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  1. Norwich City are to announce a new shirt sponsor jointly with Pampers & Kleenex due to the consistent rubbish they are playing!   Also what has Worthy & a blank crossword got in common? BOTH ARE CLUELESS!!
  2. Come on people this is really serious now! Im not going to say no as everyone kept saying give him 12 games? Well what are the people who said this now saying give him 24 games? Get real yes once the players cross that white line its out of his hands but hey maybe the players have had enough of his waffle? I mean can anyone really defend him now?
  3. Well I have kept quiet on this subject after being criticised in the summer and everyone said give Worthy 10 games etc! Well we are 10 games in and who still wants him especially after his post match comments? I for one would like to see Ian Holloway he would be strict but fair and he would install the confidence back in the team and get them working as a team! Plus his post match interviews would be hilarious! Seriously as you all know I never wanted Worthy to be manager in the first place but how can he be defended to keep his postition after the start weve had to the season and now those comments? I think personally we need a top coach and a top manager! People who are currently available are John Greqory no! Peter Reid? Jim Smith? Possibility Any Ideas?
  4. Dean is represented by his uncle! I believe someone wil bid 10 million for him but please remember we stil owe crewe 1.25 million due this season and they also have a 33% sell on clause so even if he went for 10 million we would have to pay crewe 3.3 million due to sell on clause and the 1.25 million still owing plus as Dean hasnt asked for or should I say handed in a written transfer request we would have to pay him the total value of his contract less bonuses? Not a lot would be left even if his wages came out at say 1.5 million for the remainder of his contract with the other amounts that would only leave just under 4 million then take in account what we orginally paid for him and you are really left with teh 2 million pounds that we have bid for Clinton? INTERESTING!
  5. What a laff Hughes is an average player. Wizz I agree humble pie is not on the menu by any means! He may have played 45 games for Reading but who else did they have to play in that position? This is not a good signing if this goes through !
  6. Give the captaincy to the first new signing Lee Clarke!
  7. What you must also realise is we will give a player a signing on fee even if there is no transfer fee involved!Also when a players signs an extension to their contract they will receive a signing on fee and they can have their salary back dated? If you sell a player without him requesting atransfer legally you have to pay him the full value of his contract! Remember Collymore going to Liverpool he upset everyone to get a move to Liverpool but never actually requested a written transfer and Forest had to pay him a couple of million? Thats what started their serious money concerns! It is really annoying that Worthy will pay good money for a player then let them go for no fee?
  8. The list of this seasons squad is below and then what I believe will hopefully left before hopefully a number of several additions Gary Holt, Youssef Safri, Darren Huckerby, Leon McKenzie, Thomas Helveg, Ryan Jarvis Jim Brennan, Mathias Svensson, Going Paul Gallacher, Robert Green, Jason Shackell, ,
  9. As Aswad once sang "Dont turn around" OUT thank god peole are now realising that the time has come   AU Revoir!
  10. Paul Hayes Scunthorpe Nuff said Darren way banging them in at Yeovil Dion Dublin John Fashanu  
  11. He is available on loan to reduce Boltons wage bill! He is big will score goals causes problems! My friends in Bolton (Bolton season Ticket Holders) Say that the rumour is hes available to free up wages for Sam to be able to sign loan players!
  12. He is highly rated but struggled at the Geordies and excels in the lower leagues not the right man/boy.
  13. I am saying I hope there is one today? The 31st is looming and we need a couple more player sto enable us to give it that big push! I must admit as Im sure all Norwich fans are having debates & heated discussions at work, home, in the pub etc about us staying up! I believe we will! Deano will come good! I also believe that teams like Blackburn Birmingham & Fulham will slip up and we have got to capitalise on these!
  14. I hope there will be one where Worthy introduces two new players? Richardson from Utd well living in the North West obviously I work with Utd fans and here in the press etc you hear about how players perform well he was highly rated by Fergie & the fans as a great prospect but hes failing at the minute the belief is that he needs a string of say 6 games to establish himself! The other? I personally reckon he will sign a defender before 31st Jan but he will loan another forward?
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