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  1. Big Congratulations to KiwiScot! A worthy champion! Good Luck today, Kathy!
  2. I'm going for a home win for TSV Steinbach v. TSV Eintracht Stadtallendorf in Germany Regionalliga South West. Steinbach are W12 D4 L1 F44 A13 at home and Eintracht Stadtallendorf are W1 D2 L14 F15 A39 away. Good Luck, Kathy! For the match bet - Sorensen to score any time. Good Luck, PUPanon! Thanks to the sponsors and PUPanon for their support, but most especially a huge thank you to Nutty for all his hard work throughout this season.
  3. @Kathy when are you making the picks? I’ll not get a chance to choose mine until 7ish this evening.
  4. It was definitely mid/late seventies - could have been the market. I just don’t remember it! I was very young! I do remember buying my first scarf from the sports shop in Sheringham in October 1984.
  5. I still have the top one, FF. It was my first souvenir. Not sure where it was bought or when though!
  6. It was close-ish but not quite the right combinations. At least it was more money than my effort last season! Another great result for PUP Backing City! Really unlucky yesterday, Indy. These 5/6s are unbelievable! Good Luck with the Sunday Six today.
  7. Thanks for all your suggestions, PUPs! Everyone is being very positive so let’s go for . . . £1 on Norwich to win 2-1 £1 on Norwich to win 3-0 £1 on Norwich to win 4-0 £1 on Norwich to win and over 2.5 goals £1 on Dowell first goal £1 on Cantwell any time £1 on McLean any time 50p on Hanley any time 50p on Skipp any time 50p on Norwich to win 3-1, Pukki any time 50p on Norwich to win 3-1, Buendia any time 50p on Norwich to win, Pukki and Buendia to score 50p on Norwich to win 5-0, Pukki and Buendia to score, over 8 corners Good Luck everyone!
  8. I'm going for a home win for Vukovar 91 v. Sloga Nova Gradiska in Croatia 3.HNL East. Vukovar are W9 D2 L1 F28 A4 at home and Sloga Nova Gradiska are W2 D0 L10 F9 A33 away. Good Luck, Indy!
  9. Fantastic news about Cavell Healthcare! I’ll be back around 9ish on Friday evening with the Match Bet picks. Keep the suggestions rolling in . . .
  10. NCFC Numbers @ncfcnumbers As so many have asked...the last time both full-backs scored in the same game for Norwich City was vs Burton at home in September 2016 (Olsson and Pinto) #ncfc 4:30 PM · Apr 24, 2021
  11. I'm going for a home win for NK Uljanik v. NK Naprijed v. Hreljin in Croatia 3 West. Uljanik are W6 D2 L1 F15 A9 at home and Naprijed are W1 D1 L7 F7 A27 away. Good Luck, Feedthewolf. For the Match Bet - Skipp to score any time. Good Luck, Hammond1612! Great news about PUPanon - Thank you!
  12. Weren’t the Bournemouth and Derby loses earlier this season consecutive?
  13. That’s a lovely read. Great stuff, Diane and Nutty!
  14. I'm going for a home win for Dinamo Zagreb v. Istra 1961. Dinamo Zagreb are W11 D1 L1 F38 A11 at home and Istra are W1 D5 L8 F9 A24 away. Good Luck, Lappinitup! For the match bet - Skipp to score any time. Good Luck, GMF!
  15. I'm going for a home win for Siroki Brijeg v. Krupa na Vrbasu in the Bosnia and Herzegovina Premier League. Siroki Brijeg are W10 D2 L0 F28 A7 at home and Krupa are W1 D2 L9 F4 A17 away. Good Luck, Duncan! For the match bet - Skipp to score any time! Good Luck, Til1010!
  16. Just a bizarre result, it’s so annoying! So very unlucky, Crabby.
  17. I'm going for a home win for Jammerbugt v. Holstebro in Denmark 2 Division Group 1. Jammerbugt are W6 D1 L0 F21 A4 at home and Holstebro are W0 D1 L7 F5 A17 away. Good Luck, Crabby! For the Norwich bet - Sorensen to score any time. Good Luck, Jellytot!
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