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  1. I''ve never been but I would say out of those St James'' park is supposed to be the best - Big ground. Good atmosphere as the Newc fans are v passionate too, and to be fair the Geordies are some of the nicest people I''ve ever come across so Id imagine it to be a pleasant place to spend a weekend.

  2. You''re welcome mate, I''m supermember too so you''re in the same boat as me. To give you an idea of how likely you are to get tickets, Category 4 was successful for Chelsea away and Villa away, not sure about the others that went to ballot (Man U/Liverpool) but I''d guess if it''s written application then based on current evidence you''ll likely be successful. Everton away is too long a trip to go to written applications Id''ve thought... WBA might, but in Cat 4 you will likely get a couple!

  3. If you book your tickets together then you should be sat together.

    Dunno how popular Everton will be, nor WBA/Wolves for that matter so whether you can just phone up and book or whether it''s written applications will mean your chances of getting the tickets varies game by game! But if you apply/book together then you are highly unlikely to be seperated!

    We seem to be going to ballot fairly regularly so it depends on whether you are ST holder/Member etc as to what category you''re in and therefore your priority level for tickets as to your chances in that scenario, if it''s general sale then keep an eye on the official website ticket news page and they will inform on there when the tickets go on sale..

    I''ve managed to get a ticket for Villa and Bolton so far so it''s certainly not impossible!

    Good luck!

  4. IMPORTANT ADVICE: Wolves is a Tues night just before Christmas. Birm city centre will be HORRENDOUSLY rammed with last minute shoppers, honestly it gets so packed you physically can''t move. So on that basis of your missus enjoying the shopping part I would go for WBA - ur missus might even catch the end of the sales as it''s on Jan 14th.

    I''ll be going to Wolves and West Brom away, atmosphere with our fans is always top notch though! Hawthornes is literally just off the motorway and there is OK parking around the ground but a train from Bham New St is probably easier, leaving your car at the hotel or whatever. Bham New street is a 5minute walk from the Bullring too so probably works out for you logistically.

    As an exile, it''s mainly away games I get to, and as I grew up about an hour from Birmingham - Wolves and WBA are 2 away games I usually get to as they''re quite local for me. I don''t think there is much in it in terms of atmosphere, Wolves fans tend to be bigger tossers than WBA fans but the baggies have their fair share of tw@ts too!!

    If you''re looking to see an impressive ground then you''ll be disappointed - they are both pretty standard.

    I will happily confirm that the Bullring and Birmingham City Centre are great for shopping. If you want to have a nice chilled evening I would suggest The Glee club - a stand up comedy venue in the City centre, very laid back, no dress code and a very pleasant atmosphere and they have top quality comedians too.

    Hope that helps mate!!

  5. 1. How long have you been a Norwich City Supporter?

    Since I was born effectively! Went to my first game at 2 and a half - funnily enough it was Villa away but I was more intent on waving to that Lion mascot you have!

    2. Who is your best player?

    Probably Hoolahan on technical ability alone, he''s improved vastly under Lambert into a far more complete player than he was before.

    3. Who you think is Villa''s best player?

    Bent. 20+ goals a season consistently, can''t argue with that.

    4. What is your perception of Aston Villa?

    Used to be a big club, made the same terrible mistake we did allowing O''Neill to walk out.

    5. What do you think the score will be?

    Honestly 1-1, but we''re more than capable of beating you.

    6. What do you think your final position will be?

    I think we can do top half, but survival on GD in 17th would be a serious achievement to be honest.

    7. What do you think Aston Villa position will be?

    I can only see mediocrity this season for you, I''ll go with 12th.

    8. Who introduced you to norwich city?

    My Dad.

    9.What was your first game and what made you want to follow then and made you return?

    Aforementioned trip to Villa away. I loved footy as a kid and I was brought up as a Norwich fan, there was no other options!!! My Dad was a master at indoctrination!

    10.What stadium you most looking forward too and why?

