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  1. "It was the toughest game I have ever been involved with in my career, it was one you want to forget quite quickly"Now that is worrying.That was Colchester Utd we played on Saturday - not bloody Chelsea, or even Leeds or Huddersfield.If he thought that was ''tough'' I am seriously concerned about his credentials as a ''keeper.
  2. [quote user="PhatCanary"]Thats true but why is it as Norwich fans we have to always think about how many games are left and how many points to play for there is,Saturdaywill never be forgotten and i''m still not sure what will happen in the coming months,will we struggle all season like that or was it a freak result and the team will get it''s act together and show us what they are really made of!?![/quote]That''s true Phat and to be fair the 135 points comment was a little tongue in cheek.Anyone else remember Gunny last season "there are still 18 points to play for...", "there are still 12 points to play for..." etc etc?
  3. ...is that there are still 135 points to play for.Whether this shower will actually grow some and ''play'' for them is a whole other story.Stuff here if you''re bored: [url]http://www.pinkun.com/content/columns/anotherworld.aspx[/url]
  4. [quote user="Buckethead"][quote user="LQ"][quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"][quote user="Rastaman"] [quote user="Rastaman"]90 minutes after or before the start the match it is not an offence to go on the pitch !!!! Clearly says in the Football Offences Act !!![/quote] Sorry its 90 minutes before the start of the match and 90 minutes after the end of the match!!! [/quote] Does it not then become trespassing? [/quote]Yep - it''s private property. [/quote]But in England trespass is a tort not a crime.[/quote]Then the Club could seek injunctions against trespassers or damages.Either way it''s not pretty!
  5. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"][quote user="Rastaman"] [quote user="Rastaman"]90 minutes after or before the start the match it is not an offence to go on the pitch !!!! Clearly says in the Football Offences Act !!![/quote] Sorry its 90 minutes before the start of the match and 90 minutes after the end of the match!!! [/quote] Does it not then become trespassing? [/quote]Yep - it''s private property.
  6. Yes, Barclay Boy, I can appreciate the concerns which is why I pointed out that the Chairman wasn''t present, that it was all rhetoric at this point and that it would be easy to say ''same old, same old''.But I don''t get this whole hostile response dig that some have regarding answers from the top table. As far as I''m concerned people speak as equals and I''m not here to see anyone kowtowing to anyone else - that goes equally for a fan and for a Board member. I''m not interested in platitudes and niceties. So what if MWJ says "we can''t sell the land we have"? Isn''t that just honest? Maybe some don''t actually want honesty they just want subservience.There were worrying revelations about the past but for me that was a plus point - it shows they''ve been discussed and taken on board. Depends on your viewpoint I suppose.I have a predilection towards giving people a chance, innocent until proven guilty and all that. That''s what McNally, Bowkett and Phillips will get from me - a chance to prove they can change things rather than assuming they can''t. But that''s me.p.s. I''ve spoken to many associates and friends in the media (locally and nationally) and in football (nationally) and every single one of them shares my view on the new directors.
  7. [quote user="crafty canary"]Why should anyone be surprised to think that siomethings may not have changed? Why should they? The owners that led us to where we are today are still the owners. We can hope that our new CE is more football results focussed than the Doomster and he and Gunny appear to have performed remarkably well this close season. However the real power lies where it always has for the past 13 years or so. If the battered trout doesn''t have a crystal ball re managerial appointments the least she can do is recognise her atrocious record in that area and keep her nose out of the process next time around. Some seem happy to think all is well and let''s hope they are right. on the otherhand perhaps they don''t need a suntan as their noses are brown enough already?[/quote]Ooooh - get you!Do you have claws to go with your handbag?It''s pathetic comments like this that make me wonder why I bother.Have fun congratulating yourself on such a great post.
