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  1.   alan curbishley has said that he is available from october for a return to management.he has also stated that he is not insistant that this job would have to be in the premiership and would relish the challenge of  doing a charlton with a club from this level. seeing as though our board have on numerous occasions stated that we are modelling our club on this paticular outfit would it not be the obvious solution to employ the very person who is responsible for the fact that they are now a well established premiership club?. with regards to the staunch worthy supporters who will no doubt want me shot for treason can i just point out that their so called fantastic start to the season has included a 1-0 loss at leeds where in neil adams speak we were awesome.( they are now second from bottom by the way) and a 5-1 win over a poor barnsley side reduced to ten men very early on. no other team would put up with the last two seasons we have had.i do believe that the board has a duty to give us what our loyalty deserves and take action to get this club into the premiership where it belongs. alan curbishley has done it before so why cant he do it again. oh i welcome comments from all sides whether you agree with me or not but could we leave the who is more loyal than who rubbish out of it.

  2. The board has got to act as this simply cant go on. Its quite obvious that Nigel cant motivate the players.People say there is an injury crisis.If a player is injured and his immediate understudy is also unavailable then this is certainly a crisis. What is not is when a player is hurt and because of poor buys nobody is good enough to replace him.Also we all recognise that Safri is very important to our side and his absence has been used as an excuse by Nigel for bad results. Is this the same Safri who was picked in the reserves for 3/4s of last season?. Our moves in the transfer market before the start of last season was poor. We have wasted our money on bad signings and have suffered for it. wigan have done well and yes they have made more money available than we did. The fact still remains though that their manager is better than ours.I want nigel to go and to take his long ball tactics with him.Its no wonder our young players cant perform in the first team. They have been tought by people like Dave Williams to play on the floor and are then asked to play long. As a final point on the phone in tonight Adams said that Ashton is not scoring because when he was at Crewe they played football on the floor and got crosses in.Im sorry but if we are not as good as Crewe then we really are in serious trouble. The simple fact is that if we do not change manager now we will be relegated.He will not turn this around and if he is not going to resign then should be sacked. I accept that people may not agree and  they are entitled to their opinion. I think that most will side with me though, so what do you think?

  3. i like AJs team selection. The only thing i might change is to try Thorn with Deano. I would also tell Deano to play within the "width of the posts" and to concentrate only on scoring goals. i think the other selections were well thought out but would like to raise one point. playing Hucks in the middle or up front simply does not work as he just naturally goes to the left.this on saturday caused problems as Hucks and Brennan were standing on each others toes and Drury could not overlap because of this.Deano was going to the right flank which left the middle empty when a cross did come in. I dont want Deano to cover every blade of grass. I simply want him to score goals. Ajs formation with either Hendo or Thorne up with Deano would work. Simple stuff no christmas tree. Get the ball on the floor,work the flanks. get the crosses in, one striker near post, one centre, the oppersite flank player to the crosser making the far post and a central midfielder the edge of the box. This is simple uncomplicated stuff. opinions please.

  4. well done zipper. why one of the best coaches in this country is coaching kids rather than our first team is confusing to say the least. i might be showing my age but the golden period under dave stringer and mike walker was in no small part down to david williams. no need to look at outside replacements, the best man for the job is already here.
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