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  1. For the record I know nothing from any source on this. Sources are generally people with an agenda anyway so even if you have one you need to use your own discretion while you digest the product! But, and it''s a big but, there are other signs you can read if you''re prepared to take a step back. In this case it''s one of two scenarios: a) mcnally knows that what we see isn''t the be all and end all. There''s something on the horizon. b) the existing board convinced him that they will join in his ambitions. Whichever way you look at it the future must seem bright for McNally and hence for us. It''s just about how you read things and how much you read I guess?
  2. Why, thank you [:)]Reminded me that what I really meant to say was "hick club in the middle of the countryside in League One, is he?"!
  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah...How many threads are you going to big this up on???[:P]
  4. The speed at which the interweb warrior can dis a new player on here just astounds me.
  5. [quote user="On the way to Yeovil"][quote user="LQ"]New shareholder wanted his own man at Arsenal I think.For a Club with "no ambition" who are apparently seen as a joke by everyone in football (as some would have it) McNally has got to be the most ambitious signing since Hux! And there''s no way he would have come here without being 100% sure of what he was walking in to. [/quote] So LQ do you think  there is some truth in what I was told? that seems to be what you are saying, do you know anything? spill the beans [/quote]I don''t know anything that anyone else doesn''t know [;)]It''s just obvious that someone of his pedigree wouldn''t have come here if he didn''t think he''d get both the resources and the backing to do his job. It''s simple. McNally has a superb reputation at an executive level throughout the game and he''s not going to risk that on some hick club in the middle of the countryside, is he?
  6. New shareholder wanted his own man at Arsenal I think.For a Club with "no ambition" who are apparently seen as a joke by everyone in football (as some would have it) McNally has got to be the most ambitious signing since Hux! And there''s no way he would have come here without being 100% sure of what he was walking in to.
  7. No, not you lot.I''m talking to the local media here after Radio Norfolk seemingly shunned this morning''s press conference in favour of a programme dedicated to Masonry Bees (I kid you not!)If we thought that national coverage of our Club was next to zero in the Championship, it will be less than zero in League One. This is the time when the local media can come into their own, not dismiss such items as the new boys coming in. We may have dropped a league but, unless anyone out there really is some kind of masochistic version of a glory hunter, there are still the same number of eager fans out here waiting to see, hear and read the news.So BBC, Anglia, Archant (ok, not so much Archant) get it together. Keep the yellow and green flag flying in locally at least. Don''t fob us off because we''re down. We''re still kicking and so should you be. We deserve that much!
  8. That was nice and lighthearted for a breezy Friday![:)]
  9. Yep - we used to get what constituted full-on coverage.Now we get a 17 second mobile phone call.Come on Radio Norfolk - let''s get behind the boys!!![:P]
  10. Well, it sort of was.They managed a dodgy mobile phone call from Chris Goreham that lasted at least 17 seconds.Whoop di doo![8-)]
  11. 1) ''Free'' transfers still cost money. The player budget includes: transfer fees; signing-on fees (can be stupidly high especially wen there''s been no transfer fee); agent fees; wages etc. And if I remember correctly there''s VAT to find on the fees too.2) How would ''us'' getting a say in who we buy work then? Gunny comes on here and starts a thread saying "I''m thinking of going in for a couple of players. What do you guys (and girls!) think of X or Y for £***,***?" Can''t see it myself!
  12. Oh, and about this little nugget: Those on the Coventry forum seemed to think that Simpson was worth £500k anyway, so your ''mate'' or you clearly doesnt know what they are talking about.I obviously forgot that posters on forums are always right!
  13. Think what you like Ryan/Juan/whatever your name is.Funny though how the day after I mooted this ''crap'' as you so kindly put it on here there was a story to the same effect in the EDP though eh?[url]http://www.edp24.co.uk/content/edp24/sport/football/norwich-city/story.aspx?brand=EDPOnline&category=SportNorwich&tBrand=EDPOnline&tCategory=xDefault&itemid=NOED11%20Jun%202009%2017%3A17%3A52%3A250[/url]
  14. My mate who chooses to wear pale blue (the one who told me about the potential Clingan/£1million/Simpson thing last week that I tried to leave you clues about) says everyone there is stunned that Huddersfield actually offered them money! Don''t get me wrong, I think he could have been a good squad member for us and was there in the first place so that the £1million didn''t look so derisory for Clingan - but really, Coventry are STUNNED to have got that money.[8-)]
  15. One of my cousins is a Millwall fan.He''s a vegetarian butcher if that helps?
  16. Rubbish!I''m sure I said something earlier.[:P]
  17. I don''t care if he is a troll - he''s a good ''un so far.[:)]
  18. Cheek of it!Only one person''s seen those shots Face, and it''s definitely not you!!!Cheers Andy - you''re alright too [:)]
  19. [quote user="ACE"]Oh dear, its another "get behind the boys" thread.[/quote]...and god forbid anyone on here should do that![;)]
  20. Oi!And women!Otherwise, my sentiments exactly. Football is always war (or should be!)
  21. No.The Championship is the best league in the country.Quite simply the financial factor makes it the most competitive and that it''s hard to call who''s going up and who''s going down each season keeps it exciting right up to the play-offs. The fact that you can see players both of PL standard next to players from the bottom divisions keeps it more ''real'' imo. It''s also the league with the third highest attendance in Europe which means it''s not only me who thinks that way!Sooner we''re back there the better [Y]
  22. For me this is the chance to rekindle the flames of Fortress Carrow Road.We can be intimidating as perceived big boys in this league and hopefully that will come from the stands and the pitch.Bring it on!
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