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  1. Well Done Mr Chops! Well done All! A great set of results! [:D]
  2. Also going to have to go for a home win for Rotherham v. Chester. Good Luck Mr. Chops!  
  3. Technically Drinkell doesn''t count as being signed from a lower division club though. We signed him from Grimsby in the summer of 1985 after Coventry and Everton combined to rob us of our top league status. So Grimsby were in our league that season. I know, but they finished lower than us in that League! [;)] Drinkell was a real favourite of mine too.  
  4. Kevin Drinkell came from Grimsby. Scored 22 League goals in his first season!    
  5. I''m going for Carlisle to win at home to Crewe. Carlisle were excellent at home last season and Crewe didn''t travel well at all! Carlisle also won this fixture last season! Good Luck Wazzock!  
  6. Just curious! What numbers have Nelson, Kennedy and Koroma been given? Information for these players is not given with the Squad 2008-09 info. Thanks!  
  7. I''m going to go for Northampton to win at home to Cheltenham. Northampton were good at home last season and Cheltenham were pretty poor away. Not an awful lot to go on and you sometimes get some strange results in the opening few weeks! But I like the look of this one and Northampton won this fixture last season! Good luck Berkshire Canary!    
  8. Historically a rubbish pre-season = a good season so fingers crossed everyone. I''m pretty sure that we didn''t win a single pre-season friendly for the 92-93 season. So, even if we''re 2-0 down at half time v. Coventry, just send on our new striker(!), and if we win 4-2 we''re laughing. [:D]  
  9. Na na na na na na na na na na na Wesley Hoolahan Hoolahan Wesley Hoolahan I like this one Mr. Chops.
  10. Yeah, but they''ve all got better names.  They sound like a squad of slightly disaffected, maverick New York detectives who solve crimes and play for Middlesborough FC in their spare time. David Marshall - sounds like a fishmonger. Ah Yes . . . Ross Turnball nearing retirement, never does anything by the book and gets amazing results. Jason Steele, the good looking one in his early thirties who is still in love with his ex, a brilliant defence attorney who put her career before family life. Brad Jones, the rookie, fast tracked because of his university education. He has a point to prove, especially as his father (also a cop) disappeared whilst working undercover 15 years earlier . . . as a Middlesborough goal keeper! Was the local firm of fishmongers (Marshall''s) in any way connected?  
  11. Just read about Svensson and got all nostalgic! “I had probably the best time of my career when I was at Norwich, the last two years when I was in England and I think maybe I went home a bit too early, but that''s how football is. Sometimes you stay a bit longer and sometimes you tend to move on. When we got promoted and we were celebrating at the City Hall it was one of the biggest moments in my career. There are a lot of memories.” I still miss Svensson! His goal against Charlton towards the end of our Prem season was fantastic! Hope he has a successful management career, maybe he''ll be back one day . . .  
  12. My very first favourite was Woods. Others have included: Culverhouse, Flecky, Phillips and Newsome. More recently Green, Svennsson, Iwan and Hucks. Overall runner up is Robins and Gunn is my all time favourite! [:D]    
  13. Bruce wore the No.4 shirt and Watson the No.6 shirt. Neither would wear No. 5 as they both scored an own goal in a match when they happened to be wearing it! Bruce on his debut against Liverpool at home at the beginning of the 84-85 season. Then Watson some point later that same season. So I think it was one of the midfilders who wore No.5! (not sure who.)  
  14. Agree with Berkshire Canary. West Brom to win away at QPR. Good Luck, Jim!  
  15. Agree with Graham, Sid and George, have to go for Carlisle to beat Yeovil!  
  16. arrdee wrote: Now Cosmic I don''t want to hear the word sorry on the Free Bet pages please . We don''t do that word . Its just a bit of fun for you lovely old City supporters to enjoy on a Sat afternoon [:D] arrdee.   Feeling much happier now, arrdee! [:D] Thanks to you persuading Billy to give the remaining 5 bets another go. Good luck everyone!  
  17. Really disappointed with the Swansea result! (Sorry newyorkcanary.) My run of good luck seems to be over, that''s 2 wrong in a row! [:(] Just hope our boys can cheer me up with a win this afternoon!  
  18. Got to go for Swansea to beat Millwall. Swansea''s home record is W12 D3 L2 last 6 at home W5 L1 Millwall''s away record is W2 D5 L10 last 6 away W1 D1 L4    
  19. It is a tough week this week Trent Canary, it''s been difficult to find something I''m happy with! This week I''m going for Northampton to beat Crewe. Northampton''s home record is W8 D5 L4 Last 6 at home W3 D3. They are one of the form teams in League1. Crewe''s away record is W2 D6 L9 Last 6 away W1 D1 L4 Feels like a bit of a risky choice, but the least risky one I could find! Good Luck Yankee!  
  20. This week it''s got to be Rangers to beat Gretna. Rangers'' home record is W12 L1 and the last 6 at home W4 D2 Gretna''s away record is W1 D2 L10 and the last 6 away W1 D2 L4 Gretna have just lost their management team too. Good Luck P''boro Canary!  
  21. Celtic to beat Hearts. Celtic haven''t lost at home all season and have W8 D3, conceeding just 2 goals! Last 6 at home is W4 D2. Hearts'' away record is W3 D3 L6. They''ve lost 5 out of the last 6 away.    
  22. The trend for wearing the tops of football socks over the knee! The current offside rule ~ interfering with play/not interfering with play. If you''re offside, you''re offside!  
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