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  1. TWTD makes I larf.

    "Do you realise how small 5ft 6" is?! That''s smaller than Jaime Peters.

    Him up against defenders like McAuley and Delaney every week between now and May is not going to be much fun for him is it."

    Lionel Messi is 5''7 - I bet he would struggle against players of McAuley''s calibre!! (Not saying Pacheco is in Messi''s league quality wise, but similar style of running at players)

  2. Lambert is king, try reading my posts before posting.

    At no point do I say or even imply we are not good enough without another striker. In fact I quite clearly say if we could get one in, it would be nice, at the right price. If not then I''m happy to go with what we''ve got and trust Lambert.

    I know exactly where we are in the league, I''m sorry that you are not literate enough or just too ignorant to actually understand my posts. I wasn''t aware they were particularly complex.

  3. Swansea have a signed a player many on here advocated us signing.

    They have got Fabio Borini from Chelsea on loan til the end of the season.

    Young, untested, but undoubtedly a decent player. Others around us are strengthening, hopefully we''ll do the same - be it CMS or another.

    I think we have a good enough side to go with what we have got but if we can get another body in, preferrably one who can nick us a few goals then we should, at the right price.


  4. No worries Lincoln, If I had a shot at going to this, I would make any neccessary sacrifice to be there, and the same for many City fans I''d guess.

    If you can only afford to go to one more game this season it might as well be the derby is a mentality I can understand.

    I take your point about bandwagon fans but this guy is clearly not an example of that.

    I think we actually took about 1200 to Burnley but I could be wrong. If your not in a position to go to every away game then you have to pick and choose accordingly and Turf Moor is not our happiest hunting ground or most appealing game by any stretch and a bit of a haul if travelling from Norwich.

    If I were living in the City could afford most but not all away games - you can bet your bottom dollar Ipswich would have been top of my wish list and Burnley would''ve been given a miss (As Im studying in Derby I went as it''s only a couple of hours and not particularly expensive to get to).

    Anyways, Im rambling a bit, I think we can both see the other''s perspective so no arguments here :-)


  5. Lincoln, I understand your point of view, but I''m a student, I can''t afford to go to every game and I don''t agree with the principle that if you have more money and can therefore go more frequently that makes you a better fan.

    I have given up every Saturday for a decade to listen on CanariesWorld (I live 200 miles from Norwich) and I make it to about 5 or 6 games a season - usually away, accompanied by one or two pilgrimages to Carra Rud per season.

    If I could afford it, I would go every week, home and away, but I cant. If I was one stub short, and had maybe missed a few due to finances or illness or whatever, I would feel pretty aggrieved with your response which appears belligerent and pretty unfair without knowing the circumstances of your fellow canary fan''s lack of stub.

    Not everybody has the luxury of being able to go every week, or even every other week, many of us make sacrifices to go to games, as I''m sure you do yourself, it''s not like he has come on here asking for ten spare stubs and he never goes to games - he is asking for one for god''s sake.

  6. I am absolutely fuming with this.

    Was very excited when I saw this game was to be televised, as it was one I was desperate to watch but being exiled and a poor student it was unlikely I''d make it to FCR to watch this one.

    Only to find, that I have a field trip to the Gambia with uni, which is mandatory for my course, and our flight time is leaving Gambia at 5:20 GMT and arriving back late in the evening (bout 11 or later i think) and cuzve of that c*** Murdoch, not only will I not be able to watch it as Il be on a plane, but even worse, I wont be able to listen on Canariesworld (as I usually do when i cant attend) or even follow the game at all.

    Potential promotion decider, and I will be stuck on a plane completely unable to access the game.

    So now I have the dilemma, as I will be DESPERATE to know the result, do I check my phone as soon as Im back on British soil to get the score, or give my phone to the girlfriend under strict instruction not to let me check it, demand no1 tell me the score and watch it on Sky+ when I eventually get home at 2 or 3 in the morning, and run the risk of someone telling me the result, and only to potentially be irate if we have lost and iv gone to all that effort so that I can watch it without knowing the result??
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