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  1. If that's correct, then we're in pretty good shape.
  2. Really? This is the most productive and interesting thing you could think to do on a Saturday evening. Missus, mates, family all busy yeah? "Give it the Biggun"
  3. My reading is Sorenson is Trybull replacement, and Sitti is going to be developed to take over from Tettey when he retires next season.
  4. I care about Villa but only as I'm in an area where EVERYONE supports them
  5. Not one to boast but as everybody else is at it... here's a picture I found the other day of that time i met (and got the autograph of) royalty... and before anyone starts a trawl to try and disprove the validity of the picture, yes, I am a 13th century baron, so have at it.
  6. I want us to show a bit of fight but happy for us to lose today. I live in a VERY Villa area and it will please me to see them come down with us.
  7. Good man. Could I suggest that On the stall city, would probably be very happy to receive this as a donation and all money raised by them goes to the community sports foundation? https://onthestallcity.com/shop
  8. Meanwhile in the real world, we are now under the yoke of unelected dictator Dominic Cummings, and in the midst of a death spiral of our global influence. We have a totally corrupt government including a housing minister that has openly taken bribes and received no consequences and head of the national security service who has been openly considered a national security risk. The Russia report has been buried to avoid scrutiny... hmmm, I wonder why. We have an antiquated electoral system that is a sham - no democracy at all in FPTP - and that works both ways - UKIP 4million votes and not a single MP. We wasted 10billion on track and trace that doesn't work whilst eu countries built a functioning system for a fraction of the cost... so reality is the corrupt, failing, undemocratic bit is accurate 100% for the UK. The government is now tying themselves up working out how to undo the top down reforms they put in, in 2012... because they don't like the NHS being able to disagree with them. Proudly brought to you by the party that promised no top down NHS reform. Brexit has no economic benefits, no social benefits and no environmental benefits. Indeed each of those areas will be dramatically harmed by brexit... i guess the question that remains is why do you hate your country so much you want to ruin it?
  9. I've got a round of footgolf at 11.10 so will probably miss much of first half, and then having mates over for a bbq so the game will be on in the background but largely secondary. Probably be a few beers in by 2, but I'm not upset at going down so won't really bother me - can't wait for next season.
  10. How does a Defensive midfielder look like a replacement for a winger/number 10? More likely to be Trybull's replacement, with Sitti being developed for a year to replace Tettey.
  11. Any Stone Roses fans in here should check out the new DMAs album. some of the tracks are a bit experimental but there is a huge Stone Roses type sound running through the entire thing (They cite SR as one of their major musical influences so not completely unexpected). My personal faves are 'Silver', 'Criminals', 'Never before', and the title track 'The Glow'..... Never before could easily be passed off as a Stone Roses song.
  12. Name: Tom Age: 33 Location: Worcestershire Job: Geography teacher Started supporting City: circa 1990. First game was before I was 3. Never had a choice. Season ticket: Never had one - Closest I've ever lived is 120 miles from Norwich so not been feasible Favourite Canary moment: So many. 1-1 with Bayern (Was taken out of school for the day to be there!), Play-off semi against the scum, Winning at Wembley, Directors box and then being on the pitch with Mario minutes after he scored the equaliser against Sheff Weds last season Top 5 players you've seen in a Norwich shirt: James Maddison, Darren Huckerby, Grant Holt, Wessi, Ashton Favourite current player: Alex Tettey Hobbies/pastimes outside of football: 5-a-side, gigs, watching NFL, travel, scuba diving Random fact: My great, great uncle wrote Winnie the Pooh and I was loosely mates with Kit Harington (Jon Snow in GoT) at college
  13. The Romanian FA banned him for 4 months yesterday too - He said "Women should not be allowed to play football" to earn that.
  14. Totally agree with your point as to the illegitimacy of assists as a comparison metric - my point was more that the example you used of Huckerby would not have registered an assist
  15. Yep, very succinctly put. Plus we have a lot of money to come in during the summer. Aarons, probably Cantwell, maybe Godfrey, maybe Lewis, maybe Buendia - there's an awful lot of cash there to put a pot together and have a real go at getting back up. Man signing would probably signal Buendia being on his way - Don't see us spending that amount of money regularly so you'd think if we are going to do it then he would be the centrepiece to build around. Would be good business for the club as he could well be worth an awful lot more in a few years.
  16. That's not accurate. An assist has to be a direct contribution to the goal. Huckerby's goal would not have registered as any player making an assist. The OPTA definition isn't written very clearly but there has to be an element of immediacy and direct contribution to the goal. I'm fairly confident that if a scorer takes 3 or more touches then no assist is awarded. https://www.optasports.com/news/opta-s-event-definitions/ Goal AssistThe final touch (pass, pass-****-shot or any other touch) leading to the recipient of the ball scoring a goal. If the final touch (as defined in bold) is deflected by an opposition player, the initiator is only given a goal assist if the receiving player was likely to receive the ball without the deflection having taken place. Own goals, directly taken free kicks, direct corner goals and penalties do not get an assist awarded.
  17. Agree with most of those, although Stiepi and Vrancic should be kept on, they were key to our success last season.
  18. Interesting footnote I learned yesterday - In WW2 Japan dropped bombs of plague ridden fleas into Chinese cities resulting in localised epidemics. More in the link below if anyone is interested. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2001/jan/25/jonathanwatts
  19. I've mentioned before - I've heard Aarons to Spurs has been done since Feb. Absolutely trust that info 100%. Cantwell to Liverpool was in the works but not a done deal and don't know where that's at now. Would be totally unsurprised to see Godfrey go to Man United. Maguire and Godfrey is a very complementary partnerships in terms of strengths and Rio Ferdinand is BG's agent. If we lose both of those two, then I'd be reluctant to see Jamal go too, but we spent a decent sum (by our standards) on McCallum so we obviously rate the lad.
  20. I agree with that. Klose/Hanley is up for debate (both probably capable at Champs level) but the point stands. Byram will be awesome at Champs level and defensively we look a lot stronger when he's in the team.
  21. I'm not convinced that we've had 3 fit CBs for 75-80% of the season.
  22. Can appreciate what you're saying but we have too many indians and too few chiefs at the moment. Farke isn't the hairdryer type, and someone needs to hold players accountable. It doesn't need to be a screamer, but it needs to be someone vocal and assured.
  23. What's quite sad for me, is the fact the Prem is such a stale and malignant product. Top 6 compete for the league. Everybody else hopes to be mid-table. Everybody sets up to avoid defeat for 80% of games rather going out to win. It's so boring. The sooner the big boys FO and create a European super-league and leave the rest of us to enjoy proper football, the better imo.
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