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  1. The loan move is reported as a done deal by skysports who are fairly accurate so must be good news. looks like they know tiny won''t be going to loftus anyway!!
  2. NB. That was meant to say, "who scored against Man Utd in that famous run to the Fa Cup Semi''s in 1959..."
  3. Just thinking about Norwich Legends and how their careers had panned out.... wondered if anyone has any other updates?We all know Mike Walker opened a skip hire firm, but what is he doing now?Terry Allcock, who scored in that famous FA cup run semi-final.... is now an undertaker, he oversaw my gran''s funeral a few years back. He has pictures adorning the walls of his office of scoring that header past (I think it was?!) Gordon Banks?! Feel free to correct if im wrong on who the keeper was!!Anyone know what Ruel Fox is up to nowadays?
  4. Peterboro striker, scored 16 so far this season, potential target for us??Posh have agreed a £150 000 fee for Liam Hatch, a striker from Barnet. Added to this Mclean isn''t even in the Posh 16 today. I don''t know if he is injured or suspended?? Signs point to him being thru the posh exit door come Feb 1st.Would he do a job for us?? If so, what''s he worth?
  5. No, i''m just working on what Roeder has said and reading between the lines. i think we have between £1.5mill and £2mill plus whatever we can make out of player sales...Strihavka has secured a move to the Bundesliga according to cheepshot.co.uk so that''ll be around £500 000 as we wont want to sell at a massive loss....Not really a rosy view - just realistic. We know that we have a set budget, we know that Roeder wants to get 3 or 4 players in permanently and we know that Taylor is available for a mill but we are only willing to pay £750k. It also looks very likely we will pick Pattison up on the cheap as one of the permanents. He will cost the aforementioned £150-250k. Which leaves roughly a mill for two more players, if my figures are correct.In total, i think we''ll spend about £2.5mill plus a couple of loans. How much do you think we have Ricardo? and what are you basing your figures on?
  6. [quote user="buddhaboy"]hoolahan 250k?? u must be joking evans hopefully, camara maybe, i reckon pattison is 250k deal.smith will be bought, but only at the end of the window due to lamps being injured etc.and taylor...will get him for 750k, brum won''t want to pay his wages for 2 and 1/2 years whilst he negotiates a deal to come to us for free...[/quote]Hoolahan is out of contract at the end of the season and refusing to sign a new deal. £250 000 is a realistic price tag. Pattison will be between £150k and £250k as he is reserve team player and out of contract.Smith won''t come here permanently imo, i don''t really want him back on loan, id rather save his wages for a different player. Agree on Taylor - it''s a done deal, he''s using player power and refusing to sign elsewhere. Bham have little option but to sell to us at our price as it looks like we are playing hardball.I think we can afford the extra £250k. More to do with not needing to payit when it can be better spent elsewhere, and Taylor coming anyway.
  7. [quote user="JC"]To the people saying with bravado ''ah its part of football'' I ask:   If you had a kid and knew your ten year old was snarling ''c***'' at someone and sticking their fingers up at a game due to seeing adults doing it and it being ''acceptable at football'' is that ok? [/quote] [quote user="JC"] To the people saying with bravado ''ah its part of football'' I ask:   If you had a kid and knew your ten year old was snarling ''c***'' at someone and sticking their fingers up at a game due to seeing adults doing it and it being ''acceptable at football'' is that ok? [/quote] No, just the same as if i had a kid and he put a gun to someone''s head as he''d seen it in a film or video game. It is the parent''s responsibility to socialise the child effectively. There is plenty of stuff that is worse than swearing on TV currently. You let the kid watch hollyoaks, you have incest. Coronation St and you have pupils having sex with their teacher.. Eastenders and you have affairs with the boyfriend''s father. All of these are on before the 9 o clock watershed. Are they suitable viewing? debate for another time. Are they viewed by kids? most certainly. Do children immediately go out copying the actions they have seen? doubtful. If my child was taking drugs and said they were doing it because they''d seen it on TV i''d say it was a weak excuse and punish them. Same as if my kid was calling someone a C**t and said they did it because they heard it at football. Kids are not mindless drones who just copy everything they see or hear. I was going to games from the age of two, and i have a very good sense of pragmatism. I never swore in front of my parents, even at games, as i had proper socialisation and realised it was unacceptable and that my dad would punish me if i swore in his presence. However, at school, like the rest of my peers, i swore like a trooper. I heard swear words at school day in day out, i heard swearing at football for 90mins in the week. Should we just ban swearing altogether? Live in a very nice little community knitting each other jumpers?
