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  1. 49 minutes ago, Barbe bleu said:

    Do everyone that defended Cummings is now pointing out that Gardiner broke the rules and everyone that criticised Cummings is now distinguishing the two.

    A long long time ago we talked about bias  (it was on the basis of the bias being unwitting.  

    Anyone, honestly, believe that bias is not emerging here!!

    I do believe the situations are different, but I'm happy to condemn Gardiner for being irresponsible if we're talking absolute, simplistic polarity on the issue. If we're taking a more realistic, adult approach and looking at it on a scale then both are on the wrong side of it but Cummings is further along that scale by a country mile, because what he did was patently more dangerous at a time when lockdown was tighter, and he helped make the rules.

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  2. 41 minutes ago, Barbe bleu said:

    Thats cheating as well!   What, possible, change would you make?   

    Is it that the government follow the epidemiological advice even if it is at the expense of the economy,?

    I would change the fact that every government minister to speak about getting kids back to school has done it with **** assertions about it being specifically to close the disadvantage gap. Correct technically in so much as the gap will grow with kids not in school, but if anyone was unclear that is just a by-product of them wanting to get people back to work, then look no further than them not extending the free school meals vouchers over summer holidays.

    Admittedly, FSM would not normally get them over summer hols, but we are not in normal times and the poorest who rely on these, are likely to be the ones who've been hit hardest.... even those who are furloughed. 80% of what you were already scraping to survive with, is proportionately far more drastic than 80% of a comfortable salary and disposable income. The cost is a drop in the ocean considering how much is already being spent and it would be a low-cost, high reward scheme.... but of course, they don't really give a **** about the poor and closing the gap as we already know - they only want them in school so their wealthy mates can put their parents back to work and resume profiteering and tax dodging.

  3. 30 minutes ago, sonyc said:

    Sigh...the problems of being born on the cusp of generation X and at the end of the baby boomers.

    I was born in 1987. I literally don't know who any of those people are. I worked out number 5 but only because of the "attention to detail clue".

    Picture 2 appears to show one of Peter Mandelson's ancestors (I'm fairly certain that's not correct though). That's literally as close as I can get.

  4. 1 hour ago, A Load of Squit said:

    If he's met Johnson then he's probably met Cummings as well. I hope Dominic has a full tank of petrol, he may need to utilise that 'cottage' (subject to planning permission) on his in-laws estate again.

    I hope he plans on checking his eyesight before he goes (although as it's not his wife's birthday, he may forgo that ritual).

    Should be OK on the way back though, Barnard Castle have altered their signage to help people work out if they're able to drive.

    WhatsApp funnies – Day 65 | Rossendale Ramblers - part of the ...

  5. On 31/05/2020 at 18:54, Disco Dales Jockstrap said:

    I also hear unconfirmed reports that he eats babies, worships Satan (and all his little wizards) and has a bust of Hitler in his study.

    I mean...it's f*cking outrageous - everyone knows your bust of Hitler should go in the living room. Hang 'im I say. By his balls.


    Had you bothered to check the article, it clearly appeared to be well-researched.... and it was...


    For the record, I don't think he's the devil incarnate, but I do think he is a massive ****.

  6. Just now, Herman said:

    2 things from today. Johnson hates scrutiny and questioning. His tactics are very obvious. 

    Starmer really got under his skin today. Long may it continue.

  7. 2 hours ago, splendidrush said:

    I don't understand the first bit

    As nobody else has won the championship, we remain champions - normally this would change after pretty much exactly a year, give or take a few days, but given the pause due to pandemic, we have held the title for more consecutive days than any other team.

  8. 1 hour ago, king canary said:

    I think I'm right in saying he'd need to amend the constitution to allow for three terms and he won't be able to do that with the current make up of congress.

    So does Erdogan, although he’ll get a third term by default. They’ll find a way by enacting emergency powers or something - no doubt

  9. Trump is going to burn the country down and his redneck **** moron followers will vote him in again.

    His actions are both unconstitutional, and illegal. 

    He set the police to go tear gas and rubber bullets on a peaceful protest, before the curfew, so he could walk to a shut down church for a photo op outside, with a (upside down) bible. Fox News were complicit as they coincidentally interviewed the pastor who had no idea Trump was going there, at the same time. The pastor says she stands with the protestors.

    He's genuinely morphing into a dictator. November may well be the last election America has for a while if he gets a second term. He will undoubtedly pass a law allowing more than two terms (For precedent, see Erdogan in Turkey who served as Prime Minister for the maximum number of terms and then moved into being President (which was largely ceremonial post before that). He then castrated the role of PM and transferred all power to the role of President), before abolishing the role of PM entirely in 2017 with a referendum held in a state of emergency situation and totally rigged. That referendum also meant his first term as President didn't count in his two-term President limit so he is eligible for re-election in another rigged election in 2023. He will undoubtedly have a way to stay beyond that.

    Lots of similarities between Trump and Erdogan to be fair - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Turkish_presidential_election << read the controversies bit here and you will see the blueprint Trump is using.

    Think the only way this turns out differently is if there is somebody on a grassy knoll.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Barbe bleu said:

    The full quotation is:

    The minutes from Sage said:

         “Currently PHE can cope with five new cases a week (requiring isolation of 800 contacts).

        “Modelling suggests this capacity        could be increased to 50 new cases a week (8,000 contact isolations) but this assumption needs to be stress tested with PHE operational colleagues"

    What we dont know is how many contact tracers PHE had so we don't really know how effective the extra resourcing will be.

