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  1. To be fair, in Poland, you get a kicking for being Russian There's still an awful lot of animosity from the USSR days. Especially when you have **** hooligans coming to Euro 2012 and unfurling banners saying "This is Russia" on Polish soil and arranging marches over the Wistula on "Russia day". =Was only ever going to end one way. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/competitions/euro-2012/9327483/Euro-2012-183-arrested-after-Polish-and-Russian-clash-as-march-descends-into-violence-on-Russia-Day.html
  2. Yep, everywhere has issues, but you're right, this particular issues is embedded anywhere religion still has a strong grasp. Look at the bible belt in the USA, Australia still has a lot of tolerance issues for a developed country, most Islamic countries and you find similar attitudes. I find Poles are quite cold until you get to know them, and then are incredibly hospitable when you do.
  3. Unfortunately true, although there seems to be movement in a positive direction - Duda (very homophobic and right wing) just won the Polish election, but only 51-49 against Trzakowski who is incredibly liberal by Polish standards and campaigned openly for LGBTQ+ rights. That's a big jump for a very conservative country like Poland, so hopefully there will continue to be positive movement.
  4. Did you happen to see what the Romanian FA have made him do as punishment for his comments along the lines of "Women have no place in football"? He got a 4 month suspension, think he got a fine too, and he is being forced to set up a women's team
  5. I'm not a big Bowie fan, some of his stuff is OK though. Just here to provide a different spin on some of his songs - These are by a guy called Seu Jorge, sung entirely in Portugese and formed the majority of the soundtrack for the movie "The life aquatic" (not the best movie in the world)
  6. I listened to the newest album because one of my students is a huge fan and recommended. I hated it. It's just elevator music.
  7. If Buendia and Cantwell go then we may start to switch to proper/inverted wingers. Especially if (when) we lose Max - Byram isn't as forward thinking and to be honest, maybe we're better off without bombing fullbacks all the time. We'd probably be more solid defensively if our Full backs had a more disciplined, dedicated defensive role.
  8. I was looking at it earlier - if Swansea and Cardiff don't go up - I reckon I'm on 14 or 15 next season - obviously pending tickets but I'm in the 750 circle so if the gates are open I should get a ticket.
  9. Unbelievable night. Chuffed for Barnsley but feel sorry for Wigan. Was hoping for another away day in Wigan next season.
  10. How much better is this than the prem. Championship is infinitely more exciting.
  11. I'd have put my house on Ollie Watkins from 6 yards out
  12. Barnsley look like they will stay up despite finishing bottom 3 - EFL confirmed earlier that Wigan's points deduction will happen tonight and they're currently 10 points clear (12 point deduction). Need to beat Fulham (currently 1-1)
  13. Luton by the way, need a win to stay up... They're winning 2-1 against Blackburn.... Both Luton goals were scored by Blackburn players (inc Bradders OG) EDIT - 3-1 with a penalty being the third.
  14. I'm watching the Brentford game - they were awful until Barnsley scored, but piling on the pressure now. They look vulnerable at the back though when Barnsley break.
  15. It could be like when we had Hucks... Green catches a corner and without looking, launches it up the wing for Hucks to run on to. Was such a devastating move to have in our locker. Dad just text me saying Placheta did 30m in 3.8 seconds. Thats not far off Olympic 100m speed over 30m (Linford Christie ran it in 3.19 for example). In the entire nfl combine (the elite college players who are moving up to nfl), the fastest anyone ran last year was a 3.82. Its really elite speed. Fifa 20 has him faster than Sterling and Salah (he's 22nd fastest player on the game) (for what thats worth)
  16. GERMAN sausage? If he's a star then there'd better bloody be Kielbasa and Slaw.
  17. That would be quite a silly nickname given that the Polish version of Peter is Piotr. There's no direct translation to English for Przemyslaw.
  18. Snyder is an awful owner. On the plus side, we have cleaned house and all those involved are out the door. It really does feel like a fresh start with Riverboat Ron.
  19. Tbf in Polish, male names are often shortened and 'ek' added to the end. Tomasz becomes Tomek etc- Pshemek (phonetic spelling) is a reasonable abbreviation.
  20. For future reference Shem-e-swav pwa-het-a
  21. The yellow and green bit. Might well be nothing anyway though.
  22. The pattern/style of the yellow and green bit of the picture
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