  8. [quote user="JC"]I would LOVE to know how you make a ''conscious effort'' not to sit near kids? [/quote] I tend to go to away games which are often unreserved seating when you purchase a ticket on the day, or if we have not filled our allocation, there is option to pick where you sit. In cases of reserved seating, if i am sat near young kids or older people, particularly eldery ladies; i wait til the game has kicked off and then move if i see spare seat away from kids.
  9. Its always been a part of football, always will be. When i go, i make a conscious effort not to sit near anyone with young kids, if i have to do so i tone my language down but do sometimes lapse.You can''t stop people swearing at football and why should we all have to watch ourselves the whole time we''re at a game because you decided to take your kids? i''m not being argumentative, but people go to the football to relax and don''t want to have to watch what they say, and vent frustrations etc.The supporters passion is a massive part of football. If we were banned from swearing, we might as well sit there in silence for fear a slip of the tongue may get us ejected.I''m sorry but this is ludicrous. You know football fans swear, I went when i was a kid and people swore, and my dad went as a kid and people swore. It is no surprise, so why should thousands upon thousands of fans change their behaviour because you took your kids knowing full well thats what happens?If people around you are using language you find offensive then ask them if they can tone it down. Most City fans are reasonable enough to do so if you explain it''s due to your kids being there. If they carry on regardless, then they are a little rude, but i certainly wouldn''t blame them as they have paid there entrance money just like you and have certainly not gone in there expecting to be censored.
  10. Peterborough have agreed a deal for Barnet''s Liam Hatch. My Point? Peterboro have Aaron Maclean, possible target for us? Prolific this season, young, looks a good prospect, wouldn''t cost much.Having agreed a fee for the Barnet striker, i''d guess they are resigned to losing Mclean in the window....Thoughts?
  11. Gazza - hope you enjoy a much better year in 2008.My best present was off my girlfriend who''s just got back from the USA; She got me tickets to mighty boosh live, and somehow managed to get hold of the biggest selling toy in america this christmas... I may be 20, but you are never too old to enjoy a fully poseable Jesus action figure that spouts bible verses when you press a button on his back!! gotta love it!!
  12. we were on 9points - we have 16 points out of last 21 i believe...
  13. YESSSSSS!!! 18points from top spot, on current form we can easily make this up - we''re going to win the league!!!! (Im joking btw)On a serious note - great win today, we may not have deserved it but any win away from Carra is a good win. we''re climbing towards mid-table obscurity/safety, slowly but surely. Give Glenn the funds in the summer and we can look forward to a good season next year hopefully.
  14. "I''m like a badger at the start of the pairing-up season."Plymouth manager Ian Holloway on reaching the FA Cup quarter-finals."Hopefully Gary Cahill will be in my stocking on Christmas morning."Sheffield United''s Matt Kilgallon reveals his desire to make Cahill''s move to Bramall Lane permanent, and what massive stockings he has."Playing Joe Perry is about as easy as getting Marmite off the bedsheet when you''ve had it on toast the night before." Steve Davis at Snooker''s UK Championship. "It''s not often you see a referee with two red balls in his hand, Willie." Dennis Taylor to Willie Thorne commentating on Murphy v Maguire in the UK Snooker Championships.Richard Keys: "Well, Harry, do you think that you''ll have to finish above Manchester United to win the league? Harry Redknapp: "You have to finish above everyone to win the league, Richard."Most genius announcement of the year goes to... "There is no smoking at Layer Road - not even round the back of the stands. Anyone caught smoking will be taken to the top of one of the floodlights and dangled there until the next home match." Colchester''s announcer takes a softer line on smokers against Norwich than previously - Previous threats have included electrocution and being foced to listen to Will Young apparently!!"He has won an Olympic silver medal so you can''t do better than that."Graham Earl talking to 5 Live about Amir Khan."The Italians aren''t the youngest side and may not be able to keep it up for 90 minutes." Pat Nevin during AC Milan v Celtic."We cannot fail to win - even if we face 13 players."Russia striker Aleksandr Kerzhakov wins the ''me and my big mouth'' award for his comments ahead of the Israel game."Having one shot in 90 minutes isn''t good, especially when that''s in the 93rd minute." Curo following the Plymouth away game."We''ll never play you again." Arsenal fans to their Reading counterparts when winning at Madejski stadium. "You *******said that last year!"Reading fans reply.
  15. "It really p****d me off that a team-mate should poke his nose in and say I need to think more about the team - especially when it''s him who needs to think more about the group! We have the guy considered the best in the world but Samuel Eto''o is also the best in the world. I know he''s slagging me off but he should have the b******s to say things to my face instead of stabbing me in the back." Barcelona striker Samuel Eto''o after Frank Rijkaard claimed he refused to come on as a sub against Racing Santander and was backed by Ronaldinho. "People think that there is a time bomb in the dressing room, but that isn''t true. Rijkaard has got the team under control. Samuel Eto''o has a good relationship with the rest of the group and the atmosphere is good" Barcelona captain Carlos Puyol approximately two minutes later
  16. a BBC pundit - can''t remember whom - on Craig Gordon being dropped after letting in 7 the previous week..."Roy Keane is ringing the changes and after last week''s display, Gordon has been fingered and dropped..."
