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  1. The answer is **** Dallas. Regardless of question, that answer is always correct
  2. Im expecting us to get 6-8 wins this season. I would be very concerned about dropping that first game to us if I were you though. I dont think we're at any risk of winning the NFCE but I fancy us to take that first eagles game. No Left Tackle and Chase Young looking to make a name for himself and live up to the hype? Carson Wentz already day to day with an injury and the WFT D-Line on his **** in 12 days? That's a problem if I'm a Philly fan. We may be a cluster**** but our D-Line is as good as anything in the league on paper. Biggest strength of the team. Weve got some talent in our RB room - look out for Love, that dude is a burner. AP may be old but hes still a decent RB. Antonio Gibson is going to be a big part of the offense, look out for him in that hybrid McCaffrey role that Carolina used. The organisation is no longer a mess. Snyder is a **** but you look at the people we've put in the front office and we have a very strong set up. By far the most functional front office weve had in 20 years or so. Jason Wright is the smartest person in every room he walks into, Julie Donaldson is brilliant and we've obviously got Riverboat Ron at the helm. We're definitely in rebirth mode. The NFL will take Snyder to the wood shed sooner or later but we're not the old boys club weve been for the last decade. This really is a new era.
  3. It's going to be an interesting season for sure Kiwi - I'm excited about seeing the WFT take the field. We've had pretty much the offseason from hell, but it needed to happen and I'm just glad it's over so we can all start to move on. Feels like we have a new start and there's lots to be optimistic about. Don't think we're playoff calibre this year, but you never know, I'm just looking forward to seeing Chase Young destroy everything in his path. Eagles up in 2 weeks @king canary
  4. Rodrigo is an awful signing. 4 goals and 1 assist in a decent team last year. Been declining for the last 3+ years. Nearly 30. They've spunked a load of cash on a player that won't help them - he wouldn't get into any top 10 prem sides.
  5. To be fair to Leeds, Koch is an outstanding signing for them, Gelhardt similarly but probably more one for the future. No idea if Harrison can step up, not seen enough of him. Rodrigo is a joke at that price. I don't think they even wanted to sign Helder Costa did they? The others are no marks/kids so hard to say one way or the other. Know nothing about Allen but it's fair to say the step from the Irish league to Prem is HUGE and Drameh appears to be signed for the youth squad. I think they'll be similar to us last season - they'll be better than us defensively, but inability to score goals will kill them. I'd be terrified going into a season with Rodrigo and Bamford as the top two strikers on the books. If I was a Leeds fan, that is where my concern would be firmly placed right now. Vlad is right by the way, Kalvin Phillips is a better footballer than Tettey.
  6. By virtue of a dodgy goal-line tech computer.
  7. Single figures surely? Never going to get double by the end of sept
  8. You missed drive time with Goebbels and the Sunday breakfast with Himmler from your schedule.
  9. I'd have been happy with yellow but I voted for these and I'm feeling like I made the right choice. Either would have been light years ahead of the white ones though. Apparently less than 5% of people voting went for keeping the white nets.
  10. Well they've saved heaps of money this year on the design element too by just rehashing old kits.
  11. So we're two for two on rubbish kits that are just literally re-releases of kits we've had in the last 10 years then? Both of the new ones being worse than the originals too. I have loved Errea kits for the most part, but if they've run out of ideas then time to go in a new direction, because this year's efforts are nothing more than ****.
  12. That would be the worst kit we've ever had. Awful.
  13. Annoyingly this is the one day this week I have plans that mean I'm unable to watch. Oh well, only preseason
  14. Not disagreeing with your statement he is not in the same class as Holt - honestly, I've not watched enough of Hugill to pass judgement.... but to say you've watched Hugill and therefore he isn't as good as Holt sort of ignores the point that Holt turned into what he was with us. If you'd watched Holt a year or two before he signed for us (when Calderwood had him playing on the right at Forest for example), would you have said he was going to turn into a player that was good enough to score 17 in the Prem? There's a reason we were able to sign Holt for 400k in League One - his career before us was significantly poorer than he was for us.... I'm not saying Hugill is the same, but surely you have to acknowledge the possibility that he COULD turn into that for us?
  15. Did you notice the use of the word "superinjuction"? Do you know what it means? Jesus F**ing Christ.
  16. Fair enough, none of the ones I was watching got taken down but might just be coincidence
  17. I am urging you all not to Google 'boris Johnson superinjunction violinist'... theres nothing to see here at all. He definitely hasn't been shagging around again, and his concubine (the one he left his critically ill wife for) definitely hasn't walked out with the baby (that is 100% certainly his).
  18. disagree here. Since every game was available on ifollow after project restart, there were streams for every championship game. I watched several of the promotion run in games. Thats a pretty recent precedent for them being available
  19. Losing it?! Because I said it was a rip off. No swearing, no flying off the handle, no elongated rant, just that it was a rip off when I can get the exact same service for 20% of the price with a VPN. You're accusing me of getting "offended" easily, yet you're crying about my entirely innocuous post. I think there is definitely a snowflake round here but it ain't me. Get a grip, you utter weirdo!
  20. I'm not offended, just pointing out that 80 quid a month is quite a chunk of money for something you can get for 100 quid for the entire season if you have a VPN and use the same company. As I said, I'll take it, at the vastly reduced price.
  21. 2 games a week, it'll be 70 or 80 quid a month. Rip off. Il get a vpn and buy a foreign season pass for 100 quid ish for the season
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