  8. Best wishes to you ''On the way to the Premier League''.You have all my hopes for getting through this.x
  9. Hello Butler,Ok, in my opinion McNally is very firmly in charge. He''s a very imposing chap and has a reputation to uphold.I am convinced this is a new start. As I said previously the mood was very different to anything I''ve experienced from the Directors over the last few years. Again, in my opinion, the original Directors know their limitations and have brought the right man in McNally and the right back up in Stephan Phillips on board to negate those limitations.Stephan Phillips didn''t say much but the impression I got was that he takes no prisoners - from a personal point of view I doubt he''d have taken this on if he contemplated failure. Why would he? He''s a successful guy, he didn''t ''need'' this appointment so much as our Board needed someone like him.
  10. And in my opinion the past wasn''t glossed over - just that everyone present seemed more bent on looking at constructive ways forward for the Club.There you go...
  11. Blimey - sorry Ace!I''ve had a lot on recently, especially this morning, and thought I''d done it already.Sorry [:$]
  12. [quote user="Desert Fox"]LQ, "Thank goodness the focus from pretty much everyone present, fans and Board, was on the future and where we go from here rather than harking back over old ground. Lessons have most certainly been learned" Although the football side of things has progressed better than I had expected, I am far from convinced that lessons have been learned about the non-football side of things and I can fully undertstand why the Board would not want to debate these with the fans. "Lets focus on the future" is the typical rallying cry of a policticians who are desperate to avoid any menaingful debate about their mistakes. Unfortunately, soem transpraency about these is a fundemanetal part of the healing process, however painful this may be, and not something to be swept under the carpet. However, I doubt this will be the case and the Board are desperately hoping that we make a good start to the season so that any interest in this other matters is gradually forgotten about.   [/quote]Thanks for the replies so far.Desert Fox, I understand what you''re saying here, believe me, but what''s the alternative?What do you want to hear from the Board? "We''re caught in a trap. We can''t walk out. Because we lov..." - sorry, Elvis moment [;)]Seriously would you rather I''d been reporting that everyone looked depressed and downtrodden, like they did when I saw three of them a few days after Charlton? What does that achieve?We are where we are and no I''m not saying forget the past, let''s just not live there. The sentiment I''ve continually espoused since the end of the last, awful season, is that we have to see this as a new beginning. It''s a chance for the Club to get back to its roots and for the fans to rethink what it is about football in general and Norwich City in particular they love, spend time and money on, dream about. An opportunity for the local media to reassert themselves as the only place to find out what''s going on, because the nationals will completely ignore us for a while; and that means new media, innovative reporting and I daresay plenty of streaming camera work for Sports Desk Pete!Nothing will be forgotten - lord knows plenty on here will keep reminding the world in general just how bad it got, but what do you do? Roll over and play dead? Or stand up and fight?I''ll stand if that''s ok?McNally was very honest about what he''s inherited and where he wants to go. I can''t ask any more than that. The man is nobodies fool.
  13. Hello all, This will be a brief round up of what happened last night (from a personal viewpoint) if that''s ok. First up, the star of the show was the guy from Aviva who ''facilitated'' the event. What a breath of fresh air he was! He kept the pace up, made sure people got the answers they required and was fair to all. I''m not sure how well his plan to move our ground to Mattishall would go down with the NCFC faithful at large though [;)]. Sorry I missed his name but all credit to you for a job well done. The only Board member not present was the Chairman due to a clash of calendars. Most of the questions were aimed at David McNally for obvious reasons athough Mr Aviva made sure that Delia, Michael, Michael F and Stephan all contributed too. Thank goodness the focus from pretty much everyone present, fans and Board, was on the future and where we go from here rather than harking back over old ground. Lessons have most certainly been learned - the manager will be managed in the best possible way and McNally is 100% club, not looking to be involved in other roles that could cause him to take his eye off the ball. As far as questions went the answers are all fairly rhetorical at the moment but that''s all we can honestly expect. This is a new beginning (as I''d hoped) and we haven''t even kicked a ball in anger yet but in the