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  1. Watching Poland vs Ukraine in about 10 mins...

    Then watching the mighty Fenerbahce at 19:45 in the Turkish cup... I support them as I lived in Turkey last year, they play in yellow and blue (close enough), and are nicknamed the canaries... anyone else want to jump on the Fener/canaries bandwagon feel free, although I cant see much good coming out of this season.... except Mamadou Niang up front might salvage a respectable finish... what a quality signing that was - £8million well spent there :)

  2. [quote user="Chrisr"][quote user="kick it off"][quote user="barclaybabe"]

    the only good thing which happened in that war is that we overthrew saddam hussain, but they should of done that themselves not get us involved.

    pretty stupid really


    If you don''t understand politics, don''t embarass yourself.

    No-one got us involved except Blair and his fabricated dossier of evidence... and acting under Bush''s command instead of letting Hans Blix and the other UN weapons inspectors finish their job.

    The Iraqis certainly didnt get us involved, and most of them don''t even want us there.[/quote]Politics or not, this was a positive outcome from the war. Oh, and the second part reads as rather sexist. (or maybe just me.) [/quote]

    I agree getting rid of Saddam was positive, but what about all the other dictators and conflicts in the world? Why specifically Iraq....they had no WMDs and the US/UK didnt let the UN finish their inspection as they knew what the outcome would be...one word: OIL...

    The second part was never intended as sexist - the don''t understand politics part was aimed at "they should of done that themselves not get us involved"... I think a majority would agree getting rid of Saddam was a good thing, but the IRaqis never got us involved in anything, Blair/Bush did that....illegally.

    I would have made the same statement directed at whoever said that, I didn''t even notice the poster''s name until afterwards, was a touch harsh though to be fair so I apologise Barclaybabe, i just get too passionate about politics!!

  3. Could always forget about the Iraq/Afghan wars and 9/11 and hold one for the nearly 7 million people slaughtered in the DRC civil war since 1997... More than world war 2 have died in this war, yet it is never mentioned by Western media....DEFINITELY has NOTHING to do with the fact they are mineral rich in Coltan which is used in Laptops/mp3 players/mobile phones and the war keeps the costs down...

  4. [quote user="barclaybabe"]

    the only good thing which happened in that war is that we overthrew saddam hussain, but they should of done that themselves not get us involved.

    pretty stupid really


    If you don''t understand politics, don''t embarass yourself.

    No-one got us involved except Blair and his fabricated dossier of evidence... and acting under Bush''s command instead of letting Hans Blix and the other UN weapons inspectors finish their job.

    The Iraqis certainly didnt get us involved, and most of them don''t even want us there.

  5. 5. He is not one of the world''s oldest living female conjoined twins - Born January 3, 1950, Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapova, Russia .

    6. He did not put that cat in that bin.

    7. He has never been to the darkside of the moon.

    8. He has never believed himself to be a dolphin or any other marine mammal.

    9. He does not hold the world record for most worms eaten in 30 seconds.... that belongs to Mark Hogg of the USA who managed 62.

    10. He is not the by product of a horrible experiment combining the DNA of Jamie Cureton, Glenn Roeder and a bison.

    These are also Whitbread facts. Do what you will with them.

  6. [quote user="Trent Canary"][quote user="BroadstairsR"]

    Thanks very much for the posting of ATDHE.net.

    My first streaming and as an exile it was brilliant. Good commentary too. Saturday pm has taken on a new meaning.

    I lost it once at about half-time but a few clicks and it came back.

    If somebody has the time, what is streaming? Who does it and from where? What is the motive there were no advertisements?

    Thanks again.

    [/quote]Limited knowledge but...1 - Dont expect that quality every time, the English stream was very poor. Usually it lags and skips a lot, todays one was one of the best ive seen for Norwich (Premiership games are usually good)2 - Streaming is where someone is watching the game (Either via Bet 365 or via their TV) and then broadcast it through their computer. You can watch pretty much anything online - Football, Cricket, Boxing etc3 - Who does it? No idea. From where? No idea.4 - Motive. Usually there are advertisements around, other than that its just people who want to help out.5 - We wont get streams every week. Probably only one every couple of months, enjoy it when you can [:)][/quote]

    Good summary there Trent.

