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  1. Tough tackling Johnno with a rocket shot, similar to powder puff McLean who bottles challenges? Interesting take.
  2. Check out their album "Hills End" - Freely available on youtube - It's a belter.
  3. Fixed it for you, to reflect current form
  4. An ex housemate of mine was Danish and returned from his homeland with a bag of salted liquorice.... WTF?!?!
  5. Although I will say, Crocodile is a beautiful meat - Ate it almost daily in Thailand. It's like a meaty prawn
  6. I will pay for your meal myself if you're willing to give Kiviak or Balut a go
  7. Just conditioning I guess. I like the taste of Haggis but I wouldn't choose to order it as I don't like the idea of it, even though I know it tastes good. When I lived in Turkey, they have a street food called Kokorec - Its basically a doner kebab made from offal - It's meant to be the most incredible taste, but I could never find any motivation to try it. Did eat a scorpion in Thailand - it was actually pretty inoffensive except the seasoning they put on it which was vile. When the legs hit the chin though, it's a bit grim.
  8. I went for a burger when I was there.... One bite in realised it wasn't beef.... was halfway through when I realised it was wild boar. Relieved it wasn't horse or anything less appetising.
  9. Interesting, I've never thought to try! (but mine doesn't mean anything apparently)
  10. Certainly first of my fandom (30 years) , I'm fairly confident that it is our first ever
  11. Im so psyched about this. I know literally nothing about him but I dont particularly follow the U21s. I've always dreamed of seeing a polish player in the yellow and green, looks like its about to happen so let's hope he's decent!!
  12. Gutted that Solanke has scored, invalidating this fun stat I stumbled upon a few days ago.
  13. All he ever does is dive. If you watch him specifically, all he ever does when he gets the ball is look for something to dive over. Really don't understand why hes so highly rated.
  14. I'd rather have Dennis the menace
  15. Yeah, my point was more that we're not going to see the club financially implode like they nearly did after previous relegation. You're right to bring up the other side of that coin though.
  16. To be fair, Sheffield is actually a brilliant city. Lived in Nottingham so been to Sheff quite a few times and have quite a few mates who live there. Wednesday fans are alright, Sheff U fans seems to have more than their fair share of tossers like this guy.
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