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  1. Also in agreement with Mandie Moo and Muddy Funster. A home win for Oxford Utd v. Grays Athletic. Good Luck, Leeds Canary!  
  2. A difficult decision this week, I keep changing my mind! But will go for a home win for Turriff Utd v. Fort William in the Highland League. Turriff are W2 D0 L1 F9 A5 at home and Fort William are W0 D0 L4 F1 A22 away from home. Good Luck, Butler!  
  3. I''m off to Wales and going for a home win for Rhyl v. Porthmadog. Rhyl have won their 3 home fixtures and are at the top. Porthmadog have drawn 1 and lost 1 away and are at the bottom. Good Luck, Fonejacker!  
  4. I''m also going to go for a home win for Oxford Utd v. Eastbourne Borough. Good Luck, 1st Wazzock!  
  5. I''m also going for a home win for West Brom v. Plymouth. Good Luck, Astrodyne!
  6. Fantastic! Great picking, Shaun! [:)] Well done, PUPs! Thanks also to Billy for doubling our winnings!  
  7. I''m also going to go for a home win for Leeds Utd v. Stockport County! Good Luck, Shaun!  
  8. In a way, this is a great dilema, Nutty Nigel, because it shows just how popular and successful the ''Free Bet'' has become! Just to echo what Yellow Fever wrote. I joined this thread towards the end of the season before last as a bit of fun and also as a way of doing something to help the club. I was always pleased if my nap got picked (and slightly nervous!) It never crossed my mind that I would be a picker. So it was a real honour that I have been chosen to pick at some point this season. If I hadn''t been chosen to do so, I would still be choosing and posting my nap every week. This thread is sometimes a sanctuary on this message board! The PUPs are always friendly, supportive and polite to one another! We are working together, but with the added incentive of the PUPs League! It doesn''t sound as if there is an obvious way to include more pickers and give ourselves the best opportunity each week to raise money for the academy! (Which is the dilema.) There have been some good suggestions and I think that Yellow Fever''s tries to combine both these elements. You are doing a fantastic job, Nutty, and I''m sure that whatever is decided, will ensure that this thread continues to go from strength to strength! [:)]  
  9. I''m off to Wales and a home win for The New Saints v. Airbus UK. TNS have made a good start to this season and had a pretty good home record last season! Good Luck, GMF!  
  10. macdougall''s perm wrote: For me it has to be super Matty Svensson[Y] Agreed! He was fantastic! [:)]
  11. The Blue Square Prem for me and a home win for Mansfield Town v. Ebbsfleet Utd. Mansfield won this fixture 2:0 towards the end of last season. Good Luck, methcanary!  
  12. One of my favourite all time Norwich City players too! Great at right back and at sweeper! Welcome back, Ian! [:)]
  13. I am also going to go for a home win for Rangers v. Falkirk. Good Luck, City Angel!    
  14. Norwich Subs: Theoklitos, Lappin, Hughes, McVeigh, Martin, Maric, Cureton  
  15. It''s great to have this back again! [:)] A bit of a shot in the dark for the first game of the season, but I''m going for a home win for MK Dons v. Hartlepool. The Dons won this fixture 3:1 last season! Good Luck, Muddy Funster!
  16. It''s great news to see that this continues for another season. I''m also honoured to see my name amongst the list of 40 pickers! [:)] Thanks, Nutty Nigel!  
  17. Congratulations, Inch High! A big ''Thanks!'' to Nutty Nigel and all his hard work on the Free Bet. At least getting my ''pick'' right meant that there was something to be pleased about when looking at the footy results! [;)] Hope all you PUPs have a good summer!
  18. Well done, Fellas! [:)] A great way to finish the Free Bet for this season!  
  19. GATHER ye loan players while ye may,      The points are not yet earned. And this same loan player that plays to-day     To-morrow will be returned. (actually he may NOT have played.) The glorious team of yellow and green,     The lower they''s a-getting, The closer the ending of the season,      The increase of the fans'' a-fretting. (on remaining in the Championship.) Prudence is best which is the first,     When ambition is barely a thought; But money not being spent, the worse, and worst     Times still happen with little regard of the fans'' support. (home and away.) Then be not coy, but do nothing now,     And while ye may go on holiday: For having lost but once your prime     You may for ever stay. (in League One.) With apologies to Robert Herrick ~ To Make Much of Time.  
  20. It''s Scots Div 2 for me and a home win for Raith v. Arbroath. Raith should be too strong for Arbroath and will hopefully want to celebrate their title in front of their own fans! Good Luck, Fellas!
  21. A home win for Bury v. Accrington Stanley. Bury are W13 D4 L5 F35 A19 at home and Accrington are W4 D6 L12 F17 A34 away. Bury could still get automatic promotion if they win and Exeter don''t beat Rotherham away! Good Luck, Beaker!  
  22. Off to the Blue Square Prem and a home win for Cambridge Utd v. Altrincham. Cambridge are W14 D5 L3 F34 A15 at home and Altrincham are W6 D3 L13 F19 A37 away. Cambridge do have a chance to be champions and get automatic promotion should Burton Albion lose! Good Luck, Obiwancanary!
  23. I''m very impressed book end! A pretty accurate reading of the tea leaves! [;)]  
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