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  1. The html for an ampersand (take out the spaces) is & a m p ; When you see & written it''s because someone has forgotten the semicolon at the end. Following the same logic & q u o t ; gives you this " and & c o p y ; gives you this © Woohooo! 2-1!
  2. Also, Sky has its eye on the world market. Quite a few people in the US claim they like to watch English "saahcker," but almost none of them have ever heard of teams in the bottom half of the premiership. They have heard of Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal... All the Prem games Sky shows also get shown on Fox Sports World (also owned by Rupert Murdoch) so it makes sense to them if they show games featuring teams Americans (and other non-Brits) have heard of. Yup. It''s all about ratings. I wish the BBC had the rights to live Premiership matches. They''d be a little more likely to show the interesting ones...
  3. Great result today. Should give the lads a confidence boost for the last few games. Mr. Zizmor, do you live in NYC? Freakish adverts, aren''t they?
  4. In reply to Rob Henry (apologies to everyone else): I just checked the maps. Chico''s a little way (an hour or two) north of Davis, where I live. I don''t know if you know, but Davis is close enough to Sacramento that it''s almost a suburb. I''ve been here since september last year, but haven''t ventured up to Chico yet. In reply to whoever enquired about my sobriety: No, I wasn''t drunk. And I wasn''t joking. It could well be that Helveg has something to offer us in terms of motivating the team and keeping the defence organised. And, once he''s acclimatised (and he was showing signs of this before he was injured), then I think he is worth keeping at the club. As "steady" Eddie is looking overstretched, I (and Worthy too) think it''s time to give Helveg another run. If he performs well and proves you wrong we''ve all got something to smile about.
  5. If, as some posters seem to wish, Fleming and Holt are dropped from the team in the near future, who should play as captain?Should the armband return to Drury, or would it be a better idea to hand it to Helveg? If he''s good enough for Denmark, then surely he''s good enough for us. Making him captain would also remind him that he''s wanted here - something which may need to hear after the season he''s had with us.What does everyone else think?
  6. Losing 4-0 to Chelsea isn''t as bad as losing 5-1 to Spurs or 4-0 to Birmingham.Other teams have lost 4-0 to Chelsea this season: Newcastle, Charlton and, er, Blackburn. We were never likely to get anything out of this game, and we can count ourselves lucky that most of today''s other results went our way.As a famous philosopher once said: "When you''re chewing on life''s gristle, hey, don''t grumble, give a whistle!"
  7. I think Fozzie means it''s somewhere in the discussions.In actual fact I just tried the link from last week''s game and it''s the same.http://matchlive.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/mlex/025412/liveaudio/10355-08212004.asxWorks for me at least.
  8. Does anyone know where I can find it?Cheers in advance!
  9. Just what I wanted to hear! Cheers, Mr Raven.
  10. Here''s the direct link to the picture blacko mentions: [link]http://www.apwj49.dsl.pipex.com/lost/carrow.htm[/link] Do we know when the picture was taken?
  11. Hah, I know exactly what you mean about the text commentary! I just moved to the US just after Christmas and I read it every Saturday morning over my fry-up, normally boring my American girlfriend stiff with my idea of how I think we''re playing. "It sounds like Drury''s done another of those runs up the left"; "Looks like Huckerby''s causing problems"; "Iwan! Iwan!", etc... I feel your pain, mate. Still, family and friends back home keep me up to date, and I don''t think I''m going to be away for seven years (famous last words). Have a good trip back to the UK and enjoy the last third of the season/promotion push!
  12. Didn''t get to the match. Were there any good chants in honour of the derby debutant?
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