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  1. A big WELL DONE to Fellas and everyone else that posted. A great weekend! [:D]      
  2. Definitely! Fingers crossed for the last two. Was a little jittery when Liverpool were still 0-0 at half time! Great job so far Fellas, you''re nearly there! [:D]
  3. City Angel : My Ipswich friend isn''t a happy person today, think last time he played at PR both Bywater and Bruce got sent off.   Be interesting to see how those two get on in training! [;)]  
  4. I would go for Liverpool to beat Sunderland. (Sunderland have lost their last 6 away games.) Or maybe an away win for Darlington at Wrexham. (Darlington have won 4 of their last 6 away games and Wrexham have won just once in their last 6 home games.)  
  5. Keep it exactly as it is! (I spent hours as a youngster perfecting how to draw that canary!)  
  6. I would also go for Swansea to beat Port Vale.  
  7. Very well said ''can u sit down please''. You''ve  put into words exactly what I''ve been thinking.  
  8. Your wish is answered Stevo! Delia Smith cheats again 07.06.07 Katherine Rushton Delia Smith is to write a new version of her 1972 début cookery book, How to Cheat at Cooking, to tie in with her return to television for a BBC series of the same name. The £20 hardback (BBC Books, 4th October) will offer abbreviated recipes for wholesome, quality dishes, that use "cheat" methods or pre-prepared ingredients. "It''s going to cut out time-consuming processes," Smith said. "We''re short-circuiting all the rules." The title will be crisply designed and entirely rewritten, she added. It will also recommend specific products—although it is not yet clear whether she will be able to do the same on television. "This book has nothing to do with the original one," Smith said. "It''s completely different. Cheating''s come on a lot and there''s so much more available. The way it''s going, I can''t think of anybody who wouldn''t want it. I think it''s what I need." Smith''s research for the book also inspired her to sign up for her first BBC series in five years, to be aired next spring, despite telling fans in 2004 that she planned to give up television "while the going [was] good". "I had no plans to do any more at all, but I always said ''never say never'' . . . It''s been good for me to sit back and watch for five years." She added that some of the methods and ingredients she recommends are likely to draw gasps of horror from other celebrity gastronomes, but stressed that it is not her aim to impress them: "I''m not a chef and I''m not about chefs. I''m about people at home." Smith was persuaded to redo How to Cheat at Cooking after the Random House Group acquired a majority shareholding in BBC Books, her long-time publisher, in June last year, and absorbed the company as an imprint under Ebury. News of the launch comes as a boon to Ebury''s food list, which also boasts the Moro cookbooks, but lost River Café authors Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray to Penguin in April. "Delia is the number one cook in this country and has a longevity that has never been surpassed," said Ebury m.d. Fiona MacIntyre. "She''s a phenomenon."
  9. According to ''Canary Citizens'' book (1986) the words and tune are believed to be the work of Albert T. Smith, a city director 1905~1907.  
  10. I was wondering if anyone else had seen this news today about the QPR takeover and their tax bill? But around £1million must be paid to the Inland Revenue at the end of the month and as things stand, QPR have no ability whatsoever to make that payment and they face administration – or worse – unless a takeover is agreed. (from a QPR website ~  qprreport.blogspot.com) Sorry no good at doing proper links! I can think of other teams in the Championship I''d rather have this happen to! [;)]  
  11. Oh well, that''s it! I can''t listen any more!    
  12. You can get Radio Norfolk on the internet. I''m listening now!  
  13. Best 1. Beating QPR 2-0 in Oct 84, my first visit to Carrow Road, was really worried the game wouldn''t be on because of the fire in the main stand only a couple of days before! 2. Beating Portsmouth 2-0 in Jan 86, both teams were at the top end of the 2nd div and the atmosphere was amazing. 3. Iwan''s goal at the Play Off Final! 4. Beating Cardiff 4-1 in Dec 03, Hucks'' last game on loan, he was fantastic! 5. Beating Charlton 1-0 in Apr 05, the escape was still possible and Svensson''s goal was great! (I still miss Svensson).   Worst 1. Losing to Watford 3-1 at home in Sept 86. It was the first time I saw them lose! 2. Losing at Ipswich in Dec 93, Megson og. 3. Losing (badly) at Charlton 4-0 in Nov 04, it was AWFUL (enough said). 4. The penalty shoot out at the Play Off Final. 5. Losing at home to Plymouth 3-1 last season, 2 identical goals conceeded from free kicks, dire!
  14. I''m also stuck on the non-dairy centre half! Any clues?  
  15. Absolutely Rasputin! I still miss Svensson! [;)]
  16. The left centre half was signed from the team we beat in the Milk Cup final!    
  17. This was my quickest yet! Definitely an era that I DO remember well, as opposed to the ones I only think I do! [:$]      
  18. Done it! Thanks ALATWHIH for the GK clue, it got me thinking along the right lines!  
  19. Not Kevin Bond ~ King of the Own Goals. (we''re doing OK with that!) Iwan is a legend but lacks experience, the pressure on him to succeed would be enormous. A CCC/Lower league guy? David Williams? As long as they can see the potential, can sort the team out (players out and in), get them passing and playing positively will do for me!  
  20. Yep ~ it''s the GK and LB that I''m stuck on! Was the GK a squad member or someone we had in on loan?  
  21. It also took me a while to get the 7 midfielder and the 5 striker, and they were so obvious! Especially as I''d watched that midfielder at Carrow Road only a few weeks ago!  
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