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  1. My thoughts on team: We need to decide who is our best player and who we are going to build our team round.  Earnie or Hux?  And who we need to bring in to compliment them. Midfield currently has 3 doing a job 2 should do.  Dickson needs to be the box to box player we bought to replace Francis.       
  2. Thank goodness that mess is over and consigned to the past.  No personal hatred for Worthy, but it is time for a change.  Thanks for getting us the Premiership, shame the attitude wasn''t right to keep us there. So what happens next.... Who''s going to come in? How long are we going to give them to develop a team and squad?  Whoever picks up the pieces is going to have a tough job with the players and the miniscule squad we have until the January transfer window opens. Do we have any cash to splash in the Jan transfer window and is anyone going to want to come to this club based on today''s performance and league position? OTBC [<:o)]
  3. Anyone else''s refresh button worn out?  Will it be in vain
  4. McKenzie''s gone and looks like no transfer news.  1 hr 45 mins left!!!   http://www.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/page/News/FirstNewsDetail/0,,10355~890939,00.html
  5. Just wondered if we have to have agreed loan signings by 31-Aug in the same way as cash transfers?    
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