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  1. Hi all Yes I have decided to come out from the woodwork and give you all my opinion of the current situation at our beloved Norwich. Well I''ve seen a lot of crap before in the last 30 years of supporting city and to be honest AN is not the worst we have ever had. However he has lost his way and I believe that himself and a few players need to move on and we give the role to another head. Don''t get me wrong AN has done a great job when he first came with a high win rate, unbeaten away from home for a long time. However an inexperienced Prem season and now a period of everyone knows his tactics and how City Panic under any pressure. We have been found out. I think it''s time, please don''t let the board do what City always do which is wait too long then take weeks to get another guy in. Why can''t we do this now? Give the new manager 2 weeks of transfer window and change the captain and start to believe that the 8 points to 6th is easy. We shouldn''t loose to Rotherham! 56 goals concieded and yet we lost again. 10 men or not, a draw minimum was required. But no another defeat. My only issue is the replacement Manager if it should ever happen? Who? Who would Norwich attract? Time again will tell, top 6 or middle table boredom!? Are Ipswich really just 3 points below now? And they are having a nightmare season! Cmon Delia, wake up. Let''s have 20 games of belief not dispare and same old after game excuses! On the ball! Cheers All.
  2. I would love to see him play in the warm up games and score some goals. Last preseason I think city struggled and he never really got going. I wanted him to storm the Prem and show the big boys that little old Norwich had a young striker worth buying. With the wolf posters and the hype it all seems to have been one massive disaster, yet watching some of his you tube videos of his Lisbon days he is not a crap player by a long shot. Perhaps 2 up front and the new strikers may team up well with him. I hope nobody comes in for him now so that he gets the chance to show us at ncfc just what they paid for even if it''s a season too late. Do you think the championship maybe the same level of football as the Portugal prem league? More to his playing style? Cheers all
  3. OK so we all now remember just how bad a season RVW had last year, with some of the worst stats for a prem player ever! but .... Was it all his fault? A good young player doesn''t just go bad just like that. There is a reason he was £8 mil to buy last season. Was it down to the way Houghton played with one up front? I thought he would be gone by now, but was surprised to see him with the rest of the squad training. Good on him I say, it can''t be easy to be the laughing stock of the Prem and potentially the worst signing of last season in the prem. I say we should play him, get his confidence up and he may just surprise us all! Like I say every season, time will tell, come Christmas he could be our top scorer with hopefully 10-15+ goals. Glad to see that Adams is giving them all a clean sheet. I will wish RVW well, it''s about time his luck changed. Cheers all
  4. Hi All As with most of Norwich''s Mangerial Appointments I am sure it will be a long winded process with lots of names in the hat. May I say that if SAM gets the push from West Ham I would snap him up straight away as long as he can be signed and is not stuck in any legal battle with West Ham. For me he is very much like Pulis at CP. If this doesn''t happen then it would have to be Malky with Adams if that combo would work. Unfortunately I have no say and as Norwich are now a Championship side the pulling power of the Prem has gone. It maybe that even Malky, Sam or others won''t want another titanic season in the championship, and will look at it as a step down. Time will tell. Cheers All
  5. McNally sacked gunn when he knew it was time and Lambert was going anyway, you can''t keep them all. Hughton was a good choice at the time but seems to have lost his way now, lets not keep him two games too long. With O''Neill we won''t go down. And if we did then can you think of anyone else out there or do you want another championship manager that jumps from club to club like leeds, reading, ipswich, wolves etc etc. Come on everyone lets do this now! I know its sunday but lets wake up. Its make or break. I don''t want no MOTD! :-)
  6. Jas, o''neill left because of chase. Simple as that. He had us in the top two at the time
  7. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]Firstly why would MON come here for 2 games and potentially follow up his sacking at Sunderland with relegation here? Secondly, what makes you think he''d save us when he looked like taking Sunderland down. As I said on another thread, if McNally swings his axe now the Caretaker would have to come from within the club. Calderwood and Trollope would get axed too so in all likelihood we''d end up with Neil Adams with Hucks as his assistant. We have to stick with what we''ve got, it''s too late to change it now.[/quote] Sorry but O''Neil could be here on tuesday! It only takes a phone all to sack and employ. Why would we need caretakers, did sunderland? Did southampton? I would feel rather happier with o''neill next sunday than hughton.
  8. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]Firstly why would MON come here for 2 games and potentially follow up his sacking at Sunderland with relegation here? Secondly, what makes you think he''d save us when he looked like taking Sunderland down. As I said on another thread, if McNally swings his axe now the Caretaker would have to come from within the club. Calderwood and Trollope would get axed too so in all likelihood we''d end up with Neil Adams with Hucks as his assistant. We have to stick with what we''ve got, it''s too late to change it now.[/quote] Sorry but O''Neil could be here on tuesday! It only takes a phone all to sack and employ. Why would we need caretakers, did sunderland? Did southampton? I would feel rather happier with o''neill next sunday than hughton.
