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  1. Barclaystand - Spot on, I was discussing this earlier as it happens.

    Clearly a great pro to have in the dressing room, think back to when he was frozen out under Rodent, didn''t whine or moan, didn''t jump ship, just got his head down, and worked his a55 off in training and eventually got his reward.

    Not the most talented footballer ever, but works hard, has a decent enough delivery and gives 100% every week. Always comes across as a damn nice bloke in interviews too.

    Our mistake last time was letting the experienced players with big characters go and replacing them with mercenaries, he has earnt a place in our squad next year in my opinion.

  2. Actually we''ve sold out our season tickets every year for as long as I can remember, including last year in the third tier, and the season before that when we got relegated.

    We have had more season ticket holders than your average attendance (ie season tix, away fans and casuals combined) in every season for the last ten years, and not just by a small margin, by 4 or 5000.

    The promotion last year had nothing to do with it - we averaged double your attendance last season when we were in League one.

    You''re just a tin-pot club, we''re not glory hunters like your "fans".

  3. I had a fair few mates round and managed to hold it together, as soon as they went home, i stuck skysports news on mute, watched the vids on youtube and am now listening to canarycall. I''ve been crying for about 40 minutes.

    Literally cannot believe this, this is better than going up under Worthy due to where we''ve come from. Lambert has put us back where we belong. What a night!

  4. We play Pompey on Monday, potentially with a chance at earning a return to top flight football, competing with the big boys again.

    Monday is also May 2nd, which also happens to be the anniversary of Justin Fashanu''s tragic suicide. The man who scored THAT goal against Liverpool. Fitting way to celebrate his life if we managed to secure promotion and a date with Liverpool next season.

    Great player, sadly missed.

  5. My Dad and I were discussing whether we could keep hold of him the other day and if so for how long.

    I''m personally not sure whether we could in the face of an Everton or similar club, but my Dad reckons we could be Lambert''s project team, the one where he makes a name for himself, like Leics were for O''Neill (should have been us, nice one Chase) and thinks he could be here for several years.... thoughts?

  6. I can''t face going to the pub to watch Cardiff, then City...

    I have Skysports at mine and will watch both games here - so just thought I''d throw the invite out to anyone else who can''t face watching it in a pub and is in the area to come round.

    It''s open invite, the more the merrier.

    Email me for address etc if you''re keen: Tomblazak@hotmail.co.uk

  7. Andy Haines - 28 league games this season - 2 reds, 81 yellows (2.9 per game ave).

    Last reffed us against Sheff Utd away where he let both our goals stand despite Whitbread heading the ball out the keeper''s hands in the build up to the 1st goal and someone shoving Ched over allowing Crofts to smash our second.

  8. Both great goals, COME ON QPR!

    Even a draw is ok, although a QPR win is obviously better - but more importantly in my opinion is that this is a hard fought energy sapping game - the sun being out is a bonus.

    Cardiff play again Monday and anything minimising them getting maximum points from what on paper should be a relatively easy game (although Preston are fighting for their lives) has to be a good thing in my book. Looks like it will be on the evidence of the first 20 mins.

  9. http://www.twtd.co.uk/mb.php?m=v&t=119295#119295

    Hey guys, I wasn''t there but I found this thread when I was trolling TWTD this morning...

    Not much there but a couple of youtube vids - not very long ones of the scummers starting trouble.

    Hope that helps.
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