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  1. "Almost every club in the country has a former manager on the board as a director of football."Sorry, but that is just not true.
  2. If that happens, Lappin, there''s nothing anyone else can achieve from any group other than to lie back and think of NCFC!
  3. It''s on merit that I see DD too. I don''t really consider him to be an NCFC legend as such, a footballing great yes, but not a legend.Also, as I''ve said previously it''s splitting the criteria that gives us the option to look at someone of Dion''s ilk on the board. The ''fans representative'' could still be something to build towards. A step in the right direction indeed.GMF, I worry about income streams too. I noticed in the latest Corporate Canary brochure that we''re now selling mascot experiences for £195 (max of 10 per home fixture!). That''s something I don''t like. I fully understand the need to maximise income but the whole ethos behind getting and keeping kids interested could be undermined by this. A child used to send a postcard in and get their name picked out of the hat for mascotting duties (my daughter did this in our promotion season) and it was a brilliant experience for both of us. But paying for it? Who''s going to find £195 to let their kid do that in L1? Let alone 10 per home game! I thought only mercenary clubs like Chelsea under Bates charged for mascots? Sometimes NOT making money out of something is the best way. You can''t put a price on goodwill or on a fan for life.
  4. So, it''s a matter of where we go to push the idea then?You never know, sometimes the best things come out of a bit of gentle hypothesising![;)]My favourite one was called Gerry too!
  5. You say that about Rioch but wasn''t Dave Stringer party to the much maligned managerial appointments that have left us where we are now?No, sorry. The game has changed and someone a bit closer to the action, for want of a better phrase, would suit me.
  6. I''m chuffed to bits for Remy Gordon.Lovely lad, he was at middle school with my daughter and he really took some stick from some of the more ignorant bumpkins out that way.Good luck to him, he''s got a lot to live up to!
  7. Don''t take it personally [;)]My initial thought was Hux in this role but we seem to have him doing just about everything bar finding a cure for hayfever and I''d rather see him at Colney in some capacity, just for the inspirational boost if nothing else.Dion does hold the club in high regard though and having been through the football mill I can''t think of many others I''d put my faith in 100%.I like the sound of your CEO. The best one I ever had used to say (at sometimes inappropriate points during dull board meetings) "you don''t buy a dog and bark yourself". Then again, he also said quite a bit I couldn''t repeat on here!
  8. Again, you''re right. Finding one person who can add all that to the table would be nigh on impossible.However, if we split the difference and say, look for someone for the footballing role from outside the regular fanbase, perhaps even someone like Dion for example, that makes the other criteria more achievable.Now neither you nor I have been around here for long, but from reading your posts I''m guessing you fit many of them. If I can see that from here then why shouldn''t there be more out there who would want to contribute to this for the right reasons?(nothing I enjoy more than a little bit of hypothosising [;)] )
  9. Ooops - last line should read "outweigh the negatives of compromise."My fingers got carried away!
  10. Sorry Face, I didn''t express myself very clearly. I meant that to my knowledge none of the board members of the Trust see themselves as ''that'' fan.Yelverton, everything you''ve said there has always been what caused me to be cautious about the whole fan on the Board scheme. I''ve always been keen on the Supporters Direct movement in theory but putting it into practice is a whole different ball game. Many European clubs have been able to go down this route though, and as football searches for its soul again it seems that more and more British clubs are finding ways to make this happen either because they need finance and the fans as a concerted voice can offer that, or because they just need to reconnect.There is that elephant in the room though that means whoever the fan is, they''d have to possess an incredibly thick skin and be prepared to have no mates for their tenure as well as being able to bear the burden of directorship of a plc! It will always be a compromise of sorts but so long as the goodwill was there from all sides it could be that the positivity and acuity brought to the table would outweigh the need for compromise.
  11. Oh I see - I thought he meant Liam Brady!I''ve never been a winger!!The answer to that is a categorical no. Never have. I don''t think I have what it takes on any count and I''ve never been interested in taking anything out only putting stuff in.Don''t know where any of that nonsense ever came from but it certainly wasn''t from me.
  12. It must be a Monday morning thing then, obviously!
  13. Sorry, I''m not sure what you''re getting at.
  14. Just to clear something up - the Supporters Trust DO want a fan on the Board at NCFC however, from what I can tell they DON''T think that any of them are the fan to do it. They''re looking for someone experienced either in football or in business (or preferably both I imagine) who can offer that added constructiveness of acumen from a fan''s perspective.I really don''t think any of them are looking for the limelight at all. They''re just trying to facilitate a means to an end, like many clubs in Europe and a growing number here already do.
  15. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!Right, that''s yer lot - I have to get up at 6am to finish this blasted contract so I''m off to bed.That''s ''letto'' in my mother tongue btw.Hmph!Greek?!?!I dunno...
  16. Fantastic!I thought I''d seen everything, but oh no...And I have NO Greek in me AT ALL!
  17. I''m getting out of it for the first time in years!Have fun everyone [;)]
  18. I''M NOT GREEK!!!!!!!Since when is ''Quattromini'' Greek?(and I don''t watch Britain''s Got Talent either)
  19. Surely someone at the club would know who''s been invited though, and could tell you? I wasn''t asking where you got your email from.I''ll stop trying to be decent and helpful now.
  20. Yeah, but the Italians always did have a way with domani...
  21. [quote user="Cluck is God"][quote user="cityangel"] [quote user="I am a Banana"]pointless thread - pete delete![/quote]   and you should know [:D] [/quote] Very hurtful CA....... You know I''m very easily offended. [:)] [/quote]Eh?
  22. Ok, I''m meant to be working on a contract that has to be done by 10am tomorrow.Consequently I''m devoting EVERY spare minute to it now, rather than getting up at 6am to finish it!Or not...
  23. You mean like:What if Lee was one of usJust a yella like one of usJust a danger in the boxTrying to make this his home?
  24. Yes.Sorry.Don''t know what came over me.That''ll teach me to still be working at this time on a Friday night!!!
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