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  1. Hernandez, Aarons and Lewis showing more attacking intent than him so far.
  2. Ian Darke FFS! I wonder if he thinks Duda's first name is Zippedy.
  3. Chris Sutton talking about Drmic..."hopeless"...
  4. Two or three cracking efforts tonight. Much more promise than we saw against Saints and Everton.
  5. Love the three early subs but I fear Farke is just rearranging the deckchairs on the titanic.
  6. Something about the 50 minute mark that means we concede a soft goal.
  7. Much better tonight. Onel and Rupp the pick so far. A shame we can't really make it happen. I think an understandable lack of confidence is telling. We've been in good positions high up the pitch but ended up back with Krul after a few passes.
  8. Evra had it right at half time saying we lack any kind of urgency for a team in the bottom 3.
  9. Somewhat fortunate Soton are quite at the races either today. We look disjointed and unable to get any flow going at all. It needs to be one of Farke's earliest subs ever if we are going to get hold of this.
  10. Losing it in the middle. misplaced passes and static recovering.
  11. Even with a lack of urgency, Soton are in the ascendancy here, playing further up the pitch and it would be good to start stretching them a bit.
  12. They are more relaxed and seem much more confident too. They are passing much better now too.
  13. I see your FIFA 95 and raise you Football Manager on the ZX Spectrum.
  14. I wonder at what point a number of positive tests means a squad is too materially affected to complete it's fixtures? And would these cases to be treated like an injury crisis and therefore no credence given to the squad suffering with absent players? e.g. If we lost Krul, Pukki, Emi, would we be allowed to withdraw the rest of the squad into quarantine or would it be just 'tough titty'? Do the clubs do the tests and declare the results themselves or are they independently checked? Asking that last one for a friend.
  15. This was so good especially after afghan hound-haired gob****e Robbie Savage had spent so long literally moonwalking off the pitch to waste time. He went back to applaud the Derby fans so many times, it was like watching Frank Sinatra 'retire' again and again.
  16. Sounds like your device has been infected with Binnervirus. Ususally anything relating to the colour blue results in uncontrollable laughter-induced hyperventilation but this version is different, it refuses to let anything change and is stuck in it's ways - even though it is no longer user-friendly.
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