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  1. And I agree with what Mister Chops has said, but as I pointed out a few weeks back the amount we were being asked to pay for L1 football is actually quite low compared to other teams.Was this an error by whoever decided ST pricing? Possibly. But from my perspective it was an error we could rectify to give us the best fighting chance.That''s all I''ve ever said. But hey, I''m self-righteous and patronising so who cares...And btw, M&S have expected the shareholders to come up with a little more (no dividends etc).
  2. [quote user="Loan City Fc "]Yes but look on the bright side , with the type of players Gunn is signing we can get 2 new teams with £700,000 . [/quote]That was actually funny![:D]
  3. [quote user="USAcanary"][quote user="refjezhitchin"]I''m pro-Norwich City[/quote] Me too......... [/quote]Strangely enough I thought that''s what we were all meant to be?
  4. [quote user="Mello Yello"][quote user="LQ"][quote user="Mello Yello"] [quote user="LQ"]Are you a shareholder Mello? [/quote] No, are you a Stepford NCFC supporter? [/quote]Ok, I thought you''d said you were in the past.Forget it. [/quote] Forget what? [/quote]Boom tish!
  5. [quote user="Mello Yello"][quote user="LQ"]Are you a shareholder Mello? [/quote] No, are you a Stepford NCFC supporter? [/quote]Ok, I thought you''d said you were in the past.Forget it.
  6. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"][quote user="LQ"]That''s because shareholders have a vested financial interest in the business in which they hold shares! [/quote] So the bigger question is, what have the shareholders done in coming up with ideas? [/quote]I take it that as you quote something that happened at the AGM you''re a shareholder?Isn''t it in your best interests to see the ''business'' succeed? I hate using the term ''business'' but as someone else compares our club to Marks & Sparks it seems that it''s ok!
  7. That''s because shareholders have a vested financial interest in the business in which they hold shares!
  8. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="The Butler"] [quote user="LQ"]Yeah - sorry - I forgot.My opinion is ''self-righteous'', anyone elses is ''opinion''.Have it your way. [/quote] Your opinion is not "self righteous" but your manner is. The campaign waged by a few, lead by yourself, against the democratic rights of both the NCISA vote and the individual season ticket holders has got what it deserved. It is very unfortunate that the player budget gets targeted BUT what has been left for the supporters to protest with. It also proves that the vote taken at St. Andrews Hall was far more in line with the general feeling than you or the club liked to admit. The next action, without doubt, will be the redundancies at the club, the blame again put on the fans, as all available money MUST now be found for Gunn. And you have the nerve to say that what was attempted was not gross blackmail in all it''s nastiness. I respectfully suggest LQ that you head back to your paymasters and  for once, tell them the truth, rather than your miss guided interpretation of it. [/quote] Good evening Butler,can i just add to the point you made about the St Andrews Hall vote? Certain people ridiculed that fact that "only 500" out of 18,000 season ticket holders who attended the meeting could not be taken as a measure of the overall feeling towards the club.We estimated that 75% of those 500 at the meeting indicated they would claim the rebate.We now know that 66.6%  of the 18,000 in fact did claim.Not too far off the mark in my eyes so it looks as though those attending were representative of the fans at large. [/quote]A few things...First off, Butler - if they we''re my paymasters surely they''d be paying me? Last time I checked it was the other way round. Sorry. And as for the ''campaign lead by yourself'', I certainly wasn''t the only one with the view I took on here and I definitely didn''t lead a campaign. I put the other side of the story. I apologise if you find that unpalatable. I call it balance and debate.Next up, John - actually it was 63.3% of ST holders who claimed. That''s 12% less than your St Andrews straw poll suggested. 12% would be considered a pretty big swing if this were an election especially as the ''campaign'' Butler referred to didn''t have the monopoly of being called on by the local press for statements every three minutes. So what you could (more accurately) say is that instead of three quarters of the ST holders claiming it was less than two thirds. Doesn''t sound so good though, does it?Just shows you can do anything with numbers and it depends on who''s reading as to how it''s read (a bit like my posts it seems...)The only important number as far as I''m concerned is that our player budget is now £1.3million less than it could have been.I find that really sad because all I want is to get out of this stupid league asap - and money talks in this game.
  9. [quote user="JuanVelasco"][quote user="LQ"]Juan/Ryan, I know exactly what the player budget includes. That''s why I used the phrase. [/quote] So why do you believe that it will be less than £4m? [/quote]Here''s what I wrote back in May when I asked what people thought our player budget was:"Last accounts showed £6.7million on player wages plus just over £2 million on transfer fees/costs. In addition to this the first team management and coaching costs were £1.2 million but I ignored them as they, and other staff wages, don''t come out of the player budget. It does include player wages/transfer fees/agents costs.The last available accounts also showed an overall loss for the Club of £2.7 million. The £6 million loss I predicted initially is based on League payment losses of around £2 million, season ticket, casual ticket and matchday spend losses of around £2.5 million (based on the NCISA straw poll of 75% of ST holders taking their rebate) and around £1.5 million in losses relating to sponsorship and advertising.All other things being equal we''d be looking at a loss of £8.7 million for the year if the player budget remained at £8.5 million - which obviously it can''t. A player budget of £4 million (stated by TangibleFixedAssets and CityAngel initially on other threads I believe) gives us an operating loss of £4.2 million." Based on that we have a budget of almost exactly zero plus the £700k from today.You do the math!
