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  1. NN, there were changes to the SCG being discussed before Neil and Roger left. I have heard nothing further since then but I would imagine (hope) that either those changes which included opening the process up with more ''Meet the Board'' style evenings are put in place or the whole thing is shelved. The positive from the SCG is the work some of the Working Groups have done which have the benefit of years of experience but I expect this constructive function could be kept in some form.Yankee, I don''t know her so I don''t know if I like her or not?

  2. Thanks all for keeping this reasonably sensible - I had no idea what I would wake up to this morning [;)]There are some good points that I''d love to know the answers to as well and I''ll do what I can to get them. Yes the other groups who are going should be there to represent the views of their members but I feel that any fans view is as valid as any others, whether they''ve paid their subs or not, so I was opening this up on here to give anyone an opportunity. I daresay others who will be attending will be asking similar Qs and don''t know what time I''ll get but you do what you can...A couple of things though, first up about the new Board not meeting earlier with the SCG. I imagine this lesson was learnt after the Cullum debacle last year when they did. The SCG isn''t perfect by any means and it''s hard for anyone other than the individual themselves to know if they are offering their own or a wider set of views. Meeting with various groups makes more sense to me and hopefully means that any reports about the goings on will hold more water, rather than an anodyne set of minutes which do little but make the whole set up look ineffective and pointless.Secondly, I''m no Delia lover.

  3. [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    It''s sort of half and half LQ. I am beginning to realise that where as some folk are genuine others live in a fantasy world. On the message board you can not renew a season ticket that you don''t actually have to renew. Or you can claim a rebate from a ticket that you never owned. You can make all kinds of claims that are from a complete fantasy world. So unless you know your questions are coming from "real life" people you could be taking points to the meeting that have no bearing on anything but virtual reality.

    Credit where credit is due, your old adversary Tilly got it right. Flush ''em out and take the points from face to face meetings.


    [/quote]I hardly think I can call face to face meetings, NN. All I can do is say this is happening and ask for questions/views, so I will.I think I''ve worked out who I can take seriously on here [;)]

  4. [quote user="The Butler"]

    [quote user="LQ"]All I can do, Butler, is tell you what I see and how I see it. I have always tried to ensure that a variety of views are expressed and if someone else doesn''t do it, I will.That''s all I ever do - like it or not! That''s what you do too [;)] As I said the only reason I posted this was to see if there was anything anyone wanted said now, after the summer of madness and before kick-off.I''ll certainly express my opinion in public, as it were, after the meeting.Ok?


    The request LQ was a serious one.

    If, as you say, you will give an honest opinion that is all I ask.

    [/quote]I took it seriously - and I will.

  5. All I can do, Butler, is tell you what I see and how I see it. I have always tried to ensure that a variety of views are expressed and if someone else doesn''t do it, I will.That''s all I ever do - like it or not! That''s what you do too [;)] As I said the only reason I posted this was to see if there was

    anything anyone wanted said now, after the summer of madness and before

    kick-off.I''ll certainly express my opinion in public, as it were, after the meeting.Ok?

  6. Hello Butler,I''ve answered all that before but...1) People who sit around me; friends in ''real'' life; people who just talk to me (yep - they do!)2) I don''t report back to anyone?3) All of them I assume. That''ll include SCG members who are also members of other groups.The only reason I posted this is because I haven''t seen anyone else who is going ask for views to express directly to the Board from any fan. It''s a long way from being a perfect system as I''ve said a hundred times, but it is what it is and while it exists I''ll work with it.Do you have anything you''d like me to try to get an opinion on from the Board?

  7. [quote user="Matt Juler"]

    I think I''ve run out of lucky things to wear/combinations, so just go with it now! I did sometimes go for one yellow and one green sock, but that only started last season, so think I might just go back to wearing black socks come next Saturday!

    [/quote]A black armband would have been more appropriate last season, Matt!

