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  1. I have a little enamel badge from the 1950s which was my Nan''s. I remember seeing one like it at the centenary exhibtion, and I think it was when the Club were in financial difficulty in 1957 and an appeal was launched. The badges were sold as one of the ways to raise money. It was all way before my time, no doubt other posters may know more about this than I do!  
  2. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]Wow, the PUPs League has taken some quite serious damage this week.  Must have been one of the most difficult weeks I could remember. Even my pick of Chelmsford almost didn''t come through but a couple of late goals thankfully saw them home.  Very pleased to be one of two with 100% and would never have guessed that to be the case at the start of the season.  Titles aren''t won in September though [;)] Hopefully we can have more luck next weekend when sanity is restored. [/quote] Absolutely!  I also had Chelmsford this week and it was so difficult just to pick one, I would not have wanted to pick 6. It really was a nightmare week and you were very unlucky Mr. Bump. Let''s hope for a much better set of fixtures to pick from this weekend!  
  3. This has not been easy, but will go for a home win for Chelmsford City v. Dorchester Town. Good Luck, Mr. Bump!
  4. I''m also going to go for a home win for Man Utd v. West Ham. Good Luck, Diesel Doris!  
  5. I''ve been away and this is the first chance I''ve had to check how it all went this week end. Congratulations, Scooby! A great effort by all PUPs and wonderful to have reached £1000! [:)]  
  6. Jon Newsome or Dave Watson would be great in central defence. But have to agree with Culverhouse, isn''t right back the position that needs to be strengthened? [;)]    
  7. As the league in Norway has been up and running for a while, I''m going for a home win for Valerenga v. Sandefjord. Valerenga are W7 D2 L0 F31 A7 at home and Sandefjord are W0 D2 L8 F5 A19 away. Good Luck, Scooby!
  8. What I really like about Hucks'' match reports are the ''good points'' and ''bad points'', an added perspective on the game.  
  9. Now have the central midfielders, hints were helpful! Can''t believe I couldn''t remember them. How quickly you forget, but maybe that''s a blessing! [;)]  
  10. Can''t get either of the two central midfielders! Must''ve been loans?!  
  11. Have also looked far and wide, but will go for a home win for Rangers v. Kilmarnock. Last season Rangers were W15 D4 L0 F52 A13 at home and Kilmarnock were W3 D3 L13 F6 A24 away. Good Luck, Big Slob!
  12. Really bad luck there, Davo. Some seriously strange results!  
  13. It''s always difficult picking the first game of the season, apparently you can get some strange results on the opening day! [;)] So I''ve gone on last season''s form and am in agreement with Diesel Doris. I''m going for a home win for Chesterfield v. Barnet. A good home record v. a poor away one. Good Luck, Davo!
  14. What great news! Thank you to both Nutty Nigel and Billy Dixon. It''ll be so exciting to get a second chance to make the final picks. (Just need to do a little better than last season!) The ''Free Bet'' is truly special for many reasons that have already been mentioned in previous posts. [:)]      
  15. Really unlucky, ncfcstar. Congratulations to Mr. Bump! [B] And well done to all PUPs for a great season of picks! A BIG ''Thank You'' to Nutty Nigel for all his hard work. And to Billy, who will hopefully let us do it all again next season! [:)]    
  16. I''m with newyorkcanary and am going for a home win for Benfica v. Rio Ave. Benfica are W13 D1 L0 F44 A5 at home and Rio Ave are W3 D6 L5 F11 A17 away. Good Luck, ncfcstar!  
  17. There''s a Chris Martin that plays in goal for Port Vale!
  18. I''m going for a home win for Sampdoria v. Livorno. Sampdoria are W11 D6 L0 F28 A10 at home and Livorno are W2 D3 L12 F7 A30 away. Good Luck, Norfolkchance1 !  
  19. I''m going for a home win for Inter Milan v. Atalanta. Inter are W13 D4 L0 F35 A11 at home and Atalanta are W2 D3 L12 F12 A28 away. Good Luck, Inch High!  
  20. Can''t believe the York result! Really unlucky, MacDougall''s Perm.    
  21. Huddersfield''s recent home form (last 6 games) W2 D3 L1 F12 A11 Millwall''s recent away form (last 6 games) W4 D2 L0 F13 A6 Their last 6 games form (a mixture of home and away) is much more even. Huddersfield W4 D1 L1 F11 A8. Millwall W4 D2 L0 F15 A3. Surely Millwall are due a loss? [;)]  
  22. I''m going for a home win for Llanelli v. Welshpool. Llanelli are W11 D1 L1 F41 A10 at home and Welshpool are W3 D3 L10 F14 A35 away. Good Luck, MacDougalls''s Perm!  
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