    To the wider politics of this an important question would be around the funding available to this part of PHE and how that impacted on staffing, resourcing and training.  If the department is largely unchanged since 2009 it's a little unfair to blame either Boris or the Tories. If it is changed since that time this would be on their watch but whose precisely would need to be determined.

    This is a stark contrast to Raab saying they now have the capacity for 10,000 cases per day. Presuming that each case has 160 contacts each (going by the sage data above) then he appears to be saying that at full capacity (which we are pretty close to with 8000 new cases per day currently), tracers would need to contact a total of 1.6 million people per day. each individual tracer would on average be contacting 64 people per day. I've some experience with contacting large numbers of people in a day, when I've had to make bulk phone calls for school about trips etc.... I think 64 per day sounds like a lot, and that's without factoring in time for breaks, having days off etc. It also doesn't include people not picking up their phone, answerphone messages etc etc.

    If you work on the basis that each day there will be 1/7 off at any one time (based on having one day off per week), it works out to an average of 75 calls per day for those on duty. If they're having 2 days off per week then it's 89 calls per day for those on duty.

    If they're sending out text messages or emails then I guess it's possible, but if they're calling people manually then I'm not convinced it is.

    However all that, assumes that an app is in place to provide the tracers with details of those who have been in contact. Without the app, and tracers having to manually work out all contacts then this is absolute nonsense, there's no way it's physically possible.

    Raab said it was a "delicate and dangerous moment" but that the testing and tracing mechanism which was in place would keep the pressure down on the virus.

    He said it had been operational since Thursday with 25,000 tracers and the ability to track 10,000 cases a day.

    Andrew Marr pointed out to him that there were more than 8,000 new cases a day currently, which meant this was "on the edge".

    Raab was not able to give a figure for the number of people traced so far.

    "We have got the ability for 10,000 cases to track all the contacts they have had and that system is up and running."

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  11. 4 hours ago, Bagster said:

    I apologise whenever If I feel I've done something wrong, I don't feel I have.

    My point was that in the 30's a minority whipped up hate in the majority to attack another minority.

    Whenever you find yourself in a large majority the first thing you should do is question yourself 

    Now you might feel Dominic Cummings is less than human, as one of your side has described him and therefore it is fine to shout at him in the street, to harass him , make up fake news stories about him. I personally see that as bullying with intimidation

    So sorry but I'm not sorry for the comment and I haven't been banned yet so stop your virtue signalling.

    Maybe you should go on another thread and spew your hate for Liverpool and Ipswich 😉

    My grandfather's dad and brother were made to dig their own graves before being executed in the town square for literally no reason. His other brother suffered the same fate for being part of the resistance. My grandfather was put in a concentration camp because he was influential in his village and the Nazis worried he could lead an uprising... You think it’s fine to make light of that yet you’re crying because Dominic Cummings has had a few things shouted at him in the street because he broke the law?

    No-one said your opinion was not allowed, it’s nothing to do with minority opinion. You can communicate that opinion perfectly well without making jokes about gas chambers. That is the issue here.

    Just so we are clear, it's not virtue signalling when you make light hearted comments about an issue that involved the deaths of 7 members of my family.....you’re a total **** of the highest order and your moral compass is way off base.

  12. 11 hours ago, Bagster said:

    Macron has lost his majority, the rats are leaving the sinking ship

    Quite astounding that after your **** comments about gas chambers were flagged up by more than one poster, you decided to just plough on ahead instead of do the appropriate thing which would be to retract said comments or apologise. The Cummings effect seems to stretch into forum decorum now too. 

    Not sure quite why you seem unable to do the decent thing, but it's poor form and speaks volumes about you.

    Martin Luther - You are not only responsible for what you...

  13. 3 minutes ago, Canary Wundaboy said:

    There's a line on this forum, it's often blurred, bent and pushed at, but you've just blown through it.

    Do you even appreciate how utterly distasteful and disgusting that comment is?

    I concur with KIO, go **** yourself. Reported.

    At least we know that the hypothesis put forward the other day about support for Cummings and a correlation in a debased moral compass has some solid basis.

  14. 4 minutes ago, Bagster said:

    Maybe you should rebuild the gas chambers and gas the minority ;

    Speaking as somebody whose grandfather was in a concentration camp that had gas chambers, that he somehow by the twists of fate never ended up in.... I feel quite well founded to say that you can go **** yourself.

    I'm not someone who offends easily, or is particularly PC, but there are some things that are not OK and flippant comments about gas chambers is one of them.


  15. I don't want a big name manufacturer. I don't mind Errea as I think their designs have largely been very good, but I'm not indelibly hitched to the idea of them being the supplier. I do want a manufacturer that makes bespoke designs for us though.

    Hummel have been very creative with their kit for minor US side Forward Madison. I suspect most on here won't be fans of that effort, but I quite like it.


  16. 30 minutes ago, king canary said:

    Now we've got claims he's edited his old blog to make it look like he predicted an outbreak like this. Bizarre man. 

    Think it's more than "claims" buddy - there is absolute evidence he doctored them.  The same day he returned from his jolly up to Durham in fact.


  17. There it is... Cummings car Reg is confirmed to have been in Barnards Castle... Sky news confirmed.... Lib Dem local councillor has reported to police which was required to trigger the police investigation - there’s mileage in this yet.

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