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  1. He can''t have been real?Surely a waxwork mock-up.People like that don''t actually exist. Do they?One word: throwback.
  2. Sorry Chirp but that''s not the story I was told and I hate to say it but my sauce is probably fruitier than yours on this one!Dion was never part of the Ince package, in fact the package was seriously teen weeny.
  3. On an immediate basis I''d rather it were someone like Dion or someone with plenty of cash actually.
  4. [quote user="Wayne G"]Archant are never going to print anything anti board now, free speach is over!!![/quote]Yeah!Expect that post to be deleted pdq.What?It''s still there?Dammit...
  5. Ordinarily the Chair would have the casting vote but MWJ''s comments earlier suggest there''s room for more around the big table.
  6. That is seriously gros, in every respect.You should be ashamed of yourself CiB.Ugh...
  7. Actually, has anyone heard from Pete since 5.30pm?Just askin''...
  8. Not at all.Let''s put it this way - in percentage terms how much of Peter Cullum''s life today was spent thinking about good old NCFC?Answer - precisely 0%
  9. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]Anybody know? Can anybody deduce? OTBC   [/quote]Yep - I know.
  10. No he didn''t.Ince blew it for himself by being a complete tit.
  11. I dunno...With his tash I thought he could almost be a Beard member?
  12. Alright, I''ll play along...Funnily enough the scenario you paint isn''t wholly dissimilar to the one I went into in the company I worked for ten years ago when I fancied a change of scenery.There too it was a case of an almost spiritual sense of belonging from the customers but they''d been let down and fairly shabbily treated over the years and many had moved away from being the equivalent of season ticket holders to casual fans. The company was at a crucial point, but through a new Board and a media campaign to rekindle interest (playing heavily on the nostalgia factor I''m afraid) we went to the ''fanbase'' and raised funds to embark on a series of overdue changes, whilst retaining the essence of what we had.
  13. Who on earth did you think I was?Bring in some fresh blood to give the place a kick-start. That''d be first on the list.
  14. No Andy, neither are football related in any way.
  15. [quote user="Andy Larkin"]LisaAs you often seem to make remarks about business acumen and knowledge, could I politely ask what your business acumen is, what your company does, how many people it employs etc etc?I can never work out whether you are someone that is the head of a relatively large company, therefore having relevant experience, or a bit like me, self employed and trying to make ends meet in a shi**y depressed market place.Would you be so kind as to enlighten me?[/quote]Within the confines of what some like to think is an anonymous message board I''ll answer how I feel comfortable if that''s ok? I''ve never seen the need to ask what anyone else does, how old they are, what they weigh etc [;)]I''m a director of one company that I helped set up in 1991 when I finally came to live in Norwich. That makes me self-employed in that respect but certainly not trying to make ends meet. Business is good - I''m by no means rich, but I am ''comfortable'' so I guess over the years that makes it successful.I act in a consultancy role for another company that I''m a shareholder in. That too continues to grow well, bucking the current trend.We don''t employ many people as much of the business is web-based, service or farmed out. There can be anything up to a dozen people on the books at any one time. So, not ''big'' in that sense of the word but good enough for me.I''ve worked successfully for myself since I was 21 other than a stint running a company turning over about a million (when I left - it was half that when I arrived) for four years in the late 90s when I fancied a change for a while. I take an avid interest in business, finance and football and especially enjoy it when they all meet up. Gives me something to get stuck into.
  16. Sorry Dion. Probably my typing style at fault (it wouldn''t be the first time [:$])
  17. [quote user="Dion Dublin Legend"][quote user="LQ"]How does it feel, despite your statement in the press, to have your integrity questioned? [/quote] You really are the last word on patronising LQ. Do you seriously believe that a senior figure within Archant would not expect issues of journalistic integrity to arise if he joined the board of a business on which his paper reports on a daily basis?   Give me strength. [/quote]It''s not patronising at all. I''m interested in the answer because I once questioned the integrity of an Archant employee and was come down on like a ton of bricks.
  18. Maybe not ACE, but the local BBC would, Anglia would, Radio Broadland would...If there was a story that damaging it''d come out in one of those media. Then, if Archant had manipulated things a little, they''d have shot themselves in the foot. It won''t happen. This is a small city and county - the truth will always out (unless you''re a conspiracy theorist of course!).
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