background we were assured the Executive team have been planning the Club''s future from every angle. McNally is hell bent on making us financially self-sufficient. In response to a few questions on here and on kickitoff.co.uk I asked in what manner. Is he looking for self-sufficiency at League One level? Championship? He replied that the aim is self-sufficiency in football in general - there are no limits - he has no limits. I don''t know about you but that was music to my ears. The Board are determined to do everything they can to get us straight out of this league. This may sound like same old, same old, but seriously, there was a momentum there last night that I can''t recall feeling before. All the Board members and senior staff present looked more relaxed and eager than they have over the past few years and there was a palpable sense of progression. If this new mood has been transposed down the line to the manager and the players (pre-season would suggest it has) I can only think it bodes well. They know there have been mistakes; there''s little to be achieved from going over old ground again and again - I''m sure they''ve all done that and as the Chair of the Associate Directors commented ''this is the time to all pull together for our Club''. The Board promised more and varied communication and consultation with fans. A massive plus point I''m sure you''ll agree. Hopefully this can take the form of interweb based discourse as well as face to face meetings so that exiled supporters can get involved. And about our yellow nets - McNally made a note of it [;)] If anyone has any questions I (or maybe someone else who was there) can try to answer. I''m trying not to be woolly here, it''s just that as I said up there ^ it''s all rhetorical at the moment, but bring on August 8th!
  14. [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"]I can confirm that neither the Norfolk Nationalist Party or its military wing Sons of Boadicea have been invited. LQ - Could you ask them to respond to the most important question of all.........Have/are the club going to replace my old, jaded, faded, off yellow plastic seat? [/quote]Have you asked them to?[I]
  15. [quote user="paul moy"][quote user="Spartan"]Cheers for the feedback everyone (minus Big Dog) I must admit I must sound incredibly naive having to ask but I just had a feeling I would need membership numbers possibly. I have tried to get tickets through Exeter FC (I wasn''t planning on wearing colours and thought about going in with the locals anyway) And that has been a dead end. ALL Exeter fans have to buy a ticket and it is strictly one ticket per person which is purchased with a number so the away end is the only hope now! Fingers crossed for all aspects of the seaon ahead![/quote]   You need to get in there quickly, because I bought mine today and there were only 100 remaining. [/quote]Well it is the holiday season and there''s some lovely country around those parts.
  16. I put this in the comments box on the live feed but there seem to be some problems with it so I wondered if anyone on here knows the answer?Maric and Askou couldn''t play today as international clearance hasn''t come through. Isn''t it odd that they could play in friendlies for us as trialists but not once they''ve signed? I thought international clearance only applied to competitive matches.Can anyone shed any light?
  17. I''m pretty much with you on this one, Lambo, but I''d have Exeter in there rather than Charlton.The effect of back-to-back promotions shouldn''t be underestimated and I reckon they''ll at least start strongly.Still think we''re going for automatic though [;)]
  18. Bring it on!My how time flies...[:)]
  19. Was it last season or the season before when he wore the cheese hat?Life wouldn''t be the same without the odd eccentric!
  20. I don''t think it was anything to do with a fan on the Board but I''m sure the NCST will be asking your question.
  21. I don''t know, BBFF. I think they took things on board, as it were, but whether what we as fans want is always what we as fans can get is the sticking point! I''ve only been to a couple of those kind of bashes a few years ago. It''s the same in any business though to an extent - what is actually physically and financially implementable and what is simply unrealistic.The feeling I get is that there is certainly a degree of humility around now.
  22. [quote user="beachbum"]ο θείος σας Theo είναι πολύ παράξενος[/quote]That he is, Beachbum, that he is...
  23. That''s a great Q, Buckethead!Others have asked what contingency plans we have for if we don''t go up at the first time of asking but that question is hugely relevant if the Board share the same ambition McNally expressed when he arrived.Thanks for that.
  24. [quote user="can u sit down please"]A legend. He was the first England manager i knew. His connections down the road are irrelevant. RIP Sir Bobby [/quote]Exactly.The end of an era.RIPx
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