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  1. Thank the Lord for some sensibilty on here. I was almost at the point of despair.GNG said one thing quite early on that indicated to me that he was a wind-up merchant of the highest order. If you intend to travel down this path in future make sure there''s no-one who can read your drivel and see it as such - don''t over-stretch youself in other words!

  2. I stayed. I stayed to support SOME players who do respect the shirt and the fans. I most certainly did not stay for Worthington. In my estimation (based on the kind of attendances we get at first team matches and reserve matches) there were no more than 8,000 people left. The tannoy blasting out crowd noises and OTBC filled the empty atmosphere like a ghetto blaster in the Albert Hall.

    All in all, it''s been a sad and disappointing two seasons. Nuff said!
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