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  1. Does any body know the figures involved?  I believe, before this sale, Eventguard Limited was a wholly owned subsidary of NCFC plc.  So therefore the sale should generate funds for the football club.  Maybe this money will be used to repay the instalment due on the ''land investment'' loan or in our dreams given to Gunny to bring in Ched Evans!
  2. To bring this thread back on topic - I am also feeling the same as No Quarter.  I was thinking of that night we beat Ipswich in the Milk Cup semi final and how my club could bring such highs into my life and at other times (Derby away in FA Cup) such lows.  However I am not even disappointed about yesterday''s result. I don''t care anymore!!  Give us back our club.
  3. Will get shot down for this but I still want Bowen.  But he wont come so thats the end of that. 
  4. I can''t understand why this is not at the top of the forum.  Looking at the betting patterns it seems allegedly that the opponents keeper got himself sent off to throw the match and reverse the half time score from an away win to a home win.  However he did not take into account how woeful the current Norwich squad is.  Even at home against a side down to 10 men and with a penalty he has given to us, Norwich manage to lose the match!
  5. This deal was done in 2003 for £15m and is described as a long term managed debt by the club.  However am I being too simple to ask when will it be paid off in full? and nearly 5 years down the line how much is still outstanding?  Whether it is secured on fixed assets or future total cash flows I take it has a repayment date?
  6. The Watford situation is still unclear so I won''t comment on that, but the rest of SAFU2007 post has crossed my mind also.  If the current board are gambling, hoping for promotion and extra ''share value'' but if the season is over by November!  Can we, as supporters be confident that Peter Cullam will come to the rescue next year?  
  7. I have a membership card for ...... David Marshall Do players have cards?[;)]
  8. [quote user="Tom NCFC"] [quote user="Saint Canary"] We are going to be battling relegation this season unless something changes very drastically. [/quote] Sorry to be optimistic but I feel things are going to change drastically, i''ve got a good feeling about that the board will make the right decision and we will be midtable before christmas! My point was that the gap is not a big one and for people who already think we are doomed, my message is things have got time to change, it''s not like we are in that position and we''ve only got 5 games to go [/quote] I''m afraid that the club are not as optimistic as you Tom as I have heard that they have already been in contact with Norwich Urban Division of Norfolk constabulary to see how much they save in Match day police bills as a League One Club!!!
  9. I strongly believe he should have been appointed manager a year ago! Did we find out whether he had an interview? It''s not thats he''s an ex player - Just look at the teams he has been first team coach with!  Wales with Mark Hughes - for a short period they were playing really good football and improving their status which is difficult under the group seedings set-up. Birmingham with Steve Bruce - beat us in the play offs and stayed in the premier for a couple of seasons Blackburn with Mark Hughes - before Brum''s relegation season moved to Blackburn who are a mid table premiership team. He was known as a moaner and to me that means he sees weaknesses in others - good trait for a Manager!
  10. Warner   7 looked to throw but more often than not no one showed so had to kick long Hughes  7  only player with passion Dublin   8  MOM  superb at the back, give him one more season Shax   6  Solid but defending was messy, too many little nudges etc which could have been fouls Drury  5    I like Drury but not a good game today little understanding between him and Shax Lappin   4   offered no threat whatsoever, Was he fit? Etuhu 7  tried to get into the game but we need too central midfielders, better second half Fozzy  0   Was he playing?  He Does not even deserve a mark let alone a contract??  A replacement for Safri, you are having a laugh. No more needs saying Martin   2  Appalling at Right Wing, then offered nothing up front Hucks   7  tried as ever, Grant moved him to the right hand side as Martin was in a nightmare, Why more Hucks and not take Martin off earlier? Ernie   5   tried hard, too many high balls to him which he stood no chance subs Spillane  7  offered more in his time on the park today than Fozzy has at carrow road since he arrived. True!! Renton 5  Better than Martin Tried and got stuck in more
  11. [quote user="Cobain18"]                                            Marshall Colin                        Shacks                Dublin                   Drury Chadwick                Safri                    Fozzy                   Lappin                                Earnie                  Hucks [/quote] would be my stating 11 aswell
  12. My Player ratings for tonight Green 7, Colin 5, Drury 6, Doc 7, Davenport 7, McVeigh 7, Jarrett 4 (first half) 7 (second), Saf 8 (first), Brennan 7 (second), Hucks 7, Ashton 5, Hendo 8.  Fleming (not long enough but better than Colin) All players have not much confidence!
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