You will only improve by playing teams better than you.
  15. Not specific enough - no mention of hair or mid-Norfolk towns. Disappointing.
  16. DIsappointed. No trolling of Cantwell in this post.
  17. His dodgy footwork will always give the haters hope though.
  18. Not even waiting until the end of the match today pete? Been rubbing your hands in glee I expect.
  19. I think Yarmalenko's centre of gravity is in his neck. Surely he's only in the team to waste time?
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