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  1. Depraved: You are wrong with regards to the toilet roll issue.

    Your comment about colouring it in themselves is factually inaccurate, I believe what you meant to say is that "It can even be coloured in"..

    "You can even colour it in yourself" implies they have the cognitive capacity to complete a task as complex as colouring in, not to mention the logistical difficulties of holding a crayon with four fingers (Yes I know the inbred scum have six fingers, but I''m calculating based on two of them being inside their sister....)

  2. Im so excited but also very nervous. I dunno what im gonna do with myself for 7 and a half hours, well 7 until Canariesworld commentary begins i spose. Wish I could''ve made it either to the game, or the beamback -

    Nevermind - I persuaded the missus to move to Norwich after we graduate uni next year so for the first time in my 20 years supporting City, I won''t be an exile!!!

  3. http://refworld.com/referee/155/1/jon-moss

    Blackpool fans don''t seem to like him - history of giving dodgy pens apparently...... http://www.fansonline.net/blackpool/mb/view.php?id=600995

    Neither do Port Vale fans..... "Moss is to refereeing what King Herod was to child welfare" being my favourite line on the page! http://www.onevalefan.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=45555

  4. Bit weird, but I noticed that while on Canariesworld, we only had highlights of Hull, on the Hullplayer (which u can sign into with CW login details) they offer the full 90mins video.

    Just fancied watching the scum game again, googled to see if anywhere offered the full game instead of just highlights and lo and behold - its the Hullplayer offering the full 90mins video of their game against the scum.

    We pay the same amount so why does the Hull Player offer more in terms of video content with full games available, while we only offer highlights?

  5. Hey Colorado,

    I have a HTC Desire and can''t get canaries player, i can get all the way thru the screens and log into canariesplayer but then it says my flash support isnt adequate and when i go to the download page, it says the content isn''t supported on my phone (although I belive that the Google Nexus may be supported). This is despite me having the most up to date flash player on the app store.

    I really wish NCFC would come up with an app for this - I cant imagine it to be too difficult for them to produce, and it would be of great benefit to me as it would mean I could be out and about on a Saturday rather than rendering myself housebound every Sat afternoon so I can listen!!

    I also have tunein radio which is a good app to get canary call but doesnt give commentary on the games on the radio norfolk channel as it takes the web stream which is blocked during game time.
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