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  1. Thought Fulham were pathetic today. Timewasting from 30th minute, finished the last 15 without a striker on the pitch and took off their only attacking mid (aside from Dempsey) for a defensive one.

    Fully deserved the point and probably all 3 in my opinion, thought we were decent today and unlucky on a number of occasions - especially playing against 12 men with Webb fully on their side.

    A side note, I know the commentators said Bennett''s turn and cross but im about 99% sure it was actually Bradley Johnson so he should receive the plaudits for that, was a wonderful ball in but all credit to Jacko, smallest man in the box rose above and put it in exactly the right spot. Unstoppable.

    Well done Norwich, onwards and upwards!

  2. I''m not being funny but we sell our ground out every week, why should I feel sorry for someone who is taking a Norwich fan''s seat? I didn''t see this incident and it sounds pretty harsh, but surely if he was 11 he should have been accompanied and if he was then whoever escorted him should have had the nous to tell him to keep it shut, and if he wasn''t then he shouldn''t have been there alone...

  3. I said it was a crap performance but a good point from a place we traditionally return from empty handed. I also said Moro didn''t run very much.

    Apparently that means I dont appreciate how well the team is doing, Im not enjoying being in the Prem, I need to get a life and learn how to enjoy the good times, and various other nonsensical comments just because I wasn''t enamoured with the performance and I thought Wolves had the better chances.

    I am so done with this message board, it used to be a place to express views and chat to other fans, now it''s full of tossers trying to score virtual metaphorical points off each other. I''ve been a member of this board since 2005 and this will be my last post on here.

  4. I''m not quite sure I understand anyone on this thread to be honest....

    All I said was we were crap today, and explained why I thought so and apparently I hate being in the Premier League and Im not enjoying it?

    Lets be honest, Wolves are a poor team, but Molineux is a hard place to come and we never fare well here - I was there a few seasons ago when we lost 2-0 and didnt have a shot until 93rd min and that went out for a throw in.

    If you''d offered me a draw before the game Id''ve taken it, I came out feeling disappointed not to have won it after leading twice and giving away two sloppy goals, but delighted with the point nonetheless.

    We haven''t played well for weeks apart from Newcastle, we got bombarded at the weekend and in my opinion Wolves created a fair few more clear cut opportunities and many of our shots were speculative although a few did force Hennessy into decent saves.

    Im not saying I expect us to tear teams apart every week, but today I felt we were outplayed and we were second to every ball, and got dominated in the air.

    I travelled 4 hours each way to Exeter away to watch an awful 1-1 draw 2.5 years ago, I know what it felt like to be crap, Im ecstatic with what we''ve achieved and these are much happier days for us City fans.

    Im not turning on the team, Im not calling for anyone to be dropped, but simply saying we had a bad game and fortunately managed to keep hold of a point IN MY VIEW. If you all saw it differently then fair enough, but there were plenty around me in Molineux who saw it the way I did.

    No-one is right or wrong here, they''re opinions and regardless of whether we play good bad or indifferent, I''m sure we''re all very proud of our last few years and our present situation

  5. Were u at Molineux Nutty?

    I''m not trying to have any kind of dig, just wondering if maybe it was a case of those who were there seeing what the TV cameras din''t pick up when Moro was ambling round the pitch looking lost for large spells as everyone who streamed it seems to think he had a great game, whilst those that were there are saying he was poor.

    He''s still one of my favourite players, I think he could easily be worth 6 or 7 mill by summer - that volley the other week was reminiscent of Gossy technique!

  6. City 1st - I''ve had English commentary for every game except one of the first games (I forget which, maybe Stoke) and the ones I''ve made it to. Actually Man City I could barely get a picture too tbf. There is always a decent stream if you look around for it and there is almost always at least a half decent one in English.

  7. Mrs Miggins: I dont think anyone is complaining about getting the point, we''re just saying we didn''t deserve it and we didn''t play well, but i''ll happily take that. If you thought Hoolahan was superb you''re on a different wavelength to me though, I thought he was absolutely awful except the assist and a lovely ball through to Moro for the 2nd - he didnt track back, he constantly gave the ball away and was generally pretty poor, by far our worst performance imo.

  8. I totally agree with Aggy. We were incredibly lucky to walk out with a point (according to the Wolves fans the last goal was onside but I had a crap view and haven''t seen any replays yet) but regardless of that, we were very poor tonight and torn apart at times by a pretty awful Wolves team.

    Holt and Moro didnt look interested, Hooly got the assist for Surman and played Moro (Not Tierney Aggy) in to set up the 2nd but apart from that did nothing except give the ball away, Surman actually looked OK for me tonight, Crofts didn''t give Naughton much protection and kept drifting into the middle of the pitch leaving Naughton exposed vs a very good Jarvis. Fox looked decent but lacked defensively and I thought the back 4 did OK considering it was like the Alamo for most of the 2nd half. Naughton got ripped to shreds but wasn''t helped out enough but both the goals were poor defending. Thought R. Martin was probably MOTM for me.

    First 25/30mins we were sublime and had we kept that up we''d have won it 3 or 4 nil but we suddenly seemed to want to defend on our own six yard box and we were pretty terrible for the last hour or so.

    The key point for me, as Aggy mentioned is we didnt win any 2nd balls and we got beaten in the air constantly.

    I thought the ref had a shocker and there looked to be at least 1 clear handball and good shouts for a couple more but im yet to see the replays.

  9. I was at the game sat right near the corner and I missed it so it must have been subtle. Morison was absolute garbage tonight, he couldn''t be bothered to chase anything and only came to life for short 5minute bursts (more so after Simeon came on, that seemed to ignite him a bit) - on the whole it''s comfortably the worst game Moro has had for us.