  8. Now here I go, setting myself up for (potentially) a load of flak but what''s new? Never know when to keep schtum and hide, me![;)]Some of you may recall that a meeting between the Board members and supporters groups had been alluded to on here a while ago. This meeting is due to take place next week. As far as I know NCISA, NCST, the Shareholders Assoc and the SCG have all been invited as, I assume, have other groups (Northern Canaries, Capital Canaries etc).I haven''t seen any posts about this meeting since it has been confirmed so I''m not sure how the reps of some of these groups are communicating to see if there are issues they would like raised amongst their membership. I imagine there have been emails flying around here, there and everywhere! So, here''s the bit where the flak can start, I''m going (or I was till someone reads this and takes exception!) and would very much like to hear your views that you may like expressed at the meeting because as far as I''m concerned the whole ''open and honest'' thing that I signed up to hasn''t changed. I''ve often been asked if I pass on sentiments I read online during SCG meetings so this time, although it''s not only an SCG jobby, I thought I''d ask outright.Where are we, now that Team Gunn has had the summer to reassess, sign, sell, let go, train and all that? Are you generally happy with how things are panning out down Carra way? Do you have particular concerns or worries that you feel have been overlooked by the Board? Have the changes at the top and in the squad given you more confidence?I appreciate that there will probably be some ''hilarious'' ripostes to this post but any serious issues I can put directly to the Board I will. If you''re not comfortable saying anything on here I suggest you get in touch with NCISA, NCST or whoever you may be a member of directly - I''m sure they''ll offer the same.I have no idea what the format for the meeting will be nor whether I''ll get much of an opportunity to say much at all but I''ll happily report back afterwards with what answers I can.Ta!

  9. [quote user="beachbum"]
         LQ , you know that the Greek economy couldnt survive without Brits visiting in August and September , what would your uncle  Theo say if her heard a good Greek girl talking such  φοβερή αίρεση.
    [/quote]Funnily enough I do have an Uncle Theo (by marriage!)He usually says "έχετε πάρει ένα φιλί για τον παλαιό θείο σας;"[:P]

  10. [quote user="dhickl"]

    [quote user="CT "][quote user="LQ"][quote user="Jen Jen"]I Wonder How Much Norwich FC Would Sell For On Ebay? [;)][/quote]If anyone even thinks of posting a reply that includes "£56million" in it I''ll scream![:|]

    [/quote]Correct me if I''m wrong but is that not what the club is valued at?[/quote]Ok, I''ll correct you.  You''re wrong.  It has never been valued at that price.  That was the cost of the shares (club value), paying back all debts and putting £20m into the club for transfers.  This has been discussed so many times on this board (e.g. http://www.pinkun.com/cs/forums/8/1392024/ShowPost.aspx#1392024)

    I''m still suprised that people are too stupid or ignorant to understand this.

    [/quote]Very little surprises me anymore!p.s. aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!![:''(]

  11. Well I have to say, people, things are looking up. How do I know this? Here''s my omen for the coming season...In the summer of 2006 my brother bought me a piece of Highbury turf (as you all know my family are avid AFC fans and my introduction to football was in the East Stand there as a little kid with my Dad) when they sold it off before moving to the Emirates.That early part of the summer saw the grass grow, but not prosper exactly. It was ''ok''. After a harsh winter nearly all the grass had died off and I thought "what could be better than to replant it with proper Carrow Road seed?" So I asked the groundsman and popped a donation in to the Tactic Zone in return for a little paper bag full of hallowed glory!It sprouted in the Spring of 2007 but again just survived rather than flourished despite my tender care and lots of snipping and feeding. Things went from bad to worse over the next two seasons and in May I decided to pull out all the old stuff by the roots and start afresh.My miniature lawn (12" x 8") is now lush and green beyond recognition compared to the previous seasons of moss-filled sparsity. And that provides me with a good omen for the coming season on the pitch.So, there''s mine. Some of you must have omens you can look to or daft superstitions that you can''t let go of?[;)]

  12. All senior squad players should see themselves as part of the starting 11. Whether their performances in training and in matches they do start causes the management team to come to the same conclusion is a different matter.Comments like those don''t bother me at all - if he said "I''ll try but there are no guarantees" I''d be more concerned. Players need to have that confidence, almost arrogance, about their own ability on the whole. It''s down to them to prove themselves.

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