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  1. Really sorry I''m late but it''s been a busy busy week! I''m going for a home win for Fenerbahce v. Sivasspor. Good Luck, Fonejacker!
  2. I''m going for a home win for Gent v. Charleroi. Gent are W6 D1 L2 F20 A15 at home and Charleroi are W0 D2 L6 F6 A19 away. Good Luck, Hughesy!
  3. I''m also going to go for a home win for PSV v. Heracles. Good Luck, Kathy!  
  4. I have only just checked and I can''t believe it! Thank you so much to all you wonderful PUPs for giving me such a good set of picks. I''ve never even looked at the Slovenian league before! Thanks to Nutty Nigel for letting me have another go at making the final selections and of course to Billy ~ some more money for the academy! I feel quite giddy!  [<:o)] Just hope that it''s another good day tomorrow!  
  5. Don''t panic yet. Maribor are 1-1 at HT. Koper are 0-0. So hopefully all to play for in the second half!  
  6. After much deliberation and fretting about the weather, here are this week''s picks. 1. Anderlecht v. Charleroi ~ Canary Cherub, Scooby, Beauseant (and my pick too!) 2. Borussia Dortmund v. Borussia M''galdbach ~ Pboro_Canary, Shyster, Bruce eats walkers, Fellas 3. Dynamo Kiev v. Sevastopol ~ Mr Bump 4. Koper Sport Line v. Primorje ~PurpleCanary 5. Maribor v. Triglav ~ Trent Canary 6. Colchester Utd v. Swindon Supermarine ~ Til 1010, blahblahblah, Kathy, fonejacker, norfolkbroadslim, ncfcstar. Should any of those be postponed, I have a replacement ~ Man Utd v. Blackburn ~ Dogger, Norfolkchance1 If 2 or more are postponed, I''ll guess we''ll have to go with what we''ve got! Thanks to all PUPs for their picks, I''ve just tried to go with the six that I think have the best chance of coming in. Nothing more to do now than hope for the best. Just hoping it turns out to be a good weekend for all PUPs!  
  7. [quote user="7rew"]I couldn''t get any of them. I cheated and still couldn''t find any of them. I looked up the match report and still couldn''t find any of them. I put in Keelan, Bond, ... from the answers and it worked. With it giving the right lengths and accepting the correct answers I would have got 11 out of 11.[/quote] I can''t do it either because I need to put in Gunn, Culverhouse . . ! Why hasn''t the team reset?  
  8. Thanks to Nutty Nigel for his kind words! What with the prospect of snow and striking referees, I''m going to need all the help I can get! I will consider every pick and will make my decision some time Friday evening. It may be quite late but it''ll definitely be there for Nutty to tell Billy on Saturday morning. It''s going to be a rather nervous weekend all round, but let''s hope it''s a good one!  
  9. Also in agreement with Hissing Sid and PurpleCanary and I''m going for a home win for FC Copenhagen v. Nordsjaelland. Good Luck, First Wazzock!
  10. I''m also going to go for a home win for FC Porto v. Portimonense. Good Luck, Norfolkbroadslim!  
  11. The Highland League for me. I''m going for a home win for Inverurie Locos v. Rothes. Inverurie are W4 D0 L0 F11 A2 at home and Rothes are W0 D1 L5 F6 A21 away. Good Luck, Fellas!
  12. Nutty Nigel ~ have left you a PM about my pick for next weekend as I''m computerless this coming week! [:)]  
  13. I''m going for a home win for Cercle Brugge v. Eupen. Good Luck, Trent Canary!
  14. I''m going for a home win for The New Saints v. Haverfordwest County. TNS are W5 D0 L0 F25 A4 at home and Haverfordwest are W1 D1 L2 F3 A6 away. Good Luck, Methcanary! Nutty Nigel ~ the 27th November is OK for me!    
  15. Also going to go for Senegal to beat Mauritius. What a difficult week, good luck, Sparkos!
  16. [quote user="Hissing Sid"]You beat me by 2 minutes Cosmic!!![/quote] Maybe I type more quickly than you!
  17. I''m going for a home win for Helsingborgs v. GAIS Gothenburg. Helsingborgs are W11 D1 L0 F24 A10 at home and GAIS are W3 D1 L8 F8 A17 away. Good Luck, Canary Cherub! (In reply to Nutty Nigel''s useful sites, I use www.statto.com)  
  18. [quote user="Jarroldstander"] Dean Sinclair Jon Sheffield Mark Farrington   [/quote] Those last two names are a real blast from the past.   Jon Rigby and Mark Seagraves.
  19. Really unlucky GMF! [:(] What a really weird week for results. There was a few I thought might be OK to pick, but they weren''t! Oh well, let us hope for better things next weekend.  
  20. I''m also going for a home win for Arsenal v. WBA. Good Luck, GMF!  
  21. It wasn''t easy to find something this week, but am going for a home win for Genk v. Lokeren. Genk are W3 D0 L0 F11 A2 and Lokeren are W0 D2 L1 F4 A6 Good Luck,1Dartmoore!
  22. In agreement with Nutty Nigel and am also going for a home win for Helsingborgs v. Gefle. Helsingborgs are W9 D1 L0 F19 A8 at home and Gefle are W3 D1 L6 F10 A12 away. Good Luck, the Butler!
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