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  1. Nope.  Mine isn''t.  And either the West Brom commentators are biased or we''re really struggling.
  2. None of the above are working.  does anyone know the web address for the stream so we can use that directly?
  3. This is a serious concern. Not only is it disappointing for Norwich fans to be denied seats by these people, but also theres the risk of disturbances in the stands. It can also spoil the game for our own fans to some extent. The good thing about the lack of tickets for casual supporters these days is that every seat is accounted for. Each an every seat sold for a game has a season ticket holder or member associated with it. So we should really note down the seat number of any away supporter and inform the club. If enough people do take such steps, the club might be able to take more action and people be put off offering their tickets to away fans in the future. After all, it is a security risk for the club to have fans mixing so its in their interests.
  4. Yep, I agree. The whole squad is important and we want them to be full of confidence when their time comes. I''m worried about Svensson. Hes a good player whos just had a couple of iffy games. I''m dreading the carrow road response if he plays on Sat and doesn''t perform - we mustn''t sap his confidence. Its not in our interests. Even if we do get another target man, it doesn''t mean that Svensson is suddenly unimportant. He scored some really good and important goals last season and judging by the season review dvd, was unlucky not to get a few more spectacular ones. Whats letting him down at the moment is his touch. He had touch last season and just because it hasn''t happened so far in the prem for him doesn''t mean hes suddenly lost that touch. Also, hes not winning headers, but thats not really his fault as hes not a big bloke. When playing with sven, we need to resist the temptation to play hopeful long balls from the back.
  5. Former palace links might be clouding his judgement I think.
  6. Matthew, you''re not doing him any favours at all with that post to be honest. a) There hasn''t been any speculation over his future here; b) I''m certain he hasn''t been linked with any other clubs; c) What volatile relationship with Worthy and Steve Foley? As far as I''m concerned you''ve just inadvertently created more rumours.
  7. The pundits seem quick to praise Dowie''s pedigree, but I think its a bit premature. Maybe he''s a great manager in the making or maybe he was just in the right place at the right time last season. Surely Worthy''s much more proven at this stage.
  8. "I fear for Norwich. West Brom have been there before and have therefore learnt about hanging on. You never know about Crystal Palace under Ian Dowie." Now theres a surprise.
  9. Transfers might be a little out of date unfortunately. In PES3 Chelsea''s line-up was really out of date after their summer spending spree. Having said that the report on www.pesinsight.com did say that the early version of PES4 appeared to have more up to date team rosters, so who knows. Theres quite a few video clips of winning eleven 8 around at the moment. If you don''t already know about www.pesfan.com, go to the winning eleven discussion board at http://www.pesfan.com/bulletin/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=127 and search through the video thread. Theres a recording of an entire match which looks really sweet. Oh yeah, you have to register by the way.
  10. Yeah, but don''t other games like This is Football still get the license?
  11. Its looking good, its just that the news hasn''t been confirmed by konami yet. If they can get full licenses for Spanish and Italian leagues then surely the Prem should be a possibility. The yellow and green is gonna look so good on screen, but our stats are gonna be absolutely awful. Maybe someone at carrow road could confirm whether they''ve been approached by Konami - dunno if it works like that.
  12. Yeah, just to reiterate. I don''t know if many of you guys do this, but if you buy an X-port cable (about £18 at play.com) then you can download a fully complete option file from www.pesfan.com. Some really committed people there spend loads of time making all the names, kits, team flags and transfers etc accurate so you don''t have to do any of the work. The outlay of £18 really is worth it and the option file you get is much better than the one you can buy from the shops. Plus they do updates all throughout the year to keep transfers up to date. Sorry if you lot already know this.
  13. The link is http://www.pesinsight.com/news.php#fus_189 By the way that doesn''t mean the team will be official, just that they''re there, but who knows what will happen by the release. There''ll definitely be a free to download option file with all the accurate names, data etc on www.pesfan.com out on the release date (plus subsequent updates) so if you get that, it shouldn''t matter too much. If the Prem isn''t official then it''ll be funny to see what team name they give us, maybe Norfolk.
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