    Just to add to it a little, you won''t get streams every week, but whenever we are featured game on football league show or being televised abroad, there will be streams to be found. Similarly if you are exiled outside the UK there will be streams when we are broadcast on English TV - Scum (28th Nov) and Reading (13th Nov) are the next two confirmed.

    Didnt watch the English commentary stream, as the picture quality was v poor compared to the Norwegian (or Swedish/whatever) commentary one on firstrow, but pic quality today was great on that!

    People who stream do it for philanthropic reasons as far as I''m aware. Sometimes it''s for ads money but generally I think its mainly genorosity.

  7. [quote user="Lincs CR"]Anybody able to PM me the ADTHE url for the norwich swansea game? Can''t see it on their list...[/quote]

    Its not on there atm but they often add games nearer to kick off or even after kick off time - when they notice a stream is available - id use atdhe as back up today - first port of call is first row, followed by myp2p (Google myp2p eu)

  8. Wiz: The BET365 links won''t work even if you do pay to the best of my knowledge as licensing means they cant broadcast in this country so please NO-ONE SIGN UP.

    There is usually someone who streams the foreign BET365 content so that it can be watched over here. To find this I advise googling "First row streaming" and clicking on the top link.

    It should be pretty self explanantory once you get to the site. or google "ATDHE" and click on the top link. Agains should be self-explanatory.

    Hope that helps everyone, one of those two sites is bound to have it.

  9. He is absolutely awful. Gavin and Stacey was utter drivel and the guy himself is just an irritating one trick pony and the sooner he gets off our screens the better.

    I can''t comprehend the popularity of Gavin and Stacey, it''s just moronic verbal slapstick and the jokes are SO OBVIOUS. I don''t understand how people can find it funny when the jokes can be seen from miles away.

    I hate James Corden and really hope he wont be ruining tv for much longer.

  10. [quote user="Big Bad John"][quote user="First Jedi"]"Neither of them are genuinely world class"

    You''d never see either of them play for Slovenia, New Zealand or the likes...[/quote]Good point. They are both English.[/quote]

    Haha brilliant John!! I actually lol''ed...

    On topic, Much as I love Greeno and think Hart shows a lot of promise, James has been in phenomenal form this season. I used to think the guy was a tw*t but saw an interview with him the other day and it really changed my perception of the guy. Seems like a nice bloke to be honest, and it''s his last chance at glory so he deserves a shot.

  11. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]Really lacks class to boo Japan''s national anthem in a friendly match.

    Perhaps, perhaps not, maybe people havent forgotten what sadistic bastards the japs were to our boys...anyone whos relatives felt the wrath of their disgusting toryre might understand...at least the Germans POW camps didnt invole horrific torture....did Mexicos anthem get booed monday???


    My Grandad was in a concentration camp and the Nazis certainly committed atrocities there - hammered a nail through everyone''s stomach 2 days before the camp (Mauthausen) was liberated, tortured prisoners, lampshades of human skin, medical experiments etc.

    Dont try and justify what they did in POW camps, because what they did all over Europe was at least parallel to what the Japs did, if not worse.

    On topic - I support Poland, as that''s how I have been brought up, I have tried to support England when Poland aren''t playing but find I actually cant do this because of the behaviour of a small minority of England fans.

    Dont try and portray this as an isolated incident - I have heard England fans boo opposition anthems COUNTLESS times.

    The reason it has died down in my opinion, is actually TV companies turn the volume of England fans stands down whilst other national anthems are being played.

    I would never boo an opposition national anthem regardless of our past historical relations with that specific country. Im sure there are a minority of Polish fans who do boo the German/Russian anthems etc, I cant remember us playing Russia, and the only time I really remember us playing Germany was in Germany so it wasnt obvious if it did happen.

