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  1. Not the first time I''ve heard that line!
  2. New laptop - sorry.It has a sticky r.I''ll let you do the joke...
  3. For the childish gigglers...http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/euro_2008/7461166.stm
  4. Thank the Lord for some sensibilty on here. I was almost at the point of despair.GNG said one thing quite early on that indicated to me that he was a wind-up merchant of the highest order. If you intend to travel down this path in future make sure there''s no-one who can read your drivel and see it as such - don''t over-stretch youself in other words!
  5. Blackpool v QPR is an FA matter.People are getting confused here with Hoolahan and the Blackpool v Livingston issue which is a FIFA matter as it involves two different FAs - ours ''The FA'' and the Scots.You just need to keep your eye on the ball...[;)]
  6. QPR have been reported for tapping up Gorkss, not Hoolahan. Gorkss still has time on his contract and doesn''t have a get-out clause - that''s the difference.
  7. Sorry - haven''t got the hang of the ''quote'' button!!Anyway, he''ll never score now, looks like he''s broken his ankle the way he''s rolling around.Oh, hang on...
  8. Save your money Pete!Ronaldo could give Luca Toni a run for his money tonight on those misses!!
  9. Couldn''t say Mello - best if I keep you guessing eh?
  10. Thanks Nuff! I don''t recognise that name from the offy site?I''m all for decent grade nutters - the more the merrier[;)]
  11. A reasonably sound ''guess'' I''d say...(Good story btw!)
  12. Wizzy and I have met on the official forum, yes.I don''t think he likes me very much - but he could have changed his mind...?
  13. ARGH - no ''edit'' button!Sorry, previous reply was to Shazza.Mello, it''s ok, you can keep the pants.
  14. You''ll find they do tend to do that
  15. I couldn''t agree more Camuldonum. The impression you have of Roeder is precisely as mine. I''m not particularly bothered how ''nice'' he is (although he is very personable socially), I''d just like to see him have some time with his team to get us the results.
  16. When we''re promoted I''ll think about it.
  17. Just thought I''d see what was happening in this alternate universe if that''s ok?
  18. [quote user="Mello Yello"]Yeah, but the Italians dye their roots....... [/quote]Not if they don''t need to - some things never change eh Mello? A bit like your ''jokes''...
  19. Must say that although the French have the best national anthem ever, they''re looking older and more tired than the spritely Italians (who invariably look good for their age!) You have to root for Italy, purely for the excitement factor!!
  20. I stayed. I stayed to support SOME players who do respect the shirt and the fans. I most certainly did not stay for Worthington. In my estimation (based on the kind of attendances we get at first team matches and reserve matches) there were no more than 8,000 people left. The tannoy blasting out crowd noises and OTBC filled the empty atmosphere like a ghetto blaster in the Albert Hall. All in all, it''s been a sad and disappointing two seasons. Nuff said!
  21. I couldn''t believe that the same old lines were being doled out even after this performance. Apparently, Football Genius, couldn''t fault the work ethic or commitment! Was he at a different game?
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