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  1. It is good for people to keep underestimating Norwich
  2. Apparently Buendia is now worth €18 million according to transfermarkt, up €10 million on 12th https://www.transfermarkt.com/emiliano-buendia/profil/spieler/321247. They valued him at €2.5 million a year ago. I wonder what he will rise to by the end of the season?
  3. (Even though most of the first team didn't play) I think the lads are going to be determined to bounce straight back after that embarrassing defeat at Crawley. 1-3 to Norwich.
  4. Does anyone know why Amadou hasn't even been on the bench yet?
  5. Apparently Kante and Rudiger are likely not available for the match, so that is good news for us. Chelsea look like a different beast with Kante, and with his absence especially, it gives us an even better chance of a good result
  6. I also thought it was 'interesting' that he wasn't even on the bench. I wonder why?
  7. One of the greatest teams in the history of the Premier League was Man United 1992-2003ish. The backbone of this team were "Fergie's Fledglings", which were mostly players developed through the youth system. This generation included David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, and Phil Neville They found them, developed them, matured them and helped them to become great. Of course they didn't have to worry about $$ like Norwich does, but it goes to show that if you can hold onto them and develop them correctly, you can do great things. I think DF is a great manager, and we have some real gems in the squad and u23s. If we can stay up this year, we might be able to hold on to them, and then next season we might be in for a cracking season. At that point many of our players will be worth more than 30 million.
  8. How far off is Zimbo? I think this is a good game for Amadou to get a start and get used to the team before some tougher games come up. I think Cantwell appears to be doing very well, so it is unlikely to see him dropped. Leitner appeared to change the game somewhat against Liverpool, and he came on at 10. I'd also like to see Roberts on the wing. So the biggest issue is where you play Leitner - at 10 or further back... So I think this might be what happens: Krul Aarons Godfrey Klose(Zimbo if fit) Lewis Amadou McLean Buendia Leitner Cantwell Pukki
  9. I think it's been a pretty good transfer window. We strengthened where we needed to - quality backups all round, and three key roles upgraded (I think Farhmann, Roberts and Amadou are all upgrades). It would have been nice to land ACM, but I'm happy with what we are going with
  10. I reckon he will only be sold/loaned if another CB comes in.
  11. I think that the signing made today was essential and gives hope for survival. ACM would give hope beyond merely surviving. So while agree that Amadou was vital, this would make us truly competitive...
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