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  1. [quote user="Canarino"]I see you used to have old big-ears Clarke as your MP until he managed to lose to a faceless Lib Dem. And now the drummer from Blur is on the short-list, together with a BBC journalist and someone who contested Cameron''s seat in Oxfordshire last time round and so obviously is now seen as deserving of a better crack of the whip. The only credible one looks like the woman who is a local councillor. But she probably won''t get the nod. Anyway, in a General Election, people vote for the Party not the person, so I wouldn''t worry too much if I were you and would go to the match instead.[/quote]

    Vicky MacDonald (the woman who is a local councillor) is actually the one who would be getting my vote as the only credible candidate!

  2. [quote user="yellow blood"]Your one vote won''t really affect the result...[/quote]

    My point is that it isn''t my one vote.As a city of approximately 200,000 with 20,000 + season ticket holders it could potentially be 10% of the Norwich South Labour member electorate whose votes won''t be heard if push comes to shove.

  3. Saturday 19th November...Possibly the biggest home match of our season so far...Saturday 19th November...For Labour Party members in Norwich South possibly the biggest moment since that stupid result in May 2010...(nb. for mods or wannabee mods I''m not entirely sure if this is a football post or a non-football post)The Labour Party in Norwich South - where I live & vote - have decided in their wisdom that the date for the hustings for the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for our constituency is 19th November. If you don''t attend from 12 noon until the end of the speeches of all 4 candidates you can''t vote on who will represent us in the next General Election.Obviously if you want to attend and vote you''ll be missing the NCFC v AFC match kicking off at 12.45.I''ve queried this with the local party and the response was that apparently I could have applied for a postal vote:1) Before 20th October - ie before we knew who, if anyone (!) was standing.2) Somewhere amongst the 5 emails a day that any normal working person doesn''t have time to read there was a note about this.3) The local organiser is a NCFC fan too and he''ll have to miss the game (err... so why suggest that date in the first place???)One of the PPCs came calling on Friday night. I won''t name him but fair to say he sits at the back of the band with his sticks. When I queried with him the timing of the hustings (ie THE ONLY TIME I CAN CAST MY VOTE) he said that if I was going to vote for him I should go to the hustings - if I were to be about to put a X in the box for someone else I should go to the footie.LOL? ;~(It seems there are many others who are Labour members in Norwich South who will have to make this awkward decision but the question here is what is more important? Football or politics?Your reasoned responses would be much appreciated.

    p.s. For what it''s worth I reckon we can hold them to a draw.

  4. Hi WS, or should I say AF?My comment certainly wasn''t directed at you - I didn''t even know your name was John! Add to that the fact that you were one of the very few posters I always held in great regard and even if we didn''t always agree, your posts were invariably worth spending the time to read.Anyway...Despite the fact that John Tilson and I have clashed on many occasions, what has happened to him (and those around him) is, at best, a massive customer services gaff.I''m interested in this theory that the new dug-out is to comply with Premier League regulations. If so why isn''t the away dug-out changing?Is it a regulation or a guideline?The photography pits we put in last time around were said to be regulations but were, in fact, guidelines. Luckily a player hasn''t broken a leg in those so far...

  5. Please don''t patronise me, Inch High.As one of those who pushed for the dramatic change in the "ohh look how important I am" group your first snipe is poorly directed and, secondly, I didn''t realise I was kicking someone when they were down. The statement simply said that the chairman had resigned because he felt NCISA needed "different leadership" to take it forward. No sorrow in that - or element of one not being able to comment.Last time I looked this was a public message board for anyone to post on. If the owners of this forum as me not to post on here I''ll listen but you have no right to suggest that I shouldn''t.

  6. [quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anytwat"]

    I trust you see the problem of not knowing who is on these working groups!

    [/quote]Your leeeeeda - John Tilson (who was on the SCG for far longer than I) knows who was on which working group before the SCG was disbanded as we were all circulated the current standings.LQ-Enterprises thanks you for you continued (if somewhat stalkerish) questions.

  7. Dear "Tangible Fixed Assets Anyone?",Much as we at LQ-Enterprises enjoy giving good service we cannot condone interaction with any of our members personally.We strongly suggest that if you have a problem with the communication you are receiving from NCFC you take it up with either John (Liar) Tilson who sat on the SCG for 13 years or the Club itself.Thank you for (not continuing) your ongoing communications with LQ-Enterprises.Best wishes and all that...

  8. [quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone"]

    [quote user="LQ"]Why don''t you ask Mr (Liar) Tilson, Tangible?[/quote]

    Are you not involved with communications issues?

    [/quote]No.He is.He was on the phone in the last couple of days to the great Joe Ferrari.Why don''t you ask him?I haven''t spoken to anyone at the Club since I said "can I renew these season tickets please...?" in February or whenever it was.I think John (Liar) Tilson is far better placed to answer your queries, but thanks for your ongoing support. We at LQ-Enterprises really appreciate it.

  9. [quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone"]

    [quote user="LQ"]When exactly was the point about kids admission prices to this season''s friendlies raised?[/quote]

    The Lucky Nine post on the first page of this thread contained:

    £15 is too much for a home game, should be no more than a tenner and a couple of quid for the kids.

    Having talked with Morty, I know he thinks the cost for children was too high.

    Then theres Daphne and Bobert near the top of page 2 of this thread expressing their view about the price of childrens tickets for these friendlies.

    These friendlies were a good opportunity for the club to get younger fans interested in NCFC.





    [/quote]And for the hard of hearing I''ll do this all again...When was this thread started?When (according to the official website and, I believe, the Pink Un) was the SCG disbanded?And so, exactly how do you expect me to be in a position to provide you with an answer?...

    (oh dear lord is it all so hard to grasp???)

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