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  1. I''m going for a home win for Chelsea v. Sunderland. Chelsea are W9 D1 L0 F27 A6 at home and Sunderland are W1 D2 L7 F10 A18 away. Good Luck, PaCf(N)!  
  2. Really bad luck there, The Great Drinkell (and Nana!) With so little to pick from because of the weather, this must''ve been the toughest week the PUPs have ever had.  
  3. Maybe Walsall can use ''floofing'' as a reason for their next postponement! [;)]
  4. If you fancy having a look at a Burnley site to see their take on it all, have a look here ~ www.clarets-mad.co.uk There is now a thread about Lambert on their message board.    
  5. Totally out of my comfort zone this week as I can''t see there being much domestic football. So for the first time ever, have gone abroad and am in agreement with Shaun and Sid. A home win for Inter Milan v. Siena. Inter are W7 D2 L0 F18 A8 at home and Siena are W1 D0 L7 away. The very best of luck, The Great Drinkell! It''s not going to be an easy week.    
  6. Don''t normally go for Cup games but have tried to pick on the basis of undersoil heating too! I''m in agreement with CTID and will also go for a home win for Spurs v. Peterborough. Not an easy week so Good Luck, Hissing Sid! A very Happy New Year to all PUPs! [<:o)]  
  7. [:$] NO! the top 3 teams didn''t go up automatically, but the 3rd placed team won the Play Offs. (Sorry!) So in the last 10 seasons only 2 of the third placed teams got promoted.
  8. The second placed teams in this league for the last 10 seasons are as follows ~ 08-09 Peterborough 89 points 07-08 Nottingham Forest 82 points 06-07 Bristol City 85 points 05-06 Colchester Utd 79 points 04-05 Hull 86 points 03-04 QPR 83 points 02-03 Crewe 86 points 01-02 Reading 84 points 00-01 Rotherham 91 points 99-00 Burnley 88 points In 07-08 and 06-07 the top 3 teams went up automatically. So only Rotherham had more than 90 points!  
  9. I''m going for a home win for Aldershot v. Barnet. Aldershot are W6 D3 L1 F22 A11 at home and Barnet are W2 D1 L7 F7 A18 away. (If this game is postponed I''ll go for a Leeds home win!) Good Luck, Fellas! A very Merry Christmas to all PUPs, and especially the lovely Nutty Nigel! [:)]  
  10. I''m just going to do the football bit! [:)] Hoping that the weather will be kind this weekend. I''m going for a home win for Port Talbot v. Cefn Druids. Port Talbot are W4 D2 L1 F13 A5 at home and Cefn Druids are W0 D0 L7 F4 A22 away. Good Luck, Beauseant!  
  11. I''m also going to go for a home win for Huddersfield v. Gillingham. Good Luck, Hughesy!  
  12. I''m going for a home win for Oxford Utd v. Ebbsfleet. Good Luck, Graham!  
  13. I''m going for a home win for Rhyl v. Haverfordwest. Rhyl are W5 D1 L0 F16 A3 at home and Haverfordwest are W0 D2 L3 F4 A10 away. Good Luck, Kathy!  
  14. I''m going for a home win for Chesterfield v. Darlington. Chesterfield are W7 D1 L0 F18 A7 at home and Darlington are W0 D1 L7 F4 A17 away. Good Luck, Mr. Bump!
  15. Oh well! [:^)] I got back in time yesterday to watch the League Show not knowing any football scores only to have my optimism disappear pretty rapidly after the Colchester game! At least the four picks I was pretty happy with came in and I''m quite pleased with 4/6. I really enjoyed my week in charge and I want to thank all you PUPs for your help. Best of luck to whoever is in charge next week!   
  16. I think I have the final picks! It wasn''t easy and you PUPs certainly gave me lots to think about. Four really seemed to stand out, the final two places were harder. I know it''s an international weekend but alot of them, I feel, are a bit tricky. So I''ve gone with what I think are the most likely! CROATIA v. Liechtenstein (Fellas, Inch High, Scooby, Graham Humphrey, Mr. Bump and methcanary) STEVENAGE v. Gateshead (ncfcstar, Mandie Moo and Hissing Sid) HUDDERSFIELD v. Wycombe (Yankee Canary, Beauseant, The Butler, Delia''s Devonshire Dirtbox, Camuldonum, norfolkchance1, Kathy, cityangel, Hughesy, DionDublin=Legend and GMF) RHYL v. Caersws (Leeds Canary, Trent Canary, newyorkcanary and NCFCShaun) This is my pick too! COLCHESTER v. Exeter (Brendan and First Wazzock) BARNET v. Hereford (lappinitup) Sorry if I missed anyone. No Norwich, but I can never bring myself to pick them! The bad news (or good news) is that I am out all day tomorrow and won''t be back until late, so I will have no idea how it''s all going. Maybe ignorance is bliss! But I know you PUPs will be keeping a close eye on it.  
  17. Yes ~ it''s Me! [:O] Thanks for your very kind words, Nutty Nigel. It is a bit of a strange week fixture wise, but I shall do my very best. I shall need all the help that you fantastic PUPs can give me! A blank piece of paper awaits. I will post my final selection sometime Friday evening, it could be fairly late, just depends how busy Friday is. But they will be there ready for Nutty Nigel to do his thing on Saturday morning. Good Luck, PUPs!  
  18. I''m keeping clear of the FA Cup and will go for a home win for Blackpool v. Scunthorpe Utd. Blackpool are W5 D2 L0 F13 A2 at home and Scunthorpe are W1 D1 L5 F6 A16 away. Good Luck, Trent Canary!  
  19. I''m also going to go for a home win for Barnet v. Darlington! Nutty Nigel ~ Nov 14th is good for me. As I am away next week and won''t be able to use my computer, can I let you have my pick for 31st October too? A home win for Middlesbrough v. Plymouth. Thanks! [:)] Good Luck, Sparkos!
  20. Really late this week! I''m going for a home win for Llanelli v. Cefn Druids. Good Luck, Norfolkbroadslim!  
  21. Also in agreement with Mandie Moo and Muddy Funster. A home win for Oxford Utd v. Grays Athletic. Good Luck, Leeds Canary!  
  22. A difficult decision this week, I keep changing my mind! But will go for a home win for Turriff Utd v. Fort William in the Highland League. Turriff are W2 D0 L1 F9 A5 at home and Fort William are W0 D0 L4 F1 A22 away from home. Good Luck, Butler!  
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