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    Past and present Norwich players you’ve met

    When I was around eight years old the town I lived in had their Christmas street fair and parade. The theme that year was 'pirates'. All the kids in town dressed up as pirates and the best one won a prize. That year I was judged to be the best dressed pirate, and so I won. I had my prize (a VHS copy of the movie 'Hook') presented to me by the midfield maestro Ian Crook. I was ecstatic to win and to meet him. He seemed very nice, and his signature looked a bit like an oil slick. That was a great day Also, a few years later, when I used to work as a train conductor, I was a member of the gym over the road (when it used to be fitness exchange). One day I was in the jacuzzi with my girlfriend and Darel Russell jumped in. Chatted for a bit and he seemed like a nice guy too.
  2. Dogbo Daggins

    Michael Bailey

    I like him too, but I don't pay for any news or sports media...
  3. Dogbo Daggins

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I don't mean that we should just bring in anybody, but was there really nobody available that fit the bill?
  4. Dogbo Daggins

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I wonder if they tried to sign someone but couldn't. Is it better to buy no one than the player you really want?
  5. Dogbo Daggins

    Jordan Rhodes

    Would his inclusion just be to free up an overseas spot by replacing Srbeny with him?