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  1. Thanks, this is brilliant guys.

    I actually have the footsteps of Mr Kurtz waiting for me when I get home from the summer school Im working at. Along with Heart of D''kness which although fiction, is based on Conrad''s travels in the Congo so should be an interesting piece of background reading.

    The state of Africa is a book I''ve been meaning to get around to for a while, and white gold sounds like an interesting read too.

    Purple: Thanks for the tip on Sven Lindqvist, the theory sounds quite interesting and I can already see a way to link that in with the apathy of Western media to the plight of the DRC today and the complete lack of media coverage on the horrors of the conflict there.

  2. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the responses!

    Congo: Thanks for the offer, I''ll definitely take you up on that if you don''t mind! What exactly is it you do in the Rep Congo?

    Legend: That would be great - I''m actually directing my study towards the modern day situation and linking the current instability to the power vacuum left by the Belgians and their authoritarian rule.

    What did you study by the way?


  3. It is a pain but Google chrome is far superior to Firefox and IE. It simply isn''t worth using another browser just for the forum - of course if this website weren''t so dated then it might actually work regardless of which browser you use!

    I acccidentally started up IE the other day, and was shocked to find it takes about 20mins to open a single page (Exaggeration, but it''s a bloody long time when compared to Chrome!)

  4. I''m moving over to Norwich in about a year, once I have graduated from uni.

    I''ve grown up as an exile, but I love the people in Norfolk more than anything, for the most part they are a different class to anywhere else, much more friendly and laid back... My girlfriend said as much when I took her over for the promotion parade!

  5. I''m working down in Winchester at a Summer School while it''s on, and one of my good mates there is a Palace fan so I''m considering a trip up to Selhurst, even though I dont normally do pre-season.

    Anyone else going? I haven''t been since coventry pre-season several years ago, is it worth bothering with when players are pulling out of tackles etc or should I just forget it?

    Also worth considering is that Im a student, and live in Derby so not sure how many games Il get to next season despite being a SuperMember...?

  6. I rate Leon very highly indeed, he has pace, height, powerful and great in the air.

    I like both Ward and Whitbread but in the Prem facing up to the likes of Ashley Young, Anelka, Defoe etc we simply have to have some pace and this is the real weakness of the Whitbread/Ward combo imo.

    De Laet has obviously been signed partially due to the fact he reportedly has pace to burn, Lambert has recognised this was a weak point last season and addressed it accordingly.

    I think we could well see Barnett/De Laet combo, although I wouldn''t be shocked to see Whitbread and Barnett.

    I doubt we will see Ward/Whitbread playing together again (barring injuries), and that is not a slight on either of them who are both fine defenders imo - I just think against Prem strikers we need some speed in the CB position.

    Great to have a depth of quality at CB after all these years!

  7. Lewandowski has actually been a peripheral figure for Dortmund this season, can''t see them selling but a loan is possible imo. (EDIT: He made 33 appearances last season, mostly off the bench - but maybe a loan isn''t on the cards).

    I am Polish and I would happily have either R-Lew or Jelen at the club.

    Jelen has just broken back into the national team after being left in the cold for a while, and has looked phenomenal although missed the last few friendlies through injury. He is lightning quick, and can finish tidily enough too, seems to have a new lease of life for the national team anyway.

    R-Lew is far from the complete striker, he is still young, but think Chris Martin with twice the talent and you about have the picture. He is also surprisingly quick for a big man, and great in the air, this is my favourite of his goals for the National Team: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=focVnAQ3QO4&feature=related
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