  17. Cayra and Dubai - personal messages... CHECK THEM!!!
  18. I have no objection to fans of other teams - We8wba and happyhammer andy are just fine by me.They post sensible and reasoned posts the majority of the time.CLblue however is just a wind-up merchant and does nothing except gloat over his perceived financial status of his team. Whilst he may be misguided and wrong, it is difficult to ignore him. Whilst I get censored for my view of Evans - he is allowed to call me an idiot unprovoked. slightly unfair i feel.
  19. A small piece on how Marcus Evans runs his businesses... and the dealings of Ipswich FC and their reputation in modern society
  20. the warning about Evans'' has already been shot. trust his word at your peril - if you have £12mill to spend on players, why is Jim talking about loan signings? is it possible that this £12mill is a fabrication due to manipulating of figures? I don''t know, and don''t care, but i think its certainly possible.I apologise for my naiveity - i didn''t realise you were a season ticket holder and you owned a few (worthless) shares in the scum. This obviously makes you privy to all the financial complexities within the club and makes you aware of any loophole that marcus evans can use to take money out of you. Muppet.You seem to be unaware that Evans has spent his entire business career exploiting grey areas of legislation. If you think he is stupid enough to not take any money until you have been in the prem 5seasons, i think you are the deluded one. Daily Mail article - (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/columnists/columnists.html?in_article_id=491021&in_page_id=1951&in_author_id=345)Does that sound like a man who won''t take any money til you have done 5seasons in the prem? i think not.As for getting what you deserve, you may enjoy a few good years under the new regime. Promotion is a long way off for you this season. we are half way thru and you haven''t even won away. Your home form is not sustainable and you will slip down the table around end of feb/march sort of time imo. There are certainly 2 better teams than you in WBA and Charlton.  I would also say Stoke are better than you, and wolves too. That leaves you aiming at lower end of playoff places, where you are now. If you were to get one of these, then it would be an awful shame to see you get beat in the final on penalties wouldn''t it? your come-uppance will come, whether its sooner or later, it will come.What goes around, comes around.
  21. oh, wikipedia told me off and pulled it from the site.
  22. I went and saw it on the opening night. Big fan of the books also, but was a little dis-appointed with the film. It was good, just not quite what i expected. Unfortunately I''m in the midlands, so am yet to sample the delights of yellows.Hope your grandaughters enjoyed it Ricardo!
  23. Check out his wikipedia - i can''t imagine who edited it *cough* *cough* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcus_Evans
  24. [quote user="clblue"][quote user="City1st"]Poor old binner, now obliged to making up stuff to reply to. Where did I say you would not be spending a penny ? You''ve scaled down massively from the supposed £12m that was available.There are many assets that can be stripped, there is the income (albeit dropping faster than your collapsing spaniard) player''s contracts and the training ground. MEI, who are linked to corporate hospitality, can easily use poorman road for free and do what they wish - they own you.Whether you can afford it is not here no there either. It will be determined by your new owners. They want the money, they will take it. If you think they have stumped up that amount of money to help fulfill the wishes of a few thousand gormless farmhands then you are stupider than your posts on here would suggest.[/quote]   City 1st, we have NO money for ME to reclaim, in case you didn''t know you earn peanuts for being in the championship, like i said the only POSSIBLE way he will ever recoup any real money is if we get established in the premiership, because A/ That is the only place we will earn any money for him to recoup and B/ we have a LEGALLY BINDING contract that states this! Why can you not grasp this?   We know we won''t spend the majority of the £12m we never thought we would, however it means we don''t have to sell Garvan, Haynes, Walters etc and as we already have a more than adequate championship squad we can just reinforce what we already have for a couple of million!   It''s a great scenario for town why can''t you just be happy for us??????????? [/quote]The main reason we are not happy for your sham of a club is because of fans like you CL. If you had come on here and been humble and respectful like locket then no-one would have a problem with you. But you didn''t, you came on here shouting your  mouth off so you reap what you sow imo.There is NO LEGALLY BINDING contract in place that MEI can''t take the money til you have been in the Prem for 5seasons. This is utter nonsense.You sir, are a moron, you are not contributing anything constructive, but rather trying to wind people up. Both sides have differing opinions. Time will tell who''s right. If you do go bust under Evans stewardship, note that you were warned, and you will not get any sympathy from this side as your lot deserve everything they get.
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