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  1. Isn''t doc out of contract in the summer?
  2. If anyone has 2 tickets avaiable please PM me. Regards. Canaries4ever
  3. Warner 6 Looked shaky, however kicking has improved. Hughes - 8 Best match he had had for Norwich MOTM Shackell 6  Did well but poor passing Dion 7 Another good performance. Drury 6 got forward but decided to kick ball out of play too much. Croft 6 - good to see him running,  but the final ball poor Etuhu 7.5 - Good performance Spillane 6- Average performance Fozzy 6 - Average performance Earnie 6 tried but clearly not 100% fit Hux 8 - Hard to handle. Great performance. Subs Martin 6 - Average Colin 6 - Average
  4. The No 2 could only controls Hucks when he tried to go round him on the outside. As soon as Hucks started to cut in from the left no one, including the No 2, could get near him. You have to give Hicks credit for this, as it appeared to be a deliberate ploy. In fact after the 5th goal their defence was arguing on who should mark him as nobody wanted the job. I do not think that 11 men against us would have made any difference with Hucks in this type of form.
  5. Jarrett is not coming back. Just heard this on Sky Sports News and is confirmed on Preston''s site he will sign on June 1st.
  6. I have a feeling that the new sponsor could be Norwich Union
  7. If there is a half season review what do you think it would be called?    
  8. There are various reasons why the new DVD might cost £30: 1. I believe it will be a double DVD as the footage on the VHS copy will not fit on a single disk. 2. Buying the rights to use footage from Sky is very expensive 3. The price needs to cover costs and hopefully make a profit for the club. NCFC sells a fairly limited number of DVDs. Therefore, a higher price is required to cover costs. 4. Is the DVD produced by NCFC. If it is made by someone else it could be them who are dictating the price.
  9. Norwich are playing Inter Milan in a pre-season match at Carrow Road.   http://skysports.planetfootball.com/list.asp?hlid=274918&cpid=21&CLID=45&lid=&title=Inter+plan+England+tour&channel=Premiership  
  10. Hucks and Francis would never join the scum. Francis to Fulham/Charlton is possible. I don''t think Green will go to Tottenham.
  11. Does anyone know where I can get these bands on the internet except from Ebay. I saw many Norwich players have them on and I really want one.   Thanks.
  12. Would prefer Pongolle as he has pace and with Ashton holding the ball up he can run on to it and create some chances. Mellor is good but he is not the fastest, similar to Ashton in holding the ball up and being a good finisher.    
  13. He''s predicted Norwich to lose 2-0 and has said this; As for Norwich, it''s hard to see where their next win of any sort is going to come from and I''m afraid I can''t see them staying up. Does he know anything about football?    
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