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  1. and this horrible season will be over with, and we can look forward to next year with a freshened up squad and no VAR. Fingers crossed Villa come down with us.
  2. That's been floated within the fanbase but I think there's a significant subsect of native americans who oppose people as mascots. Certainly wouldn't get rid of the controversy. There are ways to do it (Blackhawks being obvious example) but to be honest I think everyone is better off going in a different direction here. "democracy, law, strength, diplomacy, fairness, representation." - Not sure anybody looks at DC these days and sees that mate. Not in this administration.
  3. No native American culture in DC?! Virginia alone had 11 tribes. What on earth would a logo for the "federals" looks like? You expect Washington fans to gfo round saying "Yeah man, I love the feds". No chance and rightly so. I'm not fond of the military tie in either, but Rivera grew up in a military family - his dad was 32 year vet, so he obviously believes in that, and it's becoming increasingly clear that he has a lot of power in this new look organisation. The pentagon is in Virginia so it's not a completely weird military link. Yes we were the last team in the country to integrate because George Preston Marshall was a piece of ****. We were also the first team in the country to win the superbowl with a black QB. Slap a flag on it and everyone will get behind it? Eurgh. You hate the military tie in but think slapping a flag on it to garner some "patriotism" support is a good idea? I hope there's far more thought goes into it than that. Dan won't be making this decision alone, believe that. Rivera will have a big say and I expect there to be a proper process. Pretty sure by the way, getting rid of all native imagery and replacing it with imagery of the state (specifically the flag) that stole their land would be pretty offensive to most native americans. With all due respect Buddy, I'm really glad you're not in charge of this rebrand!
  4. For reference by the way, Turkish footballers pay pretty much no tax (as far as I'm aware) so they can offer competitive salaries. Lots of high profile footballers end up there (Roberto Carlos, Robin Van Persie, Anelka, Eto'o etc)
  5. According to Turkish media, Mesut Ozil has been Fenerbahce bound for at least 4 years now. It might materialise in the future as he's a boyhood Fener fan, but they have been pushing it as 100% done deal etc every transfer window for years. Pukki fits the mould of strikers that succeed in the Superlig. Experienced around Europe and 30+ years old. He will be linked to a Turkish club every transfer window until he retires. Welbeck is probably only being linked because he has a similar profile to Danny Sturridge - Came through at a top club but never really made it. Similar age etc. Sturridge has been in Turkey with Trabzon and been pretty successful so far. The Turkish media literally work in that kind of simplistic way. I'm convinced that they pull names out of a hat half the time.
  6. Eurgh federals is horrible too. Congress is better but want to stay away from hokey government tie ins to be honest. Warriors can be linked to any group throughout history - it's generic - we're ditching the native american theming so there can't really be a complaint in that regard. Burgundy is a deep shade of red, certainly closer to red than any other colour, plus keeping the red retains a link to the history of the franchise whilst getting rid of the problem bit. The logo has been retired despite not being considered offensive (it was designed bya former NA chief), so I don't really see how anyone could have an issue with Red ______ - Native Americans don't have a monopoly on the colour/word "red". Same with warriors. Without the native american theming it has zero to do with any native american group. Red wolves are an endangered species indigenous to East coast (no longer the DMV but they once were). Red tails would be in honour of the Tuskegee airmen of WW2. (Great film about them was released a few years back if you haven't seen it) Rivera said we want to honour native americans and the military with the next name, so the outside bet would be "code talkers" but I think it's unlikely we go for anything directly linked to a minority group so I think Red Tails unlikely too. I just hope it's not something lame. Warriors is underwhelming but it's not awful and it's a safe pick for Dan (NBA already has a Warriors team).
  7. Football team is a temp name for this year whilst they rebrand properly. Monuments and senators are awful. Frontrunners at the moment seem to be Warriors, Red Wolves, Red Tails. Warriors is probably most likely i think. No chance we go for Braves or anything native American related
  8. Istanbul is the greatest city on the planet. Can't wait to get back there. This is probably ****e though, the turkish press make it up as they go along.
  9. Turkish media are awful. They link every club with every player under the sun. Wouldn't read too much into it (from someone who lived there and followed fenerbahce for several years after I came back).
  10. If that's your bag buddy - you might want to look into unrecognised countries too. Transnistria is apparently like going back to before the Iron Curtain fell - hammer and sickle everywhere etc (or so says Simon Reeve when I went to see him give a talk last year). https://theculturetrip.com/europe/georgia/articles/top-10-unrecognised-countries-and-how-to-visit-them/
  11. https://www.bcfc.com/news/articles/2020/bellingham-expresses-his-gratitude/
  12. Wolves poignantly did it for Ikeme. Here's the others:
  13. Didnt he turn out for us within 48 hours of her death?
  14. I think Wes would've been OK. Probably Gunny too tbf. Not sure anyone else in my lifetime warrants it.
  15. Blues mates are saying there's talk of naming a stand after him.... they're embarassed by this fwiw
  16. Yeah football rivalry is big - Most decent Polish players historically ended up playing in Germany and I think that pisses a lot of Poles off. Our best 3 players of last 30 years all ended up playing for Klopp's Dortmund team (Piszczek, Blaszczykowski and Lewandowski). Seem to be a lot of Polish footballers moving to Italy instead these days.
  17. Looks like Boris has been catching crabs. Doubt it's the first or last time.
  18. Very little in terms of animosity for Germans these days surprisingly. Seems to have died down over the last 20 years or so - presumably because there's an awful lot of Poles in Germany and vice versa. Russia is where the beef is at. Remember Poland started the fall of the Iron curtain with Solidarnosc, Lech Walesa and the shipyard in Gdansk so the Russians don't like Poles much better.
  19. To be fair, in Poland, you get a kicking for being Russian There's still an awful lot of animosity from the USSR days. Especially when you have **** hooligans coming to Euro 2012 and unfurling banners saying "This is Russia" on Polish soil and arranging marches over the Wistula on "Russia day". =Was only ever going to end one way. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/competitions/euro-2012/9327483/Euro-2012-183-arrested-after-Polish-and-Russian-clash-as-march-descends-into-violence-on-Russia-Day.html
  20. Yep, everywhere has issues, but you're right, this particular issues is embedded anywhere religion still has a strong grasp. Look at the bible belt in the USA, Australia still has a lot of tolerance issues for a developed country, most Islamic countries and you find similar attitudes. I find Poles are quite cold until you get to know them, and then are incredibly hospitable when you do.
  21. Unfortunately true, although there seems to be movement in a positive direction - Duda (very homophobic and right wing) just won the Polish election, but only 51-49 against Trzakowski who is incredibly liberal by Polish standards and campaigned openly for LGBTQ+ rights. That's a big jump for a very conservative country like Poland, so hopefully there will continue to be positive movement.
  22. Did you happen to see what the Romanian FA have made him do as punishment for his comments along the lines of "Women have no place in football"? He got a 4 month suspension, think he got a fine too, and he is being forced to set up a women's team
  23. I'm not a big Bowie fan, some of his stuff is OK though. Just here to provide a different spin on some of his songs - These are by a guy called Seu Jorge, sung entirely in Portugese and formed the majority of the soundtrack for the movie "The life aquatic" (not the best movie in the world)
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