    Carrow Road. I''ve grown up and always lived 200 miles or so from Norwich so trips to Carrow Road are limited to once or twice per season. I don''t think there''s ever been a season where I''ve not made at least one pilgrimmage though.

    11.How many games do you visit a season? I normally make it to 5 or 6. This is my 2nd this season, but I''m worried about how many more I''ll make with most clubs having extortionate pricing and me being in my final year of uni - I may be priced out of too many more this season!

    12.Away days for yourselves expensive this season in particular, but do you think Norwich FC are doing all they can to encourage you? Not really applicable as I''m exiled from the City, but I think the home pricing is pretty reasonable, the problem is demand far outstrips supply so tbh I wouldn''t blame them for making no effort to encourage the fans, they don''t need to!

    13. What would you define as a good season?

    Survival would be a fantastic achievement.

    14. Has promotion to the premier league attracted new fans?

    It''s certainly harder to get a ticket!! I''d guess so, yeah.

    15. Do you think Alex McLeish moving from Birmingham to Villa was a good move for us?

    Not really to be honest, he''s never really struck me as a man I''d want at the helm. If Lambert walked tomorrow then I wouldn''t want McLeish to be a candidate.

  6. I agree with Shack. If you think Pilkington''s delivery is suspect then I suggest you have another look at the superb ball in for the goal and the cross a few minutes later for Holt''s 2nd big chance... both delivery''s were absolutely world class... The boy looks better with every game, well done Lambo - you''ve got us a real gem there!

  7. 1. I''m delighted with the season so far, Lambert''s policy of buying young hungry players is the right one, and I''m incredibly proud of our club, what we are achieving and the fact that we do not compromise our footballing style no matter who we play. We are overachieving, nobody expected us to be where we are, but we''re there on merit and we seem to be getting better every week!

    2. All too often promoted clubs come up and stick 10 men behind the ball every time they play anyone who might finish above 17th. I love the fact we play attacking football and ultimately I think Lambert''s genius will be borne out, keep playing the way we are and we will stay up.

    3. I was initially disappointed when we appointed Lambert. I thought we needed a track record manager to come in to progress but the bloke is a miracle worker. You can''t argue with what he has achieved and I can honestly see him managing a team to the Champions League one day, quite probably Dortmund. It is also important not to forget the rest of the team though, Gary Karsa and Ian Culverhouse are just as integral to the Lambert method, they come as a team and they share the glory of our achievements of the last couple of years.

    4. Staying up. Anything else is a massive bonus.

    5.It''s everything to us, we belong in the Premier League and by god we''ve had some trials and tribulations on the way but we deserve to be where we are, and credit runs from Lambert and the coaching staff, to the players, all the way to the board, particularly David Mcnally who is CEO and turning us into a sustainable football club.

    6.Honestly I thought it would take us even longer to get back to the Prem, especially after the relegation. When Lambert and McNally came in, they had a long term plan to get us back to the Premier league, I think it was a 7 year plan but I could be wrong, I thought it was optimistic though at the time. Supporting Norwich has been a real rollercoaster for the last few years but an absolute joy.

    7. I think we''ll stay up. We''re good enough and Lambert''s tactics will see us through.

    8. I personally will miss it. Gloating about being in the Prem is all well and good, but gloating about 4-1 win at home, and 5-1 away (our two biggest ever vs Ipswich) was far more fun!

    9. It bores me senseless. I wish the media would stop with all their lazy journalism crap and give us the credit we deserve but all they can do is make cooking analogies about Delia or rant on about that moment vs Man City. I think it''s pretty pathetic.

    10. Nope, far too young for that unfortunately! I have seen and enjoyed Gossy''s goal on youtube though (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r99uJAjeU2g)

    11. I fancy we could nick it, but I expect to get beat, I hope we could get a draw, and a win would be dreamland (especially as a good mate of mine is a Liverpool "fan" - he''s never been to a game tho, obviously!!).

    12. I hate to say it but I think Holty is out of his depth at Prem level.

    13. I think Morison will give your defence a torrid time, just like he did United''s. Pilkington seems to be on form at the moment so I think he has as good a chance as anyone of scoring for us.