  10. Juan/Ryan, I know exactly what the player budget includes. That''s why I used the phrase.
  11. Yeah - sorry - I forgot.My opinion is ''self-righteous'', anyone elses is ''opinion''.Have it your way.
  12. I did try to argue the point about expectations regarding the player budget for this season but I was constantly TOLD by a few on here that it was around the £4million mark.Quite how they got to that figure when I''d already done the sums is beyond me.Still, I feel for those who had to claim because of the financial situation and to the rest who didn''t have to but chose to - I expect you''ll really enjoy your cheap football next year. Hope that £1.2million the player budget has missed out on doesn''t scupper our chances too much eh?(I would put a sarcastic smilie in here but I''m not in the mood!)
  13. I''m loathe to do this but I will, just to set the record straight (and sorry to anyone else reading)...What you said to me was nothing to do with Cullumgate or NCISA. It was said before a meeting in front of quite a few people following a series of emails from you in which you falsely accused me of being a liar. Unsurprisingly though the sentiments you expressed in that statement are entirely mutual.Also, I do not have an anti-NCISA hat but I will express reservations when I feel a supporters group doesn''t act in the best interests of the club I support.
  14. Two posts, the second of which alleges a conspiracy, about a post disappearing that is quite evidently still there? I take it I''m the "certain person" who in your head runs crying to the mods when someone says something she doesn''t like! Yeah, right.Oh well.Anyway, just to set the record straight despite your attempts to bait me I haven''t been replying to anything you say for two reasons:1) I''m sure that everyone else on here finds spats as tedious as I do, and that''s what you turn any dialogue into.2) What part of "I''m not interested in anything you have to say" don''t you understand? I only ask because that was the last thing you said to me at a meeting a while ago so I''m bemused as to why you continually question me on here.Aside from all that (and to address your witty quip in the post that hasn''t been removed) there is a huge difference between reportage and rhetoric. Any half decent journalist knows that. Reportage is a factual account, rhetoric is musings on a point. When I read one I expect an accurate assessment of a given situation, the other is only given more credence than anything posted on here because the person writing it is a professional. However, that doesn''t always mean it''s right. Obviously because you don''t like the fact that I quoted from the Archant piece about the St Andrews Hall meeting you feel that they didn''t do a very good job of factually reporting the evening. I''d suggest you take it up with them if that''s the case.
  15. Hi Lil,Ideally I (like most other fans I assume) would be looking for something that I could centre on my club.If you''re working on this with the football league perhaps you could look at a tie-in with local radio for post match reactions. Obviously the FL already have commentary dealt with via Perform but if you were angling towards fans AT games a link button for example on the NCFC page that allowed you to tune in to Canary Call easily whilst browsing the main NCFC biased pages would be useful.I miss Neil*.Hello Neil?[;)]*Adams, obviously!!
  16. I got mine on Friday too and was surprised there wasn''t a decent FL app. Good luck with it and let us know when it''s live.
  17. Whatever you want!If the orders come in I''ll find a way to do it [;)]The campaign starts here...
  18. Right - I''ll get some badges made...SAY NO TO JANIERO!Let me know if you want one
  19. Well if we''re going to treat this season as a new start as opposed to just a continuation of a downwards spiral then now is the time for change.Can we do it?Yes we can![;)]
  20. "does the PA man still play "Samba di Janiero" when the goals go in?"That''ll be one of the things that hasn''t changed! You may not recognise the football in between the goals though...I can feel a campaign coming on "Say No To Janiero"[;)]
  21. I wish I was going on holiday.Too darned busy.Too darned busy even to watch the tennis![:(]
  22. Hello all,Hope you''ve all had as lovely a weekend as I have?Having read through this ridiculous argument I feel the need to set something straight (and you should count yourselves lucky that I am [;)])Carl Moore contributed a small proportion of Huckerby''s wages as anyone who actually has any real knowledge of the deal would know - as opposed to those of you who ''know everything'' because of the way it was portrayed to you by the EDP.The proportion was just over 10%.He''s a welcome benefactor by any stretch of the imagination, and I thank him for what he did, but don''t hold him up to be a messiah and then shoot down people who continue to put their dosh in the big pot as ''blackmailers'' and suchlike. It''s unbefitting to say the least!A word of advice - don''t believe everything you read in the papers. Many of you were quick to criticise Camuldonum on that point so you can''t then turn around and have it your way when it suits.
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