    Personally I think it is outrageously disrespectful - The people of Japan are not the same ones who committed the atrocities in POW camps, you cant hold on to history forever.

    Does that mean that

  12. [quote user="CNS-Canary"]Was out and about in the city last night, and happened to bump into Lee croft outside Delanys. After a few minutes of conversation about Derby (as i have been there most of this season at uni) he let it slip that he is coming back to Norwich this season.In my opinion this doesn''t show progress, and is not a favourable signing. Pic here for proof: http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/7489/31201408093291064574386.jpg[/quote]

    CNS - Im at Derby uni too, didnt think there were any other City fans there!! Add me on facebook - Tomasz Blazak, pretty sure im the only one - just send me a msg so i know who u are! :D

  13. [quote user="IBA"]Its always been bad

    I''m trying to connect from istanbul.... fat chance[/quote]

    Mine''s been intermittent all night - lucky you in istanbul though, internet may not be great but Istanbul is such an amazing city! I lived in Ankara last year but went to Istanbul every weekend pretty mcuh, love it!

  14. [quote user="Brendo "][quote user="Adam NCFC"][quote user="Brendo "][quote user="When Saturday Comes"]

    Brendan, you really are a prat.

    Not sure what thev guy is complaining about - this sort of thing happens every Saturday afternoon, at every game, at every level.

    As a 16 year old fan of Franchise FC, he probably doesn''t have much experience of going away and should probably get used to hearing such ''abuse'' if he wishes to continue going to away games.

    [/quote]Well played mate. I''m a prat for merely suggesting what he could have thought as a racist chant. The reason I say I don''t think we sung it against Stockport? But did against MK Dons who had a black goalie. I never said I thought it was racist, or did I criticise the chant, or Norwich fans. So, please tell me why you think I''m a prat. [/quote]On the odd time that you actually go to a game, where do you sit? I''m in The Barclay and we do that to EVERY goalkeeper, EVERY game. State opinions all you want, but when your opinions make you look that stupid, you should just give up. [/quote]Please show me where I said that my opinion was that it was racist. I don''t think that, but can you not see how it could have been misconstrued? Maybe MK Dons fans aren''t used to hearing such songs, and therefore think it was racist. Maybe they misheard the lyrics, and thought we sang something like "you look like sh**". I am sorry, but I was just trying to make a suggestion by backing up Norwich in showing that there was infact no racist chanting. Douche cadet. [/quote]

    Ps Brendo - WTF are you even talking about? That "chant" is heard at every single football ground around the country, its not unique to us, therefore i dont understand how he could have misheard or not be used to hearing such chants as he says on the board that he goes to quite a few games. Plus, HE NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT A RACIST CHANT IN THE FIRST F**KING PLACE.

  15. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]

    Come on then, how many complained so fervently about the refs when we were winning games easily? Show me the posts and prove me wrong.  The refs must have been excellent, faultless then.


    It must just be coincidence that when we have started to struggle everyone is blaming the refs.[:^)]


    Of course no-one complained. The refs obviously weren''t cheating us out of points. When we have played against 12 men for 2 of our last 3 games of course people will complain. Its not rocket science really.

    If refs were apalling but in our favour then we probably wouldn''t complain. They haven''t been in our favour tho, and denying us the penalty yesterday and not sending an MK player off til 89, about an hour after the first challenge of several that deserved red has cost us the game. No two ways about it, a competent ref and we win the game. Simple as.

    When refs are influencing the outcome of games and costing us points, do you not think it''s natural to complain? Yeah we could have won anyway yesterday, nobody is saying it is all the refs fault, we are saying we shouldnt have to be playing against a team of thugs and a bias ref who cost us the game with apalling decisions.

    Whether we could have won it despite the refs cheating is secondary, because we shouldnt have to overcome the ref and MK, it should be a fair playing field.
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