    14. I liked Pacheco but don''t think he can do it in the Prem. Ayala has barely played for us so jury''s out, but he is young and has potential to be a good buy.

    15. Honestly, no not really. Ryan Jarvis'' goal was about the highlight as I was only 7 when we beat you at Anfield!

    16. I''d expect at least one chorus of "we shoot burglars" but I think it''s a bit of an easy target!

    17. Liverpool look OK this year, but won''t be anywhere near challenging for a title. The transfer policy is hilarious - basically pay at least 3 or 4 times the true value of every signing. I think Carroll was by far the worst signing in Liverpool''s history, I doubt he will ever come good, I just don''t think he has anything about him and he is a Joey Bartonesque moron too.

    18. Honestly, I don''t think you have any really special players aside from Suarez. Gerrard is over the hill in my estimation. Charlie Adam would probably fit best into our side at the moment, Reina too but that''s a bit obvious. I think it would be that though, a case of who fits into our style of play, not who would we build a team around and therein lies Liverpool''s problem.

    19. I think we will struggle with Suarez''s pace. That is the main danger for me, I think we are competitive across the board but Suarez has that little bit of magic and is the only signing you''ve made under Dalglish where I believe you have got value for money. Your weak link is, and has been for a few years Carragher. He''s just not very good, he may be an institution for you, like Giggs/Scholes at Utd but I don''t think he is up to the task and I think Morison will run him ragged. I can see him giving a pen away too, which would be justice for his blatant handball we didnt get given last time we were in the Prem.

    20. a tight game, I think it''ll be a draw or a one goal victory, can''t see either team on the receiving end of a spanking.

    21. 2-2, but I would hope we can sneak another and win it 3-2.

  8. This debate is ridiculous.

    He has not been hard done by, nor has he been punished punitively for "being English". It''s violent conduct, a 3 match ban in the Prem and deservedly so, and the same applies here.

    UEFA have actually got something right for once. He is a petty moronic thug, and he has got what he deserved for behaving like a knob. Don''t blame UEFa for punishing the country and it''s fans, blame Rooney for being a violent little tosser.

    It was pointless, and unneccessary and any other player would have been punished in the same way, although Ronaldo may have got away with a 2 game ban - why? Because UEFA review all cases like this individually and the player''s history is taken into account, Rooney has form for it so it is right he should be punished more harshly than someone who has had a one off mental lapse.

    I honestly can''t understand how people think he has been hard done by here. He got what he deserves.

  9. The NFL is exciting every year, because the lowest ranked team gets first pick in the draft - the most talented college graduate gets picked by the league''s worst team. That is what makes it so competitive, and why it truly is a case of anyone can beat anyone.

    Sure, there are periods of dominance by one team, but never for decades.

    Its a totally different sport but if the Premier League wants to stay interesting then it has to remain competitive. It''s not even close to that at the moment.

    As for Liverppol... F**k the scouse tossers. Let them go and play in a league consisting only of them, Utd, Chelsea and Man City. They can play each team 12 times each and see how interesting and profitable that league is... The Prem would be a better league for cutting the big clubs loose and letting them form some sort of Euro-super league or something.

  10. Thaks Smooth, Im taking your tip on the Texans game at the moment! Then Im gonna have a look at your 49ers at 9pm.

    Sad, sad news about Al Davis. Dan Snyder is not even in the same league as that man, Davis is a true NFL legend!

    Not bothered about the Vikings, after Mcnabb''s shambolic season with the ''Skins I couldn''t give a toss what he does!! Shame, cuz I always liked him before we signed him - there are nowhere near enough black QBs in the league (much like black manager''s in the Prem).

    What odds on the Skins for NFC East? I think we have a really good chance this season but Rex needs to be a hell of a lot more consistent. He''s been shocking the last 2 games, after his amazing opening 2 games. I''m really impressed with Shanahan''s rebuilding job over the summer, we''ve gone from one of the worst teams in the NFL to a competent, impressive and most importantly WINNING team!
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