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  1. Bit of a con that to be honest, since I''m a shareholder. Must activate the free membership next season.

    Anyway, I''ve invested my ticket money on a kit for my toddler instead, we can have our own party at home with it on the TV. Still, hope everyone enjoys their trip.
  2. Marty

    London Marathon

    Wow, 2:22 is almost professional standard Swindon. When I ran the London

    Marathon a few years back I was lucky to do 100 miles a month! I know

    the guy that did a 2:21 yesterday, 5th out of the non-elites. I

    am listed as a "did not start" which is a shame. My body does not like

    anything over 2 runs a week. But still hope for a pb half marathon in a

    couple of months. I find training for halfs managable, but a full is too

    time consuming and hard on the legs and body.I agree that speedwork is the key, that is why I don''t get faster, I don''t do any! Well done to Adam. Also, great times from a Karl and Lincoln.
  3. Actually their wine is only overpriced outside France! and in my opinion it is pretty good.


  4. Marty

    favourite drugs



    Not because I use it! More due to it being the first chemical synthesis I studied years ago. I made analogues of it. I am a synthetic organic chemist, so I guess my answer isn''t what you expected? Otherwise, booze! Never tried viagra, never felt the need to, but wouldn''t mind seeing what it does to my libido (and my member!).

  5. Marty

    Carl Froch massive knob

    I actually think he comes over as a pretty decent chap, don''t belive all the pre fight banter. It''s not worth getting your kinckers in a twist over is it?
  6. Marty

    the TEN MEN and the 9690

    [quote user="Marmaduke"]I think statistics tell us that, in reality, none of this lot will ever figure in the first team ...[/quote]

    ......and your point is?

  7. Marty

    FA Youth Cup - murphys

    They looked pretty good to me, not perfect but good prospects. But you''ll always get bell-ends moaning for the sake of it.



  8. Marty

    Carlton Morris

    [quote user="Marmaduke"]Reminiscent of Carl Cort in his prime for us![/quote]


    Oh yeah, the speed at which he moved up and down the aisles at Asda, not to mention his finishing, no one packs their shopping bags quicker. A true Norwich legend.

  9. Marty

    What y'all listening to?

    Ravi Shankar on Radio 6.
  10. Marty

    Tour de France

    yes it''s good so far, an amazing British 1, 2 yesterday. Bradley looked good in the moutains too, not so sure about his colourful langauge in the press conference mind!
  11. Marty

    that fifty shades of grey book....

    [quote user="im spartacus"]that would explain why the mrs was well up for it after reading it [:D][/quote]


    I''ll get a copy for ''er indoors then!

  12. Marty


    [quote user="SHRIMPER"]Mrs Shrimper was there last week to see grandchildren and said she liked it. We visit about once a month as a rule so we have seen it alter over time. I like St Pancras  next door also.[/quote]

    I think they did a great job with St Pancras, it is always a pleasure to arrive in London at such a magnificant station. Also, the hotel is finally open as a hotel again (OK it has been for a few years), I''d forgotten what it looked like with all the scaffolding, what a great structure.

  13. hope it goes well, my daughter was born 10 weeks ago in Leicester, I am yet to buy her any NCFC clothes, I''d better get my act together before someone buys her something inapropriate like a leicester top.
  14. Marty

    What y'all listening to?

    I rather like the king Creosote / John Hopkins cd Diamond Mine. Other wise it has been a quiet year for music so far. I also like M83, Hurry up we''re dreaming, this was realesed last year mind. These are to 2 cd''s that will remind me of the birth of my little''un. The latest Wedding present album is solid too, plus they are playing the Seamonsters album in it''s entirity later in the year.
  15. SM, no idea what you point is in relation to my post.
  16. dylanisabaddog, what can''t you believe? that people are condeming this sort of behaviour? Is this really so shocking? I watched football back in the 80''s a a child and I don''t remember mass nazi salutes, anti jewish chants, rascist banners, burning flags, burning the stadium and beating up Asians. OK, yes there were a few monkey chants and a little bit of agro, but this was a long time ago. We have moved on since then, these scenes are therefore shocking to many of us now, we are not being hypocrites, just demonstrating how disgusting we find this behaviour nowadays.

  17. Just seen this, sounds like more evidence to support Holt''s inclusion in the squad.http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4318600/SunSport-crunches-the-numbers-to-discover-a-stat-tastic-England-squad.html
  18. Marty

    The BBC at it again...

    that Mirror report is utter rubbish, I wouldn''t wipe my a*se on that lefty rag.
  19. Marty

    Most disturbing film ever

    It''s hard to say, for me it would be a film that gets under the skin, a thriller that leaves you feeling cold at the end. I haven''t seen the 2nd one, but the 1st centipede film was pretty dreadful. Sometimes that films try to shock too much, they end up laughable no matter how gross they are. Baise Moi is pretty shocking in that it is awful! I quite like Man Bites Dog, shocking due to subject matter but a bit too much like black comedy to be genuinely shocked. 
  20. this sounds pretty awful, to make it worse I''m having to endure radio leicester!
  21. Marty

    Deluded Canaries

    stop wasting you life and post on your own forum you smug gloating bell end. I''ll get some humility when you get some charm!
  22. the midfield is looking dreadful, Johnson looks slow and out of sorts, Hoolahan is even worse. I''d make at least 2 changes at half time, maybe even 3, we need a serious turn around to get something from this game. To be fair to Suderland they look a well turned out team, but we should be competing more than this, it''s painful.
  23. Marty

    QPR Signings

    bit cheeky that QPR fellow saying this is the dumbest forum ever. Now i''m no expert, but the few other forums I have seen have been significantly more full of bs than this one. I''d like to know what clubs he is refering too so I can have a read myself.Oh and to clear-up a possible missunderstanding, the dictionary meaning of dumb is not "to have a different opinion"!
  24. blimey, people do get wound up by a little humourous sexism, is there anything we can''t laugh at nowadays?As a middle aged, heterosexual white male, can I now expect the future of comedy to be entirely based at my expense?
  25. that is actually quite amusing, If I was to try and post something so hate filled about QPR I''d struggle to come up with 10% of the info that that guy has. That is not because there is nothing to hate about them, it''s just they don''t really register that highly on my radar! I mean where the hell is QPR anyway, some non descript suburb of London.