  10. So we just beat the Giants. Fortunately results have gone our way and it means that if the Browns can beat Arizona (big IF there) then we don''t drop out of the top 5 draft spots which keeps us on track for an elite QB (hopefully RG3, Id take him over Luck to be honest).

    How do you like your chances tomorrow on MNF?

    Did you see the Packers game? WOW. I''m so pleased for Romeo Crenell making the most of his shot as a Head Coach. Means you still have a shot at Home field advantage if the packers lose out too doesn''t it? (I think it''s highly unlikely the Packers lose out though!!)

  11. The ref puts himself in that position, knowing he will get abuse from the stands pretty often.

    He chooses to do that, he gets paid to do that, and he puts his performance in the national spotlight every week, knowing full well it will be examined and re-examined on MOTD.

    Im sorry, but that handball was such a blatantly obvious decision to anyone who has got eyes, and you''re saying after somehow being the only person in the ground not to see it - that people shouldn''t chant "you''re not fit to referee" at him??? (the least offensive of the chants - weird one to get worked up over by the way OP)... Do you really think he was fit to referee on yesterday''s showing? It''s not like we''re maliciously telling him to go jump off a bridge or anything, he''s being called out on a poor performance...

    He puts himself in the spotlight, and he knows that if he performs badly he will be told so. He did and he was, end of story.

  12. PS. we also desperately need a new kicker. Gano is awful. Worst in the league atm with something like 70% made - many of the ones he misses come in tight games where we lose by 3 points or less and he has missed 2 in OT this season. Its not all his fault, he doesnt get much protection and we''ve had a few blocked, but his inconsitency keeps costing us.

  13. Hi Smooth,

    Congrats on the NFC West title! Niners have been superb this season and well deserve their glory, I''ll be fully on the 49er bandwagon for the post-season and hoping you can clinch a SB victory!

    I''m certainly eating humble pie after thinking we actually had a shot this season at making the playoffs, but it was apparent pretty soon after our loss to Dallas (first one - two in a year, OUCH!) that we weren''t going to achieve, however I don''t think many of us thought it would be quite this bad!!

    I never usually want to see the Skins lose but for the past 3 or 4 games I have been hoping we will. Never actively supporting the opposition, I could never do that but I haven''t been bothered when we lose. Our season was over weeks ago, and for me I would rather lose out the season and get a higher draft spot to get ourselves a franchise QB. This was helped by the league suspending Fred Davis and Trent Williams for the rest of the season for positive drugs test.

    Helu was an incredible find although Shanny does seem to have a knack of getting late round RBs and making them into decent players.

    Our season has been ups and downs - mainly injuries. Every decent player we have has been injured this year apart from Kerrigan and Orakpo. Our D is actually pretty good, and next year I think we will be very strong on D - especially against the pass with both Kerrigan and Orakpo being good in this area, and we have a few decent players emerging from last years draft like Perry Riley and Maurice Hurt who both look capable. Cofield was a great FA signing and slotted in well to the 3-4. We also have Jarvis Jenkins our second round DE who lit it up in pre-season but then got a ACL injury to return for next year. Our Defense will be top 5 in the league next year in my opinion, Shanny did a great job rebuilding it last year and now only has a few pieces left to really make it an elite Defence.

    The cost of a really good D (which when injuries return it will be) was pretty much our entire draft spent on that side of the ball, hence the shoddy offense this year.

    Hankerson was looking every bit the future #1 WR until he got injured, just after his first 100yd+ game. Moss is Moss, you gotta love the guy, but I think he will move into the slot sooner rather than later.

    All Redskins have accepted we are going QB with our #1 pick, and it looks like we''ll be picking top 5, maybe even top 3 if results keep going our way which means we take Luck (not gonna happen, Colts will never pass on him) so we''re left with Barkley out of USC, Robert Griffin the third from Baylor, or Landry Jones from Oklahoma. I want RG3, desperately. The guy is electric, like Cam Newton but with better accuracy and a sensational throw on the run and deep ball and the intangibles to match....he has some issues with mechanics but he is my top QB in the draft, I''d take him over Luck personally.

    For me Shanahan probably has another 2 seasons regardless of the results. This draft is all about upgrading the offense with QB being the obvious priority. the following draft is to plug the holes left, but I think we will have a winning year next season and then we could be real contenders the following one. The rebuilding job Shanny was left with should not be underestimated, he was left with one of the weakest rosters in terms of talent in the NFL, the Defense is awesome - the stats don''t quite show how good they are, because they tend to be on the field alot more than other Ds as Grossman is illiterate when it comes to making a read and keeps throwing INTs (26 consecutive games we''ve turned it over, longest streak in the NFL!!) and this draft is really going to improve the Offense.

    Beck will be gone by next season and Rex will either accept being a back up or we''ll cut him. Whatever happens, we will have a new #1 QB next year.Having a high pick this year is incredibly fortunate too as the draft is so loaded with top-end talent, especially at QB.

    Overall, I hope we can keep playing well, and keep seeing the bright spots like Helu and some of the other younger guys continuing to shine, but ultimately lose out the season. Rebuilding this squad was always a long term project and Shanny still has the backing of the Skins nation. He will be judged in 2 years for my money, can''t see him being gone before that even if we lose alot next season with the new rookie QB.

    Once injuries have resolved themselves we have a bright future imo, as long as we get our guys in the draft and I trust our front office to make the right picks, they did a great job last year!
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