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  1. It''s football.It''s cyclical.It should always be exciting though otherwise you''re left in mid-table mediocrity mode and nothing in life should ever feel ''mid-table''!I was talking to a Man City friend the other day about all this and he said that, in hindsight, it was one of the best seasons he could remember and actually did the club as a whole (supporters and all) a lot of good to be grounded for a year. Wouldn''t be happy with any longer than that though!![;)]
  2. No CT, I told mself that I wouldn''t respond to your posts because of your totally ignorant and often insulting replies to mine.Evil, yes, you''re right. I shouldn''t have given it the time of day!
  3. I''d told myself I was never going to bother replying to a CT thread but this one has got my goat.How bloody dare you!How old are you? 16? 17?I''ve been following this team through thick and thin since before you were born. How dare you suggest that "women" and "middle class types" have poisoned this club. Are you saying that neither women nor middle-class types should be allowed to support NCFC? That''s how it reads to me. And since when does anyone say we can''t sign so-and-so because he''s not ''family friendly''? I''ve never heard that (other than in relation to convicted criminals).Next up - who is actually a board supporter? I support the Club and I''ve never seen nor heard anyone say they would stop supporting if Delia & co left. That would be a board supporter.And your last point is just too ridiculous to be true. What do you pay for your season ticket? Would you still go if you had to pay full whack? Oh, and did you claim your rebate to get a bit of extra cash for yourself? If you''re saying that the ticket prices are too low (which I think they are for many) and that''s attracting the wrong sort who do you really think putting prices up will affect? Not me because I don''t get a concession - it''ll be you sunshine (or your mum and dad) who foots the bill.Christ I''m angry!
  4. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"][quote user="LQ"]Brilliant!Home first and last and Boxing Day AND Exeter in the same week as Yeovil.Superb draw. That means I can combine the trip I fancied to Cornwall with 2 games.Perfect [<:o)] [/quote] Both Colchester games on a Saturday too LQ (insert smiley winky face here) [/quote]Yeah, yeah, yeah...Looks like it wasn''t balanced in favour of that mob down the road after all!(insert someone who was wrong ONCE here!)
  5. Brilliant!Home first and last and Boxing Day AND Exeter in the same week as Yeovil.Superb draw. That means I can combine the trip I fancied to Cornwall with 2 games.Perfect [<:o)]
  6. Damn those goddamn facts that make conspiracy theories so hard to keep going!!!Damn them to hell!!!!!!!!!Sorry - I''m definitely alright again now...
  7. So was he out of contract or was there an option???I demand answers!!!Now!Sorry - went into a weird TFAA universe for a moment there - really I couldn''t care less [;)]
  8. [quote user="YankeeCanary"][quote user="LQ"][quote user="Mushroom"]Come on, LQ - you can''t leave us hanging with that, what''s the story?[/quote]Can''t tell you. That''d be taking the thread off topic![;)][/quote] Many years ago I used to know a tease named Lisa. [/quote]Ok.Now I''m worried...
  9. [quote user="thefutureisyellow"][quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="thefutureisyellow"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"] Have just spoken to my Welsh friend, and she says it''s pronounced Owen (Eng), although to Welsh only speakers it''s pronounced O-wine, as with most things Welsh language wise, it''s never simple. So I guess it depends if you are talking Welsh or English to how you pronounce it lol.   Owen for me. [:)] [/quote] OWINE for me! [/quote]WINO! [:D][/quote]   Brains for me [/quote]Oh christ - you are welsh aren''t you??? Bane of my life! You''ll be asking for ''alf an ''alf down Caroline Street next...
  10. [quote user="Mushroom"]Come on, LQ - you can''t leave us hanging with that, what''s the story?[/quote]Can''t tell you. That''d be taking the thread off topic![;)]
  11. There''s a story about Big Dave Strihavka that I''ll tell you one day!On the Brellier thing, all I can say is that when someone posted that montage video of his on the offy site I cried. I think the phrase I used was "a red card waiting to happen". I was summarily told off! Sad day the one Grant fell for that.
  12. I might go.It''s a good excuse for a few days in Somerset which is always a joy. Loads to see and do.Could have been worse!
  13. Just make sure you pronounce Tudur as Tud-door as opposed to Tudor which is just plain wrong.Keep it earthy and you''re there with Celtic.
  14. It''s from the same root as Gawain (as in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Arthurian legend and stuff) and is related to the name Bowen, which is nice...
  15. Aren''t they all?(that was a joke before some coach does me for libel!)
  16. Well I played till I was 11 but then girls weren''t allowed to play with boys anymore so my sparkling career as a magic right winger was dashed. DASHED I TELL YA!Then again, I don''t miss some of the dodgy tackles.[;)]
  17. Sorry - I''ll never do it again but I just couldn''t resist that one!Enjoy your dinner. Me? I''m going out I think [:P]
  18. [quote user="The Butler"]Thanks guys it has certainly proved a point!! It was sent to me a couple of weeks ago by my brother-in-law with a "can you believe it" comment. Yes in the light of long experience I could believe it, didn''t bother to check it out as I was sure there would me a modicum of exageration! It''s surprising how a few have leapt to the MP''s defence! If it has wasted your time any more than the unfounded rumours that abound on this site from Chase to Delia to Gunn to new signings, then I unreservedly apologise. If it has caused offence I also apologise for that. If it has made you think that I should pay less attention to what LQ is doing to fulfill her domestic duties and a little more to cold, hard facts then... [/quote]Hey, you said it![;)]
  19. We''ll be playing away on the 15th August then - and not to Colchester!Naughty Sky [:P]
  20. Cheers Shack, I didn''t get that reference. So, that was people on here was it?How mature...
  21. Here we go - hold on to your hats, it''s an LQ sticks up for Archant moment!(Don''t faint...)I like all these ''cringeworthy'' stunts. They''re fun if you view them like that and also an interesting sneaky peek into what the future holds when you think about how you get your news. They''re not meant to compete with the BBC or anyone and shouldn''t be seen as such really. It''s obviously a method Archant are using to try to develop and exploit the new media that has jumped up and down on the traditional press and won''t stop till print on your fingers is but a distant memory you tell your grandkids about.Don''t kick them for trying. The people compiling this stuff are old-school print journalists, not TV stars and they''re at least providing something a little different.
  22. I nearly pointed that out yesterday, Cherub! It quite clearly says on the page Delia Online Advertisement Promotion but there you go. The Daily Mail obviously just fancied digging some dirt on the new CBE and this was as good as it got.Bit silly of them really. I mean how a publication carrying adverts can be seen as endorsing such over and above anything else is beyond me. For example the Ham & High published an advert for the BNP last year but you wouldn''t accuse Archant of endorsing them over any other political party would you?[url]http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/apr/10/archant.pressandpublishing[/url]Someone was just trying to be controversial at the Daily Mail and just made themselves look foolish.
  23. Yes!!!Bravo gone. Stumped - Foster.Hold it together boys.
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