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  1. Scored quite a few beauts in my time.

    It was for the work team, and I should point out that my boss, and a few of our better players were actually playing for the opposition as it was their regular Sunday league side.

    This was a friendly. My boss was totally full of himself and thought he was the best player since Pele.

    Boss had scored 2, to make it 2-1 with 20minutes left.

    Full 11 a side, I''d been playing as the lone striker all game and had a bicycle kick saved earlier in the game, I wasnt getting much service and decided next time the ball came my way I was going to smash it.

    Having not had a shot in ages, I was determined to belt it, the winger sprinted away with it down the right, no-one in the box for the cross, only me in support and i pulled my run away to the right hand edge of the area, screaming for him to cut it back.... He did so and i was level with the post, on right hand side of the box 20 yards out, I could see the keeper six yards off his line and also on his near post.

    I saw the headlines flashing before my eyes. All I had to do was curl it into the far post and it was unstoppable.

    I hit it first time with my instep. Well I tried to, but the ball bobbled and shanked horribly off my ankle, it went about 30 feet up in the air and about 6 yards wide, but at the pinnacle of it''s flight it started spinning crazily.

    The world went to slow motion. Everyone stopped dead to see where it would drop, and it curved as it dipped, over the keeper''s despairing dive to drop in the top corner, and send my teammates and the 200 or so fans (work was a summer camp and most staff had turned out to watch) delirious with delight.

    We scored a tap in with 5 minutes to go, and won 3-2 to win against the boss'' team for the first time in 5 years!

  2. It''s an interesting topic, but I''m not convinced it actually would benefit the England team to be honest.

    Do you want England players playing against the best in the world week in/week out or do you want more of them playing in a diluted talent pool?

    The Turkish league is seen by most to be weak and they have a pretty strict cap on foreign players - 6 foreign players allowed per club, but their national team is pretty good so maybe it does work?

  3. [quote user="Joanna Grey"]

    [quote user="Indy"]A bit of racist sterio typintg there Joanna, might be looked at as poor taste![/quote]

    By whom?

    [/quote]By anyone who is Polish or has Polish heritage like me.It was poor taste, put your Daily Mail down, and you might see it''s a rather silly scapegoat as most economic migrants have gone home now anyway.

  4. I think kit looks good. I''ll be buying it. Might even order today.

    You can still buy last season''s kit but only in sizes XL up for whoever asked that - £15 from the online shop.

    Shame as I guess they won''t have any more in, and I wanted last season''s kit too but as a S/M, an XL will drown me!! That is ongoing by the way - anyone hears of one up for sale let me know!!

  5. Andy Carroll was worth about £8-10mill in this market imo. £35mill for a player who had scored 12 goals in 42ish Prem games prior to the transfer. What a joke.

    For the money they have spent - Liverpool could have built a far superior squad to what they have. When you think Van Der Vaart cost Spurs about £7-8mill, kinda puts it in perspective.

    Although I think they got a good deal on Suarez to be fair. Great little, player who will be worth £40mill + in a few years.

  6. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/3621664/Norwich-win-the-race-to-sign-Bradley-Johnson.html

    Article is about Brad Johnson but one line "quote" from Lansbury at the bottom says "I would consider rejoining them (us)".

    Would love for this to be true. Lansbury would be a great addition on loan or perm.
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