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  1. You have a Gucci wallet?A ''real'' one?You have more money than sense.Would you like to ''invest'' in a football club?[;)]
  2. Sorry, that sentence made no sense!It happened far more recently is what I meant to say.
  3. It is comical, and embarrassing and ridiculous and all the rest of it.BUT it didn''t happen last weekend, or even recently and it wasn''t Butters'' team that turned out on Tuesday night.So comical? Yes. Am I laughing? No.
  4. ...or by someone with a nice wallet stepping up.Any takers?Anyone?Anyone?Voodoo economics...
  5. Trust me.It''ll be a cold day in hell before he''s appointed!
  6. Oh come on!Give us a chance to dream!!![:P]
  7. Bryan Gunn is looking for a job.Smudger, First Wizard, John Tilson and several others likes this... (most of us can''t understand the timing though!)
  8. Thanks for verifying that, Cam.I''d say ''early'' this morning he did. But once the sun got over the yard arm...
  9. Sorry folks but that simply isn''t right.I''ve spoken to four people now who really should know, and they all independently refute that.
  10. I can categorically state that it will definitely NOT be Lawrie Sanchez!
  11. I meant about the timing - not the sacking!
  12. Paul Tisdale from Exeter would be nice but I think we need a bit more bite and a bit less pretty at the moment so...
  13. And only time, or tomorrow''s match, will tell on that one Purple!
  14. It''s a strange one alright...[url]http://www.pinkun.com/content/pinkun/blogs/lq-another-girl-another-planet.aspx[/url][*-)]
  15. I did ask if we could have them back, as promised, at the meeting between the supporters groups and the Board last week.As well as a few giggles David McNally did ask someone to make a note of it![;)]
  16. Thanks for the report Desert Fox.We certainly sounded more in control after Hughes came on. Just relieved for the team that we kept a clean sheet after Saturday - that must give them a boost for the weekend. Hope so, because they''re going to need it. Exeter losing 5-0 to QPR will give them something to prove too.
  17. Well I''m lost now - me and my ten inch heels (actually they''re about 5") are heading round the corner for a drink.g''night all...
  18. I wasn''t having a pop or taking the thread off on a tangent.She criticised the fact that a caller wasn''t at the game so disregarded his opinion while simultaneously condoning a boycott of future games. Irony? Maybe you just don''t get it.
  19. Well Charlton have gone out to Hereford (L2) and Ipswich have been taken to penalties by Shrewsbury.
  20. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="LQ"]But you won''t be at the next game will you CA?I thought you were advocating a boycott? [/quote]   This is what I actually said in my post Saturday night at 11pm when I was of course very very angry and emotional about our performance. '''' I''m not sure if I''ll go the next home game, bums on seats will  not achieve change at our club'''' [/quote]But I''m sure I''ve seen other posts you''ve made since then encouraging fans to boycott games?
  21. Not by wishing ill on someone''s family and passing it off as ''karma''.
  22. I doubt it.You''re an adult - you don''t have to sink to such a level. Or maybe you do. It''s a reaction thing obviously.
  23. But you won''t be at the next game will you CA?I thought you were advocating a boycott?
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