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  1. [quote user="Beauseant"][quote user="LQ"][quote user="Beauseant"]

    [quote user="LQ"]I''ve always preferred the term ''slight miscalculation'' to ''huge mistake''.[;)]



    Believe me, huge mistake is the appropriate term here...[;)]

    [/quote]Fair dos [:S]


     You do realise that I''m referring to the divorce, not the marriage(s) don''t you?[:O]

    [/quote]I assumed so, yes!

  2. [quote user="PhatCanary"]

    [quote user="Shyster"][quote user="LQ"]But as every keyboard warrior knows, it is always possible to make something out of nothing...[;)]


    I''m not making something out of nothing, LQ, I know my football, and I know that every successful team has the option of pacey wide men within their ranks.[/quote]

    Have to agree with Shyster on that, pacey wide men can unlock most defences and in league 1 it would help hugely!!!

    [/quote]I agree with that too!Stupid me for chucking in a tongue in cheek comment following on from Nuff Said and NC''s remarks about something and nothing...[:S]

  3. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Beauseant"]


    Congrats on that NN. I''m just a starter in the grandparent stakes compared to your good self and the Butler. Of course, he is so much older than me........[;)]


    Thanks Beaus

    Butler is so much older than all of us[:O].....


    ...''cept Lapp[;)]


    [/quote]Good grief!How old are all you people???I had you all down as in your thirties with Beauseant recently tying the knot and all that...

  4. Being even handed is impossible given who we''re discussing here though, isn''t it?You can''t compare records - one has been a manager for a decade, the other for less than a season.For me it''s who has the higher chance to bind a team of players and fans at this level for a decent push and that''s Gunn at the moment. Pardew may have just the one relegation to his name but he also spent unwisely and oversaw some very poor football, especially at West Ham, that resulted in years of fans demanding his sacking and huge upheaval. I''m going to see if I can find out what some Saints fans think of this but my gut reaction is that they were hoping for someone with a little more oomph!

  5. Thanks for that report Tom.Although it''s hard to tell much about the logistics of play from friendlies, the insight you''ve given into how team spirit and coaching nous is going is very good news indeed. Sounds like the main aim of a pre-season tour, ie a bonding exercise, is working as well as the opportunity to have a look at players in trials. That simply doesn''t work if you just have them in training with the squad for a few days at Colney.Cheers![;)]

  6. From experience of (too many) relatives in a similar position to Hartson''s it doesn''t look good. If it''s in his brain and his lungs the chances are that it''s also in his lymphatic system and perhaps elsewhere too.Bless your heart John. Don''t need to say keep fighting because his attitude to his footballing life at least proves he will. 
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