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  1. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="Mr. Bump"]Liebherr is the kind of owner we would have loved.I''m not saying that admin is the way to go, but in a couple of year what was poor, close to extinction Southampton will be a league ahead of us.[/quote] Exactly Bump, and I do advocate admin as you know. [/quote]Because as a non-season ticket holder and non-supplier you have nothing to lose.Jeez - if only this forum didn''t have a "no naughty word" rule...
  2. Hello Bucketman,If i''d been asked for a ''view'' lately I''d tell it like I see it - that many online warriors are deeply unhappy etc etc... that''s what I do, make sure all views are equally heard. The constructive elements of my input would be entirely separate and personal and (as usual) I''d ensure it was taken that way.As it stands, I haven''t been asked and I don''t expect to be. Hey, I''m not a part of any ''supporter group''!From, again, a personal point of view I know my way around a balance sheet too. Perhaps without the skewed view that it seems fashionable to pick up on and I think from reading your posts you do too? I''d then view my stance as less defensive than realistic. My lyric of the moment (if you''re interested) is "I want your money..."
  3. For goodness sake. Will you ever stop trying to find nasty little ways to have a dig?Supporters Group, my backside.
  4. Don''t confuse Cullum''s paper wealth with his actual wealth.He''s asset rich (in a decent market) but in terms of real cash in the bank it''s a different story.
  5. It''s a good question that gets to the crux of the matter.A little while ago I sounded out a corporate solicitor I know about a bond issue - Grand Canaries I thought we could call it [;)] - whereby smaller local businesses, exiled fans etc could buy a bond for £1,000. Get 1,000 subscribers and that''s a nice million for the player budget. Unfortunately I got caught up in other stuff and couldn''t explore this any further. It could potentially work though. I might look at it again.On the initial question it''s hard to say. I''d probably do the £1,000 through a company and possibly even personally too. Certainly nowhere like the percentage of personal wealth D&M have put through the doors which is somewhere between 20% and 50% depending on who you believe as to what they''re worth and what they''ve put in.
  6. So it''s this new Board that Wizard wants out now then?How odd. 
  7. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="McCanary"]Please explain exactly how this would help our club as I am a little confused here!![/quote] I believe the removal of Smith and Jones is paramount to the future well being of our once great club, to continue with the status quo, means stagnation and rot imo. I further believe, that despite veiled promises of selling up, later changed to investment, means Smith and Jones will never quit the club, except in a box! The only way to get them out is aggressivly imo, and the tool for that job is administration. We already are seeing failure in the transfer maket with average players being signed, next will be the selling of our best players and rubbish performances, and God knows what else, yes, it will get scary and messy............but thats a price worth paying in my opinion. [/quote]And such a completely, phenomenally naive argument is precisely why your opinion is worthless.
  8. Fleeces???Did you say FLEECES???That implies they''re sheep!Here we go...
  9. [quote user="Big Dog "][quote user="I.S."][quote user="Big Dog "]Delia does not want to sell. Wolves sold for £1. Norwich for sale at £56m. Get used to failure folks, she is here to stay and we will end up with the club she can afford in League Two. [/quote]FFS. For the last time - that £56 million figure included Cullum''s own suggested £20 investment AND £20m+ (I think) debts. Wolves sold for £1 PLUS their debts I believe.I agree she''s asking too much, but at least compare apples with apples.[/quote] Not comparing apples with apples; I''m comparing a deluded old trout with reality. Old. Trout. Out. [/quote]Actually it was £1 plus the debt plus a guarantee to spend a set minimum amount on the team.If we ''sold'' on the same basis (and remember this means everyone giving up their shareholding for nowt) we''d ''cost'' £1 + £20million + £20million (because that''s what Cullum said he''d spend on the team) = £40,000,001.00 
  10. Lee is on £9.5k pw at Palace and is more than prepared to take the hit on his bank balance that signing for us would mean.
  11. Ahhh...So Pete was in on this too!That explains the whole Stephan Phillips/conspiracy theory then!!![;)]
  12. If you''re seriously that gutted just return your season ticket.You''ve had no opportunity to see any matches so just take it back and ask for a refund.Simple.Bet you don''t![;)]
  13. I was just looking for the "mark all read" button - there had to be one somewhere!That''s the only way I noticed there was an option to view users online, although for some reason I wasn''t listed even though I knew I was here. Perhaps Pete can fix this with the new review of the forum?
  14. Hey, it''s all Greek to me![;)]
  15. Tch!Such language would never pass my lips!!![:P]
  16. [quote user="I.S."]I bet LQ is delighted![/quote]Perché sarei contentissimo?(that''s Italian - not bloomin'' Greek!)
  17. Good luck with that!Can we have an ''Ashes'' section? Better be quick...
  18. You''re just an'' old softie, Monkey!My interest comes from probably about a decade before yours. My Dad was trying desperately to teach me Italian and would leap on every word I said for a while and correct it. I was about 4 when the Apollo stuff was in full flow in the 70s and we spent what seemed like hours in the garden looking at the sky with him getting me to describe what was happening on the moon in Italian.I just got tongue-tied and giggled all the time!Lovely memories though.
  19. We need at least an hour''s notice to get the batteries charged and the mikes signed out.
  20. [quote user="AJ"][quote user="LQ"]I did see a fantastic shooting star on Friday night but not a shower.Neptune is fantastic at the moment if we get another clear night soon - very low on the SE horizon. It''s huge! [/quote]Maybe it was just a singular shooting star then. I confess I only saw the one, but someone told me that there was supposed to be a shower.It was a fantastically beautiful and bright one though, on a completely clear night. It was stunning. Good times![/quote]Probably the same one.Cool!
  21. Don''t you think they might have been a bit busy lately, Cat?
  22. You''re alright - I''m just killing time till the balls start flying tomorrow [:P]Seriously though I am really excited about the new season. I''ve spoken to lots of people (in real life, not just the jaded sods on the interweb!!) who feel the same. There''s something different happening. A chance of success at whatever level and a chance to start over. That''s the overwhelming sentiment I get.
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