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  1. Sorry - I read that OP three times and tried to see some genuine sentiment in it.But all those claims, and then the phenomenal spelling error just don''t add up. If it''s real then fair enough, and I expect in time there''ll be an answer forthcoming. Seriously though, how many people would you go to for business advice who can''t write coherently?If you''re for real ''Maninblack'' then good on you for offering. I''m just that cynical bitch who sees a Club-bashing opportunity at almost every turn.

  2. Seeing as we''ve got round to music/soundtracks I thought I''d share this little nugget with you:The letter I had back from Andrew Smith (in 2005) that I''ve just found has a reference on the end about how I''d said in my original letter that I''d read the book listening to X&Y by Coldplay which he agreed made a good backdrop. He goes on to say he developed a "worrying obsession" with 60s psychedelia whilst writing it - Zappa; Grateful Dead; Strawberry Alarm Clock...That may make the whole thing make more sense!

  3. It''s a cracking read, EM. I highly recommend you getting your hands on a copy, I''d lend you mine but you''re not local [:P]One of the best books I''ve ever read actually. I even wrote to the publishers about it and got a letter back from him! He only lived around the corner to me - small world, especially if you''re covering it up with your thumb!!Butler, hair is having a perfect day, ta!CanaryCherub - that was beautiful [mo]

  4. What favour?As I see it it''s SP doing the Board a favour! No money, no gifts, no taking up a seat in the Directors Box. Like the man says, if the Club ask you to help and you''re a fan who can, you help. Are you really suggesting he''s in it for the kudos factor? Seriously? A League One club that''s had years of turmoil, little money, no sign of heavy new investment, virtually ignored by the national press and he''s in it for the glory?Sorry, that just makes no sense to me.

  5. If any of you have ventured away from your laptops tonight you may have noticed a particularly wonderful moon. Low on the southern horizon, beautiful and glowing in its coldness...Seeing as you''re still up at 11.20, perhaps you''ll be awake at midnight. If you are tune in to BBC4 "Me and Neil Armstrong" - a documentary by Andrew Smith (a Norwich City fan, that''s the ''almost OT'' part), author of one of my fave books of all time, Moon Dust.There''s that line from the first man on the moon, something about did he feel big when he held up his thumb and blocked out the Earth. "No," he said "I felt very, very small."There''s a whole universe out there. Lucky we''re a part of it.

  6. [quote user="John"][quote user="LQ"][quote user="ACE"]Yes it happens and more and more people use stuff like match.com - meeting people can be tough nowadays![/quote]Maybe because people are so busy virtually chatting to others all around the world rather than actually talking to people up the road, or just around the corner?

    [/quote]..... Oh the irony!

    [;)][/quote]Ain''t it though?[8-)]and sorry WAY, I just can''t tell sometimes who you are [;)]

  7. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]

    [quote user="LQ"]Very good.[:)]Does this actually happen though? I mean do people really fall for each other ''virtually''? Surely much of the context is lost in translation?


    Oh yes it happens, I can personally vouch for that, it''s how I met my hubby [:)]

    [/quote]wow - that''s really sweet (I think?)Bit concerned though that I don''t know if you''re a man or a woman [8-)]

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