  9. Ok so i have posted on here about, is it time for mcnally''s axe? I am sitting here thinking, why not sack Hughton now and get Martin O''Neill in for the west brom and Man city games. I know its sudden but i think we need this, who wants to be biting their nails next sunday when we still play the same way under hughton for 90 mins looking for that 1-0 win? Everyone knows a new manger gives the team a lift, and it may just save our season. If O''neill gets signed by another team and we still have Hughton would you all be pi**ed off. I would. Why do we have to hold interviews for weeks before we get a new manger? Why not just smash and grab him? He''s sitting at hoe and unemployed! Come on lets get him now!
  10. Hi all Been a while since my last post, but really feel that maybe somebody at Carrow road maybe already thinking this: Has Hughton gone as far as he can go? If we stay up would you trust him with the squad and RVW or if we we go down would you trust him to get us up again? I know we had a 10 match unbeaten run and we are not a bad team, but the table doesn''t lie. 2 wins from 18 and a poor strike force is not looking good. OK so we win next week and it maybe enough to keep us up or not need anything from Man City away. (Although beating Man City away to stay up would be the game of the season) So the question is what next? For me i think that hughton has two games left before the mcnallly axe will fall. If i was mcnally i would be in secret meetings with martin o''neill. If we go down then he may still come to norwich as an ex-player and he certainly has the respect to get us back up. We would have the no move of RVW to get him. (cash) If we stay up then with O''neill we wouldn''t be relegation favourites while under Hughton, and i totally trust him with the squad. Please don''t come on here quoting sunderland, we all known o''neill is a manger god. Don''t get me wrong Hughton always had a mission impossible after Lambert and he is a good manager, but i feel teams know how we work and i think another manger could get a lot more out of the squad. God help us. We can still believe and stay up but if we do i think its still time for a change. (Please ignore my spelling and caps issues, typed on ipad) Cheers all
  11. Hi all, thanks for the posts ... How do I feel about this, well I am worried, I know that this time its Mcnally choosing the manager which is far better than the prevoius choices. How many times did I want a manger only to end up with a loser or a city legend out of his depth but up for the job. Remember Peter Grant? Bruce Rioch, Brian Hamilton, Gary Megson, and Glen Roeder! I wouldn''t be disapointed with Bruce as the manager as I feel he has a lot of experince and every club is different to the last. Just look at Pardue now at Newcastle and then Churbishly at Charlton vs west ham. Would I prefer a younger "houghton" style manager, well I don''t mind either, feel it could be a great appointment or a out of your depth disaster. As the Europe option, I think its a divert for us to think that this wont be a quick choice then suddenly they will annouce the new Gaffer. In the end what will be will be. Cheers All
  12. Hi All.   Haven`t been on here for a while, but would like to just mention this.   A lot of you are already moaning that Steve Bruce may or may not get the job.   Firstly lets give him a look. Ok so he has done well at some clubs such as Wigan, Birmingham and ok at Sunderland, and his record is average but he does have a lot of respect from players and other prem clubs. He has a Prem History and a stated from himself that he always holds a great admiration for Norwich as it was the club that gave him his big break.   I know you all want a Chris houghton or Lee Clark or Malky but lets look at this. So these are up and coming managers, yes? They could do well at the prem league (chris houghton was doing ok with Newcastle until his surprise sacking). But if they do ok with Norwich and keep us up, surely they will be snatched away by the larger club again looking for the next david moyes etc? My question is, are we better with having Steve Bruce, who is a proven Manager in the Prem and hope that he stays for 3-5 years or take a gamble with a youger model and see him snatched from us again much the same way as Lambert was?   Its a tough call, we are a medium sized club that CAN get a top 8 finish in the prem(one year maybe), but success can also destroy us if we over do it. I would be happy with a 12th place finish next year with Steve Bruce at the helm. Some others out there wont.   As always with Norwich Mangers, such as Gunn, Roeder, Peter Grant, Brian Hamilton, Bruce Rioch its not always an easy job. Time will tell, I''m sure the board have their choice already. Cheers All  
  13. Sad day for Football when a great passing side and club like West Ham go down. (have some Hammers Fans as close freinds and they are very apssionate about the team and club). From what I remember they were down the last time we went up! I have always like Robert Green and felt sorry for his World Cup nightmare. What now for Greeno? Surely he won''t want to stay at the Hammers, the Championship is nowhere to be trying to get back in the England fold. Personaly I think the Gunners should get him, if not then who? Norwich? a sweet return, or is Rudd good enough for the Prem? Would Greeno think Norwich is a backward step? Will be an interesting few weeks. Cheers All.
  14. Come on ... Ok so we have some faults and Lambert will see this, remember last year. I always thought Watford were a bit of a jinks side anyway. I''m Sure by Christmas we will be mid table with the chance of a playoff slot. But, if anyone thought it was going to be League 1 again, errrrrrrrrr ...No Way. KTF   Cheers All.   .... of course if we lose the next three, I will be moaning, [;)]
  15. Hi All Yes tonight was bad, but other teams drew and the second spot keeps changing. Now its Leeds turn but we are still 7 points from third. With Charlton to play Leeds and Swindon to play Millwall. I think we only need 4 points to do it. If we lose to Charlton and Bristol Rovers yet win our two home games we will be up. However I can''t see it going to the last game. We seem to have caught the Leeds bug which they have lost lets hope we lose it soon as well. Perhaps the players are getting complacent or nervous? I think they just need a kick up the ***. Lets hope that a away win at charlton and a lose for the other teams stops us worrying too much. Cheers All
  16. Just done mine: Stop worrying: N 92 C 89 L 87 S 87 M 86 H 81 Thats with a loss at Charlton and Bristol Rovers and two home wins! Have faith!
  17. Superb!!! Posted this on Saturdayand decided to ave a look on Sunday night only to find 50 posts. An what a list of names ... Johnny Wilkinson!! never knew that! Cheers All for the posts ...
  18. Hi all Haven''t posted for a while! After seeing the NCFC newsletter with season ticket prices I was gad to see the BBCs F1 presenter is a NCFC fan. I know Stephein Fry, Simon Thomas (sky sports news), and Hugh Jackman! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kukoOH4NbWo Hugh Jackman - link to youtube video, probabaly seen by millions as a joke. :) Do we know of any more? Please list them I would love to know. Cheers All
  19. Yes England, Newcastle, Norwich Large Fan base, All Desperate for success. All jump on the managers death wagon the moment he starts to lose a few games. I know most clubs have this, but it seems to be more with these three clubs. The next manager MUST be an experinced manager and have 100% backing form the entire club and its fans. Without this the steady decline will only continue. Why? Wrong decissions at the highest level of the club start this all off, and then rumours and presure from fans etc spirral into a mini disater.# Cheers - good original post
  20. I have had about as much as I can take. Lets look at the facts: Delia is going nowhere Gunn will only walk if we lose the next 4 games he won''t get pushed by Delia. The new chief ex is the best thing to happen to this club in years. WE MUST remove Gunn gently from his role and place a more experinced manger like Bothroyd in his place. Delaying this and losing pace with the leaders after 5 games will only spell disaster. Delia and co MUST splash the cash more and get a proven striker. Not a div 2 hopeful but a Alan Lee. The problem is that even as I''m typing this post I''m slowly getting bored as I have said this all before and wasted my time. Nothing will change at NCFC until we are in adminsitration. Then like Southampton we may have some hope. Cheers all from a very naffed off old season ticket fan.
  21. Starting to almost accept it as the norm! Thinking about it too much just makes me angry, who to blame? ...errrr ... Cheers
  22. F****** Hi All First post back on here for a while. Felt weird yesterday, I was at the Zoo with my wife and 2 year old daughter. Would normally be at the game the last 4 years as I was a season ticket holder. Decided to just be a super member this time around. (thank god) Got a SMS text on my phone at around 3.45pm from a mate, it simply said "on the ball city!" I thought ... Yes we must be winning , only to find out over another 4 texts as I couldn''t believe it that we were 5-0 down! We all know the rest, the TV and Radio coverage and the complete taking the piss of the football world! Some saying, remember the blackburn 7-1 loss, we finished 3rd that year! hang on a minute, that was Prem league and not at HOME! The worst result at home in the clubs history, League 3 (old) - 6 goal dif, second bottom, Can it be any worse! For me Gunn was never a manager, I said it from Day one, BUT gave him the benifit of doubt as you never know in this game. And yes at times he has delivered, I remember the cardiff game, I went thinking "a draw if we are lucky", yet we out played them. But his lack of tatics and know how of the management game shows and I would have thought that crooky and Butterworth would have helped a lot more. Where to now? Well for me its tuesdays and the next Saturdays games. I''d give him 4 games. Lose all of them or only get a draw, and start to lose pace with the leading pack and its bye bye to a ncfc legend as the manager. When will NCFC and delia finally get a manager who we can look back on and say yes that was the changing point? Too many duffs and cheap options for me. I thought that Roeder done well in the first season and always said he knew the game a bit. Not that we want him back now, but someone like him and his experince would help, unfortunatly at league 1 level that will be even harder! Its not all the manager we know, but I must say that seeing Patison go, just when he was playing well in midfield is a sad moment, I rated him all along, was a class act at times and still young to be worth keeping a few years. Losing a class midfielder showed on saturday. As I always say, time WILL tell, people will come and go and the club will rise and fall. Lets just hope that we don''t keep falling into the conference! Cheers All, a long post I know but its been a while!
  23. Excellent post. When I heard Gunn was given the job again I thought, well thats it again then. We needed to dig deep very deep and appoint a manager like Keane but for League 1.   For me PAUL Ince was the name, for delia he was too much  money, too much of a hassle to set up an interview, and general;ly easyier for her to say, give it to Gunn I want to go home. Its a VERY sad time for City, one that I hope will improve, but I fear a few years in League 1 may break this club and its fan base. Cheers
  24. Yes I know,   Mixed feeling really. Current players not good enough last season, but too good for league 1. Don''t want to see Clingan or Croft go but realise that we need new blood. Just not them two. God knows what the starting 11 with be next season? Cheers
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