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  1. Good to see you back on these pages Arrdee. I''m off to the Blue Square Prem League and a home win for Crawley Town v. Eastbourne Borough. Crawley are currently W8 D2 L2 F28 A12 at home and Eastbourne are W3 D1 L8 F14 A29 away. Good Luck, Pete!  
  2.   Nutty Nigel wrote ~ "Thanks Cosmic, you are indeed right and because I have your result wrong it''s thrown everything out. It serves me right for not double checking the score. I was convinced Raith had drawn their game. Apologies to you and indeed you are in the group of PUPs on 3 from 3 going into the last week of the month." I think Arbroath equalised in the 90th min, but there was still enough time for Raith to score the winner! It was a close thing! Thanks for that Nigel. You do an amazing job with the tables and stats. Merry Christmas! [<:o)]  
  3. Nutty Nigel, I don''t think you have my current league standing correct! I have picked 12/20 correctly. My pick in Scots Div 2 was correct this Saturday (which isn''t shown above) and I am also 3/3 for Dec so far. Now I''ve pointed that out, it''ll all go horribly wrong! [:$] Thanks!
  4. This week I''m going for a home win for Raith v. Arbroath in Scots Div 2. Raith are W5 D3 L0 F18 A8 at home and Arbroath are W2 D2 L4 F12 A14 away. Good Luck, DDD! Glad to see you back on these pages, Arrdee!  
  5. Get well soon, Arrdee! Am also going for a home win for Wolves v. Barnsley. Good Luck,Graham!
  6. Also going to go for a home win for Birmingham v. Watford. Good luck, Yankee!  
  7. Yesterday . . . Saturday 28th November 1992 Aston Villa 2 Norwich City 3 (Sutch, Beckford, Phillips) Gunn, Culverhouse, Bowen, Butterworth, Polson, Sutch, Crook, Beckford (Sutton), Robins, Fox, Phillips. Playing record up to and including that game ~ W11 D3 L3   Too painful to think about the journey from there to here! [:(]  
  8. Agree with Muddy & Jim! It''s a home win for Burton Albion v. Eastbourne Borough. Good Luck, Blahblahblah!  
  9. Also going to go for a home win for Burnley v. Doncaster. Burnley are in a good run of form and Doncaster aren''t. Best of Luck, Shack Attack!
  10. Bad Luck, Evil Monkey. (And ''thanks'' Caernarfon Town ~ who also play in yellow and green and are nicknamed the Canaries. A quick look at their league position will show that might not be all there is in common!) [;)]  
  11. Not so easy to pick something this week so I''ve looked further afield and decided on Wales! I''m going for a home win for Haverfordwest v. Caernarfon. Haverfordwest are W3 D2 L0 F11 A4 at home. Caernarfon are W0 D0 L6 F5 A20 away. (Just hoping this isn''t another Queen of the South debacle!) [:(] Good Luck, Evil Monkey!  
  12. In agreement with Methcanary and am going for a home win for Queen of the South v. Morton. QotS have scored 14 and conceded 4 at home in the league. Morton have scored 2 and conceded 13 away. Good Luck, Norfolkchance!  
  13. I whizzed throught it, but can''t get the right back! Any clues? [:$]  
  14. I''m leaving League 2 well alone and this week I''m going for a home win for Portsmouth v. Fulham. Portsmouth have won 4 out of the last 6 at home and Fulham have lost their last 4 away. Good Luck, Inch High!  
  15. [quote user="blahblahblah"]The Times Predictor has Leeds down as the second most likely home win this week after Man Utd, with a 74 % likelihood of a home win. That''s good enough for me. [/quote] blahblahbblah, I think you may have been looking at the midweek games for next week because Leeds are away to Millwall this weekend!  
  16. I am also going to go for a home win for Rotherham v. Barnet. A win for Rotherham would see them only 2 points behind Barnet, got to be an incentive! Good Luck, Sid!  
  17. Well done NYCanary, well done all! [:D] (But not well done to Shrewsbury!) [:(]  
  18. I''m going for a home win for Shrewsbury v. Port Vale. Shrewsbury have won all 4 home games, scoring 14 with 0 conceded! Port Vale are not so good on their travels, W1 D1 L2, scoring 5. Good Luck, NY Canary!
  19. Have to agree with a home win for Rotherham v. Grimsby. Rotherham will surely want the win to finally get their first proper points on the board and Grimsby haven''t really been doing all that well! Good Luck, Jim!  
  20. After much deliberation, I''m going for a Reading home win v. Swansea. Reading have a good home record and Swansea are a bit up and down on their travels and don''t score many away from home. Good Luck LGT!  
  21. Another strange set of results! You were really unlucky, Kathy.  
  22. This one caught my eye this week, so I''m ignoring Coca-Cola 1 & 2 and heading to Scotland! I''m going for a home win for Stenhousemuir v. Berwick. So far Stenhousemuir have W2 and D1 at home and Berwick have D1 and L2 away. Good Luck, Kathy!    
  23. I would also go for a Leicester home win v. Millwall. Good luck, Trent!  
  24. Good work there Fellas, well done. [*] Well done everyone! [:D]    
  25. Also going to have to go for a home win for Carlisle v. Southend. Good Luck Fellas!  
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