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  1. www.wrathofthebarclay.co.uk   got alot of support off there....
  2. This is just after 2-3 hours. Its created a great response. You may like him, but hundreds dont. Give it a week or so and im sure they''ll be 1000+ signatures im sure.
  3. You are entitled to your opinions, I am entitled to mine. Thing is, I have over 100 signatories of genuine fans who hate Roy Waller, and thats in 2 hours of the petition being online. Its set to increase for sure. So, looks like im a loser with a lot of support hey.
  4. Fed up with his commentary? Me too! http://www.PetitionOnline.com/rwaller/petition.html please sign this and get as many of your friends to sign too, and lets oust this inept pensioner from the airwaves. Thanks  
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