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  1. I dont think that the Colney management wants him here.  They RUSHED him through the FA course while he was here so that they could get rid of him.  On all accounts (and I have this on good authority) he was the poorest delegate that the FA coaching team had ever had!!
  2. I just hope that Greeno playing left back for Svenn doesn''t give Worthington ideas.  Lets face it: Huckerby/Bentley/Mcveigh are not left wingers Jonsson/Henderson/Jarvis are not right wingers! In fact, do we have any Wingers?!! Bring back Foggo
  3. best of a bad bunch has to be francis, although I do agree with yankee that given a chance, Shackell might just surprise a few people
  4. Tell you why not to go for him.  He is rubbish! Cant cut it in lower divisions.  Just because he might be ok on football manager 2